Hidden Marriage Chapter 72

8th release of the week! 5/5 chapters for Valentine’s Day today~ :3

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Firstly, please help me welcome a new translator to the team: pwip! Thanks to pwip, we’re going to be doing 5x releases, not just for February, but for the upcoming months too! \o/

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Here’s the last part for the tips in the funny video about telling if you have a good girlfriend or not!

#5: Those who love to eat are less scheming

She’ll just be checking what to eat online all day, she won’t have the time to scheme and play mind games with you! She’s too busy worrying about what to eat for her next meal!

If you have a boyfriend instead, don’t worry, all these tips still work on boyfriends!
If you’re single, don’t worry, all these tips still work for friends!
If you don’t have friends either… don’t worry! All these tips apply to yourself!

Eat and be happy! 😀

That’s the end of the special tips and releases for Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoyed them! 😀


Um, what kind of intense scene are they going to be filming…

Teasers are back for Chapter 73, go go go!

Translated by: pwip

Edited by: timebun

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