Instead of PA, look at what I cooked for CNY dinner!

Return of the Swallow is firmly on its way, if you want a refresher, check it out now where I’ve released three chapters as a preview for everyone! ROS chapters are quite dense and about two times, if not longer, than PA. So what’s three chapters is more like… 6? 7? chapters. Nom away!

Haaaappy Chinese New Year! Today is new year’s eve, a night in which the family gathers ’round to eat amazing amounts of good food. It’s similar to Thanksgiving where the family all travels back home. Sometimes red envelopes are handed around during this time! I traveled home about two weeks ago and have been giving my best impression of a “rice bug” aka couch potato. XD

I volunteered to make dinner today since it was just with my immediate family and not the entire extended family. I opted to make dumplings, since it’d been a while! dumplings are an auspicious thing to eat for new year’s since it’s in the shape of a particularly shaped gold ingot. Some restaurants/families will put a coin inside a huge plate of them, and if you happen to chomp on it out of all the dumplings available, that’s supremely good luck!

At the beginning of the two hour prep process… I don’t know why I can’t rotate the pic @@

About 1.5 hours in and ready to turn all this into dumplings! We also had a bowl of shrimp off to the side to add something special to our family’s dumplings this time.


Finish! We er, make huge dumplings in our household.. XD

And if ya like ’em with sauce~

Happy New Year of the Dog to everyone~