Important note and teasing MsSalam87

Hi everyone! 

I’ve been reading comments here and there. I find interesting the strong reaction you guys had with some situation that happen to Ning Xuemo and her thoughts and reactions towards it. That’s why I think it’s necessary to make a note about it in this official post and give you a new perspective when reading Poisoning the World.

There is a surprise at the end of the post which is also my reply to MsSalam87 saying he felt I’m adding a bit of poison to every post I made which could be true if you are addicted to new chapter release. 😉

Careful of semi-spoiler when reading. I won’t hide anything that is mention up to chapter 112.

As you have realized, Ning Xuemo is… sarcastic, love irony and black humour. Her background is a secret agent which means she is more closer to the dark side of modern society. Thus, her mindset is geared towards seeing the ugly side of humans before seeing their good sides. Her trust is depending not only on how she’s able to read a person, but also depending on their actions towards her. So, if Tom didn’t have a child mentally, even if he was a transmigrated human, she might not necessarily befriend him.

With that kind of personality, Ning Xuemo’s thoughts will always doubt people and think the worse of them before changing her opinions later on depending on how they treat her, thus she first assumed Ji Yunhuang’s and the Ancestor’s interactions towards her to be driven either by lust or a meant to harm her, before changing her opinions later on. Her assumptions and way of thinking are not always wrong because whether it’s the modern world or the ancient world, jerks existed. Her mindset is what made her survive all this time while work as a secret agent. The important point to remember is not to take Ning Xuemo’s thoughts as face value. 

Now, let’s talk about that hard to digest situation that happen to Ning Xuemo which she always escape unscathed up until now. The author has been hinting for a while that this novel is going to be hard and dark at times. From the author’s careful description of torture and tragic deaths, she was hinting she will keep putting Ning Xuemo in difficult situation in the future and our protagonist will have to use all her wits to escape because she’s not OP yet… scrap that, she has OP intelligence.

Another thing…this novel started very cliché, but from now on you will have more creative elements that will make it a bit different from usual and Tom is the proof of that. *****Alert semi-spoiler***** (selected the line to see the text) The MC actually wants and is trying to go back to the modern world. A goal that is lacking amongst transmigration novel.*****end semi-spoiler*****

Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoy chapter 113.

See you on monday for the regular batch of releases. ^___^