Happy Volareversary! RPS Mass Release + December Release Schedule!

Hey everyone, Selutu here.

Man, volare’s turning two!

What a day it is! Not only is today Volareversary, it is also exactly 370 days (1 year + 5 day!) since my first release on volare, as well as Day 640 of me releasing my translations. I’ve truly made a lot of progress during this time, going from a JP novel to a CN one; translating a few teaser novels; finishing translating a moving short story; beginning the translation of a licensed novel etc. But… Today is not about me. It’s about volare and its heart and soul, our very own Celestial Fluff – etvolare!

I really cannot even put to words how amazing she is, and how thankful I feel towards her being here.

I’m sure I can speak for all members of volare that she’s a great boss, and extremely motivating. She also cares deeply for us that sometimes she ends up burdening herself with our issues. What’s more I cannot even begin to fathom just how much extra work she has done behind the scenes that we don’t know of to get us (volare) to where we are today.

Now, on a bit more of a personal note…

Sometime last year (I think it was around my second mass released for Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel), I was extremely honored when I was contacted by etvolare, who asked me whether I would like to host something on volare. Due to me still being in school, and just not having that much time overall, I only told her that I wasn’t sure, and would need some time. Being the amazing fluff that she is, she essentially said that I could take as long as I could, and she would always welcome me to volare with open arms.

When I finally made the decision to join volare, I was actually rather conflicted about the novel I wanted to translate on here, but it was etvolare that persuaded me to follow my heart and translate the novel I would love, even if it belonged to a niche that frankly, wasn’t very popular, and still isn’t very popular. Thus begun my translation of SFS here (5 days before volareversary and I still did a mini-mass release for the last volareversary! Yay me!).

It was a good few months until disaster struck, we received an email listing all of the novels on the site which had the raws belonging to a certain publisher. I thought it wouldn’t affect me, but I was wrong. SFS was on there like many of the other novels. Since I personally didn’t want to deal with all of the trouble that might entail, I ended up dropping the novel.

Thankfully, etvolare was here, and since that was around the same time we were coincidentally contacted by iReader, she naturally pointed me in that direction to look for my new novel. After a few choices, and several long and intense discussions, we ended up here, with me translating RPS!

So, I would like to once again express my thanks (publicly) toward etvolare for everything she has done for me (and us)!

Now, to celebrate how amazing etvolare is, volareversary (and Christmas), I’ve decided to change up the RPS release schedule for December, to this:

  • Volareversary (Today): 20 RPS Chapters
  • 16th December – 24th December: 3 RPS Chapters / day
  • Christmas Day: 20 RPS Chapters
  • Boxing Day: 9 RPS Chapters (End of RPS Arc 1)
  • 27th December – 31st December: 3 RPS Chapters / day