King of Hell Chapter 292 & CNY Event Announcement!

Hi all! Happy Valentines Day, we hope you’ve all spent with someone you love (or at least spent it doing something you love!)

We have a treat for everyone today~ As some of you may have noticed, KOH is teaming up with This MC Is Kickass (TMK) to bring you all a special event for Chinese New Year!

All details about the event and how to enter can be found here

What we want from you guys is pics:

Pics of CNY decorations either at your house or near where you live


Pics of your doggo; your fur babeh

So far, 1 extra chapter of KOH has been unlocked! And because there’s been so much enthusiasm from all you awesome readers, we’ve decided to add a little bonus~

If we manage to have 50 participants who enter, a bonus chapter will be released from both novels! So an extra KOH chapter, and an extra TMK chapter for you guys to sink your teeth into! (I definitely recommend entering, as there’s some awesome stuff going to be happening in KOH’s and TMK’s bonus chapters) We look forward to seeing all those awesome pics, so much so, that we’ve now decided to open a poll about the best doggo at the end of the event! Enter our event to automatically enter your doggo into the running!


Here’s today’s chapter~


Translator: kakaoo

Editor: Purpledragon


Chapter 292

Bonus chapter will be out in an hour~