Hidden Marriage Chapter 68

4th release of the week! 1/5 chapters for Valentine’s Day today~ :3

Here’s something extra for Valentine’s Day! I translated this funny video about telling if you have a good girlfriend or not!

How do you tell if you have a good girlfriend?

After scrawling through lots of internet articles, I have it all figured out! The common point is: they love to eat!
If your girlfriend loves to eat, then congratulations! She’ll be a good girlfriend for you!

I’ve gathered 5 points as to why girlfriends who love to eat are great…

#1: It’s easy to make up after a fight

After a fight, no matter what you say at this point, she just won’t listen to you…

All you have to do is go out and buy her favourite food and put it on the table, then tell her in a firm tone: “Hey! I got this for you to eat. Don’t go hungry just because you’re fighting with me. My heart will hurt for you.”

She’ll definitely throw a temper and say: “I’m not going to eat!”

No worries, just leave for a while and come back. She’ll definitely be eating what you bought like a pig!

Furthermore, according to research, when a person is full, their mood gets better. By then, your fight will be totally resolved!

Um, it sounds like a useful tip. 😀

I’ll post the rest of the tips on the next 4 release posts~ Now back to your regularly scheduled chapter! 😛

Big bun… why did you do that to Ning Xi…?

No teasers because the next chapter’s coming soon~

Translated by: timebun

Edited by: Aruthea

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