Introducing Age of Lazurite, Tower of Glass!

Or as Kidyeon put it, “Go post about your new pet now.” 😀

Introducing the next novel to grace volaretranslations with its presence, Age of Lazurite, Tower of Glass!

This is what I’ve been dropping hints about all last week for! The idea for this came about quite a few weeks ago, when I stopped watching Imperial Doctoress in a fit of fury. So many beautiful Chinese period dramas with great acting, fine cast, huge budget so nice sets and utterly beautiful costumes only for all that to be ruined by subpar screenplay or just plain tragic endings. I hate sad endings! If I want a sad ending, I’ll go live real life hey? XD I hate nonsensical scripts! Why is the villain all powerful and wins out over everyone? Why is the main couple bickering over completely idiotic things after going through life and death together? I like my entertainment to be rich and rewarding and most of all, end in a happy ending!

I also didn’t want volaretranslations to become an empty shell since none of my novels are hosted on it anymore. Kidyeon’s done some website wizardry today, so please poke around for the changes he’s made! In the future, volareTL will host all the various romantic, whimsical, outlandish but most of all, short novels that etvo finds spare time to dash out a chapter here or there.

How I decided upon this one was that it’s a twist off of mainstream novels. I always like to do things that are just a slightly bit different from mainstream, whether it’s a mature MC that doesn’t quite fall victim to all the cliches in wuxia ala SOTR, or Western style schoolyard magic with cultivation and vengeance ala GDK. ALTG is actually a novel with roots tied in history, and is unashamedly chick lit. 😀 Well, it was found on the ladies’ web portion of Qidian, but it’s historical fiction so I’m not sure how chick lit-y it is.

Consistently ranked in the top of Qidian’s Ladies’ Web, ALTG is written by Yoshifumo Hiroko, but it’s actually a Chinese novel. The author took a Japanese pen name, so I feel that she must also have a romantic bone in her body! 😀 Set in the Ming Dynasty, we actually start off with when Korea had just been founded as a country, with the scenes gradually traveling to China. I anticipate there to be ~100 chapters (not done yet), so also come for something that isn’t a huge epic read.

I paged through it and translated part of chapter 1 as a teaser, then decided to work on it last week to get it ready for publication. Please find Age of Lazurite, Tower of Glass here! Prologue, chapters 1 and 2 are up!

Therefore, with that said, I make absolutely no apologies about not sticking to a fast schedule or accepting donations for ALTG. This is a side project after all, and I think no one wants me to slow down on SOTR or GDK. So just come, have a nice time, leave comments and turn off Adblock for volareTL please! 😀