GDK Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: A game of hot potato with lingerie

Fitch fancied himself clever as he tiptoed like a thief up to Han Shuo’s door. He looked around shiftily and then used an exceedingly low voice to summon a wraith, bidding it to enter Han Shuo’s room through the crack beneath the door.

Han Shuo’s original demons had been refined from wraiths to begin with, so wraiths could also be another set of eyes for the summoners. However, as a summoned creatures from necromancers, they carried a faint hint of death about them and had a greyish-white outline. Anyone with a slightly higher level of alertness would easily discover traces of them.

Han Shuo’s original demons had undergone specialized magical yuan refinement and thus didn’t have any magical ripples emanating from them. Their form was also indistinct. As long as they didn’t come into contact with a magical boundary, it would be very difficult to discover them. Add to that the fact that original demons were one of the demon generals and had a mental connection to the mage, they could be deployed to far distances and had uncommon attacking capabilities. Therefore, no matter how one viewed it, an original demon was much more practical than a wraith.

After Fitch’s wraith entered Han Shuo’s room, it circled around inside and then stopped in front of Han Shuo’s window. It seemed to be silently observing Han Shuo’s movements.

Breathing evenly, Han Shuo was on his side and appeared to be in a deep sleep. He seemed to be completely oblivious to everything happening around him. Fitch used the wraith to probe around from the outside before placing his hand on the door handle, exerting a small amount of force. Han Shuo’s room door creaked open with a small squeak.

A bag of powder suddenly appearing in his hand, Fitch opened the paper wrappings and blew on it in front of the door. The powder dispersed into the air and emitted a light fragrance.

Soul Temptation Powder!

Han Shuo had some understanding of poison powder now and had already recognized the fragrance when it dispersed just now. He laughed coldly inside and didn’t hold his breath. He continued to naturally inhale and exhale. With the strength his body acquired after entering the third demonic realm, low level powders that would cause him to sink into a drugged state had absolutely no effect on him at all.

A sinister and venomous smile on his face, Fitch had a bit of a gleeful expression on his face right now as he walked lightly towards Han Shuo, glaring at him fiercely. What he was thinking, no one knew.

Leveraging the line of vision from the original demons, Han Shuo still fully viewed Fitch’s expression even with his eyes closed. Although he maintained a sleeping posture with his body, Han Shuo had long since readied himself. He was prepared to make a move as soon as things went south. Han Shuo was prepared to kill as soon as Fitch laid a hand on him.

However, Fitch didn’t seem as bold as Han Shuo thought. He stared at Han Shuo and then murmured to himself, “You lowly slave, you’re completely unworthy of Master Fanny. I should’ve run you out of the necromancy major a long time ago, but you weren’t around for a long time. However, let’s see where you’ll run this time. After tomorrow, everyone will be sure that you’re a pervert. Even if Master Fanny helps you, the school authorities will expel you from the necromancy major. I’ve spent quite a lot of effort and time in wanting to make a move against you, heh heh!”

Fitch murmured as he fished out a large package from his being. He bent down and shoved the package under Han Shuo’s bed, then slowly backed out of Han Shuo’s room with a proud air, cackling in a low tone as he did so. He then carefully closed the door to Han Shuo’s room and walked easily to his own room with a face full of satisfaction.

Han Shuo immediately sat up in his bed after Fitch had left and bent down to look around. He discovered that Fitch had hung this package from the wooden slats beneath the bed. He would’ve been hard pressed to discover it if he hadn’t looked carefully.

When Han Shuo took down the bundle and opened it, he was flabbergasted by what he saw.

A collection of flimsy, thin female lingerie greeted his eyes. These colorful articles of clothing were lace trimmed and all had very small amounts of cloth on them. They were either cute or sexy. Some had just been washed, with two looking like they’d just been taken off and hadn’t had time to be washed. There were still a few traces of the female body on them.

Han Shuo stared at the female lingerie items within the bundle and looked them all over twice, sighing that Fitch really did possess amazing methods of revenge. He started to grow a healthy appreciation for Fitch. However, what he admired wasn’t Fitch’s schemes, but his methods. Who would’ve thought that he would be able to silently and unwittingly obtain so many articles of female lingerie? He wondered if there were any in this pile that belonged to Master Fanny!

Shaking his head with involuntary laughter, Han Shuo knew that once the girls of the school realized that their lingerie had gone missing, they were bound to raise a huge furor tomorrow. Fitch was certain to have other tricks up his sleeve. Perhaps there would be a room by room search of all male students tomorrow. If this bundle were to be discovered beneath his bed, Han Shuo was sure to gain the title of “Great Perverted Demon”. He wouldn’t have to wait for the school to expel him then, since he himself wouldn’t have the face to face anyone and would never appear within the Academy again.

“I won’t do anything to you if you don’t do anything to me. Fitch, ah Fitch. You can’t blame me for being vicious this time.” Han Shuo picked up the package and snickered softly as he got out of the bed and walked towards Fitch’s room with the original demon leading the way.

He used almost the same exact methods of leveraging the original demon’s vision to copy Fitch’s methods. He travelled soundlessly to Fitch’s room, shoved the bundle beneath Fitch’s bed and then left, with none the wiser.

Once this matter had been completed satisfactorily, Han Shuo returned to his room and didn’t go back to sleep, but rather used the other original demon to observe Duke’s movements.

Duke had flown directly to a classroom on the fourth floor of the building after arriving at the dark major building. There was not a soul within the classroom building at night. Duke didn’t move after setting foot in this room, becoming one with the night.

Han Shuo gazed upon Duke in the darkness, through the eyes of the original demon parked in the shadows of a great tree. Except, he didn’t make another move after arriving and had no further movement. This made Han Shuo feel quite confused. He wasn’t sure what Duke was doing in the classroom building in the middle of the night.

