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Chapter 14: Kicking people out without restraint!

Faced with Yan Zhaoge’s stare, the Sacred Sun Clan disciples trembled, then quickly turned away.

“Sealing Dragon Abyss; it is inauspicious for me?” Yan Zhaoge chuckled as he stared at them.

The expression of the disciple who had previously spoken out immediately turned even uglier than if he was crying.

“Pa!” “Pa!”

The sound rang out as the two Sacred Sun Clan disciples who had previously been egging on Chao Yuanlong had their faces violently smacked.

Yan Zhaoge stood in the same place as before, revealing a new bamboo stick in his right hand. He lightly tapped on the other piece being held in his left hand.

The Sacred Sun Clan disciples huddled together and fearfully looked at Yan Zhaoge. “You…”

“Towards matters of the strong bullying the weak, I have no interest, but this bunch was truly looking for a beating.”

Yan Zhaoge lightly spoke: “As a person, I am very generous—as a general rule, I don’t hold grudges. So, if you have any more issues to bring up, I would like to resolve them now.”

“No need to stare at me so intently, I truly was going easy just now. Instead, you might want to be worried about Chao Yuanlong waking up and taking his anger out on you bunch.”

“In the future, try to think before you speak. This name of Sealing Dragon, if you insist on speaking about it, shouldn’t it be for Chao Yuanlong* instead?”

*TN Note: His name is lit. Chao Emperor (Yuan Long in two characters. With the second character being Long as in dragon)

“My dragon in Coiling Dragon Sleeve is only the name given to my technique, while his is actually his given name.”

The Broad Creed Mountain disciples hooted with laughter, while the Sacred Sun Clan disciples wore ugly expressions and also looked towards the two agitators with loathing. The two disciples who had just been beaten instantly turned deathly white and opened their mouths to speak, but were unable to produce any response.

Yan Zhaoge waved his palm, causing a multitude of magical artifacts to fly up and land in front of Sikong Qing, Ye Jing, and the others.

Seeing this scene, eight of the Sacred Sun Clan disciples inadvertently tightened their grips on their own low-grade artifacts.

Yan Zhaoge unmindingly spoke: “I am not like Chao Yuanlong. These eight low-grade artifacts, I do not desire them even one bit. However, the other things…”

As he was speaking, Yan Zhaoge switched his gaze to a Sacred Sun Clan disciple, whose expression instantly turned evasive.

His countenance seemed to show an internal struggle, seemingly wanting to squeeze to death the small cat in his hands and act as a thug until the end. However, pressured by Yan Zhaoge, he ultimately did not dare to do so.

Yan Zhaoge looked at him, laughed slightly, and grabbed towards the sky with his left hand.

The Light Spirit Cat instantly escaped from the youth’s grasp. The other party suddenly felt his hand go numb and was unable to exert even a little bit of force with his fingers, rendering him unable to kill the cat.

This was done without the young Light Spirit Cat being able to detect any abnormality. It leapt into the air, after which it landed in the palm of Yan Zhaoge.

With the application of a little bit of aura-qi, the small wound on the cat’s nape quickly stopped bleeding. Yan Zhaoge gestured lightly with his sleeve, and the cat flew into the hands of his junior apprentice-sister.

The female disciple hugged the Light Spirit Cat, feeling both affection and remorse on its behalf.


Another crisp sound rang out as Yan Zhaoge sent his bamboo stick flying out towards the male disciple who had just been grabbing the Light Spirit Cat.

“That Light Spirit Cat, it is raised by my junior apprentice-sister and belongs to my Broad Creed Mountain.” Pinching the bamboo stick with his fingers, the tender bamboo shoot curved out in front of him. “This, it is something I have said.”

“Any questions?”

The Sacred Sun Clan disciples all lowered their heads, and did not utter a sound.

Yan Zhaoge unconcernedly said, “I know that you are unsatisfied that Chao Yuanlong was unable to defeat me, that all of you are unable to defeat me, that no one in the Sacred Sun Clan who not of the senior generation would be able to defeat me.”

“But—as things stand, being unsatisfied is unacceptable.”

Those proud individuals looking down on the world, shielded from trials and hardships, would usually be able to easily rise to the top. However, at this moment, this crowd of Sacred Sun Clan disciples had been thoroughly suppressed by Yan Zhaoge, and their gazes became dimmer and full of helplessness.

Yan Zhaoge pointed into the distance with his bamboo stick: “This area here can be counted as the central area, and there is no place here for you. Take Chao Yuanlong with you and beat it!”

Even though this bunch of Sacred Sun Clan disciples had their spirit and haughtiness completely broken, upon hearing Yan Zhaoge’s words they all turned to glare at him.

“This central area is so large, based on what should we have to leave?”

“Senior apprentice-brother Chao is unconscious, and if we go into an area where the murderous black qi is even denser, he might not be able to withstand it!”

“Yan Zhaoge, your Broad Creed Mountain is going a bit overboard, isn’t it? Do you really think that our Sacred Sun Clan is so easy to bully?”

Indeed, even the group of Broad Creed Mountain disciples felt that this action of Yan Zhaoge was a little bit untoward.

In the Sealing Dragon Abyss, this ominous location, places like this central location where the flow was lessened were quite rare. This current area was extremely large, so even though the two groups of people not on good terms, if they each occupied one side of the territory, they would not even be able to see each other.

Yan Zhaoge directly beating up Chao Yuanlong, and also beating up all the Sacred Sun Clan disciples until their faces were bloodied—all of this could still be written off as the results of the younger generation exchanging pointers.

However, kicking out Chao Yuanlong and the other disciples from this area of the abyss could truly be considered to be a bit too unbridled and aggressive.

