Happy volareversary! volare turns two!

Happy birthday to us~ Happy birthday to us~~ Happy BIIIIIRTHDAY to volare~~ Happy birthday to us!! We are officially in our terrible twos!!

It has been an absolutely incredible year for volare, what with closing various partnerships with Zongheng, 17K, iReader, Xiang5 — thereby securing the longevity of our library for years to come, or being the first to work directly with authors — such as Teresa Ge of The Sketch Artist. Our works have won awards and are being adapted into dramas, and we’ve made frequent appearances in media as well!

We’ve greatly enjoyed sharing these wonderful novels with you, and our Singaporean contingent had the opportunity to gather together a few days ago! So much love for the translators, editors, marketing (Barbara, Pyon, Yuuko), tech (Broosk, Yn5an3), ad ops, and other back office staff that form our nutty family!

We has staff shirts! 

But I think this one shows off our personalities more. 😀


The good times are also because of you, dearest readers! We read your comments, fanfics, and fan art with pleasure, and love that you love what we love as well! Much love all around! As usual, some translators will be engaging in celebratory releases of this occasion. They’ll be spread throughout the day!

  • Series offering bonus releases as of now: SG, BPC, SOTR, HSSB, SWFM, CEO, UPX, PGC, RPS
  • Live reading of etvolare’s new novel, Phoenix Ascending @ 10am GMT+8 (9pm EST 12/14!) in the volare Discord server. The novel will be launched over the weekend!
  • volare guess-the-chibi contest with volare merch as the prize!

We will also be engaging in a “name that chibi” contest later today, with volare merch as the prize. Stay tuned~ Make sure you’re following our Twitter and Facebook to get all the updates!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride thus far, and let’s soar into good stories!

<3 etvo

PS. We also invited the Wuxiaworld folks to the outing, and there’s one lonely Chaleurian from our soon to be launched sister site for all danmei lovers!

We celebrated December babies, and due to popular demand, purple egg eyes made an appearance. Volare + pink hearts = volare, W = Wuxiaworld, Cha = Chaleurian.