After a while, just when Han Shuo started to feel a bit impatient, a fat cloud of black light suddenly appeared in the distance and slowly moved towards the classroom building.

It would’ve been difficult to discover the cloud’s existence if he hadn’t been paying attention in the darkness. Han Shuo gave himself a mental shake and immediately increased his attention. He carefully observed the movements within this ball of light. The dark light was thickly concentrated like a dense patch of clouds, making it difficult for Han Shuo to see what was going on inside.

The motionless Duke only detected this cloud of light after it entered the dark major classroom building, and he suddenly coughed lightly.

The cloud of black light halted briefly upon hearing Duke’s light cough, then quickly traveled up the steps and made for the room that Duke was in.

Duke and the cloud of dark light finally met with the room between them. Duke flicked a glance at the cloud of dark light that had halted in front of the door and displayed a trace of a smile, saying softly, “The Empire’s ‘Black Underworld’ organization is everywhere alright. There are even people from ‘Black Underworld’ within this organization. It’s very nice to make your acquaintance. I think you can reveal your true appearance now?”

“I’ve been in this Academy for many years, and expended a lot of the organization’s resources just to gain entrance to this place from the beginning. My identity must not be revealed at any costs. There are many archmages like you within the Babylon Academy, and the head of the school is even a grand magus. It would be no trifling matter if we alarmed her.”

A familiar voice traveled out from the the cloud of black light. It was then peeled back like layers of clothing being cast off, revealing the figure of the dark major’s old witch Camilla.

It was her! Han Shuo was startled as he observed everything inside with greater caution, deathly afraid that he would miss any bit of their conversation.

There was a “Dark Mantle” organization within the Lancelot Empire, and hence there would certainly be a similar organization within the Kasi Empire. It seemed that Camilla was from the Kasi Empire and was a member of the Kasi Empire’s “Black Underworld”. This was quite interesting.

“So it’s you. Heh heh. I even saw you today… who would’ve thought that you’re one of us. The ‘Black Underworld’ of the Empire is indeed infinitely resourceful. It looks like my mission this time will be a lot easier than expected.” Duke was also quite surprised when Camilla revealed herself.

“It’s very dangerous for the two of us to meet here. The ‘Dark Mantle’ organization of the Lancelot Empire isn’t that easy to handle either. I’ve had a few run ins with them here. They’re like flies that buzz around you. If my identity is revealed, not only will I immediately die a gruesome death, but I’ll also fail to live up to the Empire’s cultivation of me. Cut the blather. What business did you have in contacting me?” Camilla rushed Duke impatiently to get down to business.

Nodding, Duke said gravely, “I have many responsibilities about me on this trip to the Lancelot Empire. If it wasn’t for the inability to resolve them myself, I wouldn’t dare to call upon your ‘Black Underworld’s’ agents. I’ve asked Master Fanny of the necromancy major today and heard that apart from each major’s library, there’s also a secret library? We need to look up a few materials and would like to ask you where the library is located, and how we get in?”

“There is indeed a secret library with many rare books stored inside. I’ve not only heard of this library, but I’ve been so privileged as to make it inside before. However, there’s a magical boundary personally cast by the headmaster. No one can go inside without the headmaster’s approval.”

“I was going to research curses of the dark major last time, that was how I made it in, accompanied by the headmaster. If you want to break into the secret library, I’m sure you’ll be discovered by the headmaster. You’d best think of another plan!” Camilla gravely warned Duke with a face full of resignation.

Duke thought with a darkened face for a while after hearing Camilla’s words and said to her, “If this is the case, then I’ll have to impose upon you and think of a way inside. The Empire would like to know everything regarding the ‘Eye of Darkness’. Go inside and see if there’s anything with regards to this. Before I made this trip, those on top in the ‘Black Underworld’ said that I could make use of you in critical moments. I hope you understand.”

“If the Empire wanted to investigate this matter, they could have directly given me orders through the ‘Black Underworld’. Why would they trouble you with a personal trip?” Camilla looked at Duke in confusion and didn’t immediately agree, opening her mouth and asking Duke.

“You don’t need to know that much about this matter. The Empire has its own arrangements in sending us. You just need to go to the secret library and help me understand everything there is to know about the ‘Eye of Darkness’.” Duke’s forehead creased as he said a bit unhappily.

“What item is that? It sounds like something from our dark major. Tell me what it looks like and its basic information.”

“It’s not something from your dark major. It was created by the necromancers in an era when necromancers were strong. The secrets of opening the cemetery of death are hidden inside. It’s said that the cemetery of death is sacred ground for necromancers. Many years ago, when necromancers rampaged over the lands, the cemetery of death was a place of evil that no one dared to mention on the Continent. The tomes of frightening necromancy secrets may be kept inside. The Empire needs the secrets inside, so you need to comprehend the secrets of the ‘Eye of Darkness’ to the best of your abilities!”

Camilla’s face changed slightly as she thought briefly and then said, “Since this is the case, then I’ll think of a way to get inside. However, the headmaster is always present whenever we go inside, so I can only do my best.”

“Alright then, let me know as soon as you go inside, whether or not you make any discoveries. I’ll be staying at the wind major for the foreseeable future, exchanging some knowledge of wind magic. You can make use of other excuses to openly come find me.” Duke nodded and said to Camilla.

The two had reached an agreement by this point and didn’t continue further discussions afterwards. The two of them left the classroom building one by one after dispersing.

After Han Shuo retrieved his original demons, he went through their conversation in his mind and contemplated a bit with a furrowed brow, finally slowly drifting off to sleep.

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