In truth, to get to the bottom of the matter, even though the Broad Creed Mountain disciples were loath to admit it, their sect was truly a bit lacking when compared to the Sacred Sun Clan, be it in terms of fame or prestige.

Yet, Yan Zhaoge acted as if nothing had happened, and continued rapping his bamboo stick against the palm of his right hand. He intently stared at the group of Sacred Sun Clan disciples in front of him, seeming to especially focus on their cheeks, and displayed an expression of ridicule on his face.

With Chao Yuanlong having fainted, out of the remaining disciples the leaders sucked in a breath of cold air and ordered the crowd: “We’ll avoid this bitterness in front of us. We’ll leave!”

Facing Sikong Qing and Ye Jing, they could let out some fierce words, but faced against Yan Zhaoge, the whole crowd of Sacred Sun Clan disciples could only lower their heads and stay silent. Choosing a few disciples to carry Chao Yuanlong, the crowd of disciples cut a sorry figure as they headed into the distance.

But everyone present knew that the issue would not be left at that. When they returned with reinforcements, then they would stage a comeback.

Some people, upon seeing the receding figure of the Sacred Sun Clan disciples, lowered their voices and whispered: “If we had let them stay, we might be avoiding a later calamity…At least this is the Sealing Dragon Abyss….”

When other people heard these words, their blood turned cold.

Yan Zhaoge did not say a word. At this moment, Ah Hu’s large figure suddenly appeared to the side. He stuck his finger in his ear, wiggled it around a bit, then stuck it out: “Little bastard, you’re pretty fierce, huh? I’ve got my eyes on you.”

“But, my house’s Young Master, you think that he is scared of those losers going back to find reinforcements?”

That disciple cautiously refrained from saying anything.

Ah Hu at once became enthusiastic as if his mouth had lost its gatekeeper. He laughed darkly: “In fact, the actual reason is that my house’s Young Master is in a good mood today.”

“When his mood is bad, he would take it out on people instead. Probably, that little bastard Chao Yuanlong would have been buried here instead.”

The surrounding crowd wanted to laugh, but also couldn’t find the courage to. Suddenly, Ah Hu heard a sound transmission from Yan Zhaoge in his ear: “Ah Hu, this month’s wages—I’ll be withholding them as a fine.”

Ah Hu’s eyes widened: “Young master, don’t!”

“It’s just as you said, isn’t it? When my mood isn’t good, I’ll take it out on other people.”
“Heavens, Young Master, you are always wise and brilliant, aloof and above mundane things, magnanimous and broad-minded, benevolent and righteous…”

Not mentioning Ah Hu’s silently repeating praises, even though the Broad Creed Mountain disciples were a little concerned about the Sacred Sun Clan’s inevitable backlash, they were far happier and inspired. They looked up towards Yan Zhaoge with admiration and worship mixed in their expressions.

With a wave of his fingers, he had managed to defeat Chao Yuanlong of similar cultivation, and made it seem easy.

Chao Yuanlong was not your average Martial Scholar. He was the direct disciple of the Sacred Sun Clan, an outstanding figure among his peers, an outstanding figure among all those in his cultivation realm, who could be considered a brilliant genius of the younger generation in the Eight Extremities World.

Amongst those of the same cultivation, how many would dare to claim that they would be able to force Chao Yuanlong into such a state with such ease?

There were a couple of disciples who had entered the clan for a longer time, who, when they looked at Yan Zhaoge, felt misgivings but also intense admiration, “Before, I had never discovered that senior apprentice-brother Yan was actually strong to such an extent. Could he have been holding back before?”

“Sigh… I must preserve my image of having an expert’s demeanor!” Yan Zhaoge silently admonished himself in his heart, while he also couldn’t help but feel satisfied when looking at everyone’s worshipping gazes.

Though the Coiling Dragon Sleeve was the consummate skill of the body’s original owner, but after being improved by Yan Zhaoge, it had transformed into an even more powerful form. Naturally, in such a setting it was unable to display its full power.

In the previous generation’s Divine Palace there was a skill called the Taiji Cloud Dragon Sword, which, when combined with the Coiling Dragon Sleeve, instantly elevated it to an entirely new realm of power.

To go as far as using a bamboo stick as a sword, in such a battle, was naturally to try and look super cool. But, agreeing to pretentiously look cool together*, didn’t it seem like he had looked cool all by himself?

TN: ??????????- meaning “try to act cool (in a pretentious manner) in a group (in order to better look cool)”. Usually in a disparaging fashion when referring to other people, but in this case, Yan Zhaoge is trying to play himself up as a v cool dude. Creds to my roommate for teaching me

“The result isn’t bad; I will keep up the good work.” Yan Zhaoge thought before nodded his head in satisfaction.

One of the disciples hesitantly asked: “Senior apprentice-brother Yan, since we are unable to totally eliminate those Sacred Sun Clan disciples, why was it necessary to leave them no face and force them away…?”

Yan Zhaoge carelessly responded: “Because my mood is good.”

The other party was entirely tongue-tied, and was left speechless for a moment.

Yan Zhaoge laughed and did not say any more. He pointed his finger and Ah Hu immediately moved the object he had brought. With much effort, he once again lifted the Internal Crystal Furnace up and placed it onto the boundary between the safe zone and the chaotic streams of black qi.

Just as Ah Hu had said, Yan Zhaoge’s mood today truly was good. He landed a soft slap onto the Internal Crystal Furnace, looking forward into the deep ravine in front of him.

“I have been looking for a piece Nine Evils Converging Ground for so long, yet it turns out that it was right here this whole time.”

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