This holiday season, please be on the lookout for bad ads!

Hey guys,

Seems like they’re sneaking in early this year. We received several reports overnight of a new bad ad and flipped it over to our ad guys for processing. End of the year is kind of open season for advertisers to go nuts, which means a higher likelihood that bad ads slip in. If you get one, please send us the URL, your browser, and IP if possible!

On that note, we now have a team at volare dedicated solely to ads. The first thing they focused on was the streamline and optimize ads so that they didn’t make the site crawl or eat up tons of RAM. Next up is squashing malicious ads/ads that hijack other legitimate ads. It’s a constant battle, so thank you for your understanding and support for keeping these wonderful stories free to read! <3

Please send in bad ad reports to [email protected], or use our Discord bug reporting channel!


[Special announcement re. Coinhive] 

Hey guys, we were notified of this problem about half an hour ago and I personally deleted the bit of script found in the header. Our tech team has just deleted the last bit found in the footer.

A tremendous thank you for those who started sending in emails this morning, as this is when it all seems to have popped up. We thought it was a bad ad at first and so I flipped the coinhive link to them, blocking it across all our advertisers. Ergo this stickied post on our front page asking for folks to be on the lookout for bad ads. Half an hour ago is when someone PMed me with similar screenshots, and that’s when we realized that it wasn’t as simple as a bad ad. Tech guys are scrubbing our code and we’ll be getting in touch with Symantec as well. Again, thank you for everyone who sent in emails/PMed, we would’ve remained unaware of the problem for much longer if no one had told us anything. @@

For those who were wondering if this was intentional, absolutely not. We would never make money off of hijacking your computers, that’s just absolutely ridiculous.