Hidden Marriage Chapter 71

7th release of the week! 4/5 chapters for Valentine’s Day today~ :3

Part 4 for the tips in the funny video about telling if you have a good girlfriend or not!

#4: You don’t have to worry about conversation topics

Just start talking about food, and she’ll keep talking to no end.

For example, if she happens to like matcha-flavoured foods, just ask: “Eh? What’s the most delicious matcha-flavoured food you’ve ever eaten?”

You won’t have the chance to talk in the next hour or so!

Ah, matcha-flavoured food… Matcha ice cream? Matcha latte? -drools-

Filming a scene with Jiang Muye right now!?

No teasers because the next chapter’s coming soon~

Translated by: timebun

Edited by: Aruthea

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