Hidden Marriage Chapter 70

6th release of the week! 3/5 chapters for Valentine’s Day today~ :3

Part 3 for the tips in the funny video about telling if you have a good girlfriend or not!

#3: You can tie her to you forever

You’ve definitely been asked this question before.

GF: “Hey, should I go on a diet?”

At this point, you just have to say this in a cool manner:

“Not at all! Why do you need to diet? I think that you’re extremely cute just the way you are!”

Your coolness factor in her heart is going to multiply 100x!

Then just keep buying food for her to eat. When she gets fatter and fatter, you’ll be able to cut down on the chances that someone’s going to fall in love with her! Moreover, when she has food to eat, she’ll be in a good mood. This is practically killing two birds with one stone!

-swoons- How cute~ I feel like this reply is something similar to what Lu Tingxiao would say if Ning Xi asked something like that 😀

How many of you guessed that the second male lead would be Jiang Muye? XD

No teasers because the next chapter’s coming soon~

Translated by: timebun

Edited by: Aruthea

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