GDK Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: New pursuits

Han Shuo, Phoebe, and Candice walked into the dirty and run down house. It was actually very clean and neat inside, with a few decorations that could even be called luxurious. To think that it was only dirty and broken down on the outside, but quite fancy on the inside.

After entering the house, Candice abruptly closed the door tightly, emitting a thumping sound that she was unable to conceal. Her broadsword in her hand, she barred the way out.

“Candice, you don’t need to be that careful. My dear uncle doesn’t know any martial arts or magic, he won’t be able to escape this time.” Phoebe’s mask had been taken off and she displayed her stunning features. She sat down leisurely at random, coldly looking at a room with its door open.

Han Shuo inspected his surroundings and observed by using the original demons. When he ascertained that no suspicious characters were around, he then poured a cup of warm water and took two greedy sips.

Grover walked out of the room, through the open door, with a face full of dejection. He released a ghastly laugh and looked at Phoebe, “Good niece, dear niece. To think that you’d been hiding your strength all along. Was Cara already taken by you?”

Phoebe started and looked in surprise at Grover. She shook her head, “No, I’ve only just discovered this place.”

“Let Cara live, I’ll give you everything you want, including my life.” Grover knew it would be difficult for him to escape death with the way things were now, and had let everything go.

“I’m sorry, Cara isn’t in my hands. If my guess is correct, Grandpa Andrew sent men here already and she’s been taken by them. I don’t have the authority to decide whether she lives or dies.” Phoebe shook her head and stared at Grover with a cold look. She asked again, “Did you kill my father?”

“Yes, I poisoned him. Since you already know everything, I have nothing further to hide. What else do you want to know?” Grover’s face was wooden as he nodded stiffly.

Inhaling deeply, Han Shuo could clearly feel the suppressed anger surging from Phoebe. Phoebe slowly stood up and looked at Han Shuo and Candice, “I want to speak privately with my good uncle. Bryan, will you guys go outside and wait for me?”

Nodding, Han Shuo put the teacup in his hand down and left with Candice, walking towards the alleyway entrance far away.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” Candice kept sizing up Han Shuo when they had left the house and finally couldn’t help but ask after a while.

Han Shuo had been contemplating Duke’s background with a lowered head when he heard Candice’s question. He raised his head and looked at her in confusion.

As a girl, Candice’s height was a bit taller than ordinary girls. Her skin wasn’t pale, but rather the coppertone of one having spent many years in the sun. Her body was quite fit and muscular, and her breasts looked like they would explode out of her top. Her thighs were supple and full of explosive power. She looked as difficult to handle as a feisty mare.

“What’s would you like to know?” Han Shuo wasn’t kindly disposed towards Candice, but he didn’t hate her either.

“How were you able to locate the assassins’ movement so clearly, like you saw them all with your own eyes?” A heavy sense of curiosity permeated across her face as she looked at Han Shuo with every expression of interest.

“There’s a magic called ‘Eye of the Sky’, you must’ve heard of it? My method is similar to that one. Of course there are some differences, but I can’t tell you the exact details!” Han Shuo flicked a glance at her and said faintly.

“Two archmages were unable to detect the disturbances from your method. It’s wondrous indeed. Can you pass this method onto us? If our mercenary band knew of this method, it would greatly increase the success rate of our missions. We are willing to offer a hefty reward for this.”

“I’ve heard that you’re a merchant, you can name your price. We can negotiate no matter how high it is. Other forms of payment will work as well as long as our mercenary band can do it.” Candice looked at Han Shuo with sparkling eyes and discussed very earnestly with him.

Shaking his head firmly, Han Shuo rejected her resolutely. “My apologies, there are some thing I won’t sell. My apologies Miss Candice.”

“Then will you join our Battlefire mercenary band? As the vice captain of the band, I can directly approve your application. With your strength, you will surely accomplish great deeds if you join us.” Candice seemed to know that Han Shuo would reject her and wasn’t discouraged at all. Rather, she invited him to join them and become a member.

“I’m sorry, I don’t plan to for the time being.” Han Shuo rejected politely again.

“Alright, when you plan to, please remember to come find us, the Battlefire mercenary band, when you want to. I will greatly welcome you with open arms.” Candice promised solemnly.

Phoebe walked out of the house with a cold and remote expression at this moment. Her face only softened when she saw Candice and Han Shuo. She asked, “What are you guys discussing?”

“Nothing much. Oh right Phoebe, what about Grover?” Candice pouted a bit awkwardly as she asked Phoebe.

“He killed himself just now. I’ve already gotten what I wanted from him, we can leave now.” Phoebe’s expression was strange as she looked at Candice.

“Then there shouldn’t be anything to do with me after this. May I leave now?” Han Shuo suddenly spoke up when he saw the two conversing.

Phoebe once again focused her beautiful eyes on Han Shuo and looked dumbly at him, then said to Candice, “Candice, two of your people from the mercenary band made it out. Go contact them first and see if anyone else survived in the wrecked yard.”

Candice looked at Phoebe and Han Shuo with an ambiguous expression and displayed a smile of understanding. She nodded at Phoebe and walked off with large strides.

“Bryan, will you take a walk with me?” Phoebe blushed after seeing Candice’s meaningful gaze and slowly returned to normal only after she’d left. She looked at Han Shuo with a face of expectation.

“Sure, where would you like to go?” Han Shuo thought and he asked.

“Let’s walk around the southern district. I think the Boozt Merchant Guild no longer poses a threat to me anymore.”

Han Shuo didn’t say much else as he accompanied the beautiful Phoebe on a slow walk down the dirty streets. There were people who had obviously fallen on hard times on the streets and they shot admiring glances at the richly dressed Han Shuo and Phoebe.

“In this world, our Guild actually doesn’t have much status. Although merchants earn some gold, our status is basically the same as ordinary citizens.” Phoebe’s voice was far away as she said introspectively to Han Shuo by her side.

“Miss Phoebe, you don’t see the gazes of the other people on you. They’re actually full of admiration and envy. To them, your current life is what they dream to have, what else are you unsatisfied with?”

“Heh heh, we almost died yesterday. They can’t even imagine a life filled with unknown dangers. Perhaps they worry over living out their daily lives, but we worry about our lives. I wonder who admires who!” Phoebe sighed self deprecatingly.

She suddenly stopped walking and concentrated her gaze on Han Shuo. “Bryan, with your abilities, you are certain to climb quite high as long as you are willing to work hard. I had thought to ask you to manage the Guild with me, but I’ve thought through this clearly. I think the small Boozt Merchant Guild would be insufficient to hold you. You should have more expansive skies. Bryan, have you thought about how you should live in the future?”

Han Shuo started as he remembered his status. Although he had left behind the label of errand slave, he was still a student of the Academy. With his status, even if he swiftly graduated from the Academy, there was still nothing to his name. Of course, this wasn’t the life he wanted, but just that Han Shuo didn’t have any other plans for the time being.

“Power and a lofty position is what you should be reaching for. As much money as a merchant has, he is still a small character at the mercy of others. Only those with an illustrious reputation and an extraordinary position have the right to control over and determine the lives of others. You should become one of those types of people!” A mesmerizing light shone in Phoebe’s beautiful eyes as she stared directly at Han Shuo, her voice full of persuasion.

His mind had never been so agitated before. Han Shuo had thought of these things before, but never as clearly as in this moment. Since he had been lucky enough to be reborn, he should enjoy everything there was to life without reservations. Why didn’t he use the strength that was available to him? Under Phoebe’s persuasion, Han Shuo’s mindset of not wanting to remain ordinary slowly started to catch on fire and he became full of resolution.

After a while, Han Shuo took in a deep breath and nodded, saying lowly, “I understand your meaning, but my opportunity hasn’t seemed to arrive yet.”

A brilliant smile spreading over her face, Phoebe seemed to have been waiting for these words. When she heard Han Shuo’s words, she immediately stared at Han Shuo and said, “You’re wrong, the chance has always been there. The fastest way to obtain power and status is to achieve meritorious acts in war. The Empire has never been at peace, and our battles with neighboring countries has never stopped. I think a large war will break out in the near future. I think you should get involved. As your good friend, I’m willing to help you and do all that I can to help you.”

“I appreciate your good intentions, but I would like to obtain all that I deserve through my own hands.” Han Shuo said resolutely to Phoebe, paused and then said again, “Miss Phoebe, please prepare the rations I need. I’ll come by the Guild in a few days to pick them up. I think we’ll have many opportunities to cooperate in the future.”

“Then alright, I’ve said all that needs to be said and won’t need you to accompany me further on this random stroll. I trust that with your abilities, you will soon rise to prominence within the kingdom. Don’t forget that I’m your friend then!” Phoebe winked at Han Shuo and said cutely.

“Heh heh, your words today have greatly inspired me, I will remember them! Farewell Miss Phoebe, don’t forget my rations!” Han Shuo smiled and suddenly changed direction, heading for the northern part of the city.

Phoebe pouted angrily after quite a while had passed since Han Shuo had left, she said huffily in a voice that only she could hear. “Damn it, you only care about your rations!”

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