GDK Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Caught in the act in bed

Fanny’s quarters bordered those of some other female dark major teachers. However, there was still a bit of a distance between them. His sensitive perceptions could clearly hear voices in low conversation from within the teacher’s dormitory building. It looked like they had yet to go to sleep at this time.

All of the teachers at the Babylon Academy were extraordinarily strong. When Han Shuo neared, he purposefully concealed his presence and even slowed down the rate of his heartbeat.
Just as Han Shuo arrived in front of Fanny’s door and was about to reach out and knock, the door suddenly opened. Fanny was wearing silk pajamas and an expanse of snow white skin showed at her chest. She was wearing the ruby necklace that Han Shuo had given her, further displaying her beauty.

“Bryan, what are you doing here so surreptitiously?” Fanny was a bit unhappy as she looked at Han Shuo.

Looking around, Han Shuo asked askance, “Eh, how did you know I was here?”

“I felt that someone was following recently times and so became wary. I’ve cast “Life Reconnaissance” in front of the door so I discovered you as soon as you came over!” Fanny rolled her eyes at Han Shuo and said in an ill temper upon seeing him cast shifty looks around the area.

“Eh, Master Fanny can I come inside?” After all, it wasn’t too convenient to stand and talk at the door. Add to this that several teachers had yet to go to sleep, it would be a bad thing if they were seen.

Who knew that when Han Shuo spoke these words, Fanny’s charming cheeks would flush faintly red. Fanny hesitated, then also stuck out her head to look around, finally dragging Han Shuo in with a red face and hastily closing the door.

Han Shuo discovered the room was filled with the presence of femininity when he entered Fanny’s room. Pink bed curtains, neat and clean tables and carpet, as well as some elegant decorations that demonstrated the female identity of this room’s owner.

A thought suddenly striking him, Han Shuo remembered that in his original world, ordinary young girls wouldn’t easily let strangers into their rooms. The room of each girl was the window to her soul. One would be unable to enter without her acceptance. When his thoughts travelled here, ripples grew in Han Shuo’s heart as he looked at Fanny with a hot gaze.

“What are you looking at? Where have you been again the past couple days? There will be a test in half a month and you must participate, otherwise the school authorities have the power to expel you.” Fanny glared at Han Shuo viciously upon seeing his hot and bothered glance, then seemed to think of something and turned her back to Han Shuo, taking off the ruby necklace from her snow white neck.

“I know. I’ve come to find you this time in order to ask you a few questions regarding magical knowledge. Eh? Why did you take the necklace off? I feel that you are very beautiful and moving when you wear this necklace.”

“None of your business. It’s already night now, I’ve taken the necklace off in order to prepare to rest. If you want to ask about magical knowledge, then come find me in the lab tomorrow during the day. It’s already night, so it won’t be too good if someone discovers that you’re here.” Fanny look at Han Shuo, out of sorts.

Footsteps sounded outside the door at this moment, and they had already arrived in front of Fanny’s door within the blink of an eye. The door was knocked on twice as a female voice sounded, “Master Fanny, you’re not asleep yet, can I come in?”

It was truly that whatever one was worried about would happen. Fanny and Han Shuo looked at each other, their faces both stilling at once. Fanny then glared viciously at Han Shuo and then reached out with her hand to make a shushing motion. She opened her her mouth to say, “Master Camilla, just a moment, I’ll open the door for you shortly!”

After Fanny spoke, she suddenly started walking around in the room, her eyes patrolling over everywhere. It looked like she was trying to find a hiding spot for Han Shuo. Fanny’s room wasn’t too big, there didn’t seem to be a place able to hide Han Shuo’s entire body. In her anxiety, Fanny suddenly saw her room and pointed at it to Han Shuo, her charming face full of joy.

Seeing that Fanny was so anxious, Han Shuo shrugged his shoulders and followed her wishes, standing up from the side of the table and walking towards her bed with the pink bed curtains. He hopped onto Fanny’s bed with a whoosh, an expression of great enjoyment showing on his face.

Having walked to the door, Fanny was about to open the door when she was extremely surprised after turning her head. Her mouth opened with no sound, her right hand pointed frantically at the bottom of the bed. It looked like she’d meant for Han Shuo to hide beneath the bed, but Han Shuo had gotten the wrong impression and actually already gotten on the bed that she’d never allowed strange males to touch before.

“Master Fanny, hurry and open the door!” Camilla stood in front of the door and could already see from the light that Fanny was at the door. She opened her mouth and hurried Fanny.

Lying sideways on the bed, a wonderful fragrance wafted around him, Han Shuo ignored the anxious Fanny giving hints by the door and smiled as he undid the bed curtains, taking Fanny’s nicely scented blankets and covering his body.

Fanny gritted her teeth angrily with regards to Han Shuo’s actions, but Camilla’s continued hurrying in front of the door left Fanny no other choice but to open the room door and pretend to be calm. She smiled and responded, “Master Camilla, how come you’ve come to find me so late at night!”

Camilla was an adept mage of the dark major and was already middle aged. Her looks could only be described as ordinary. When she walked into Fanny’s room, she automatically sat down next to the table and said, “Your necromancy major actually won out over the light major through the trials of the Dark Forest last time. This has given us a lot of face. Our major will be heading out for our trials shortly. I’m here to ask you for tips and tricks!”

“What tips and tricks? Our major only managed to hunt down those magical creatures last time simply because we were lucky. Master Camilla you’ve been in the dark major for many years and have taken the students out on many outings. You should be very experienced, I think you’re asking the wrong person by coming to me.” Fanny felt uncomfortable with Camilla in the room, deathly afraid that she would discover Han Shuo’s presence.

The more she worried, the more her gaze flitted to the edge of her bed. She continued to keep an eye on the movements on her bed, afraid that Han Shuo would emit some sounds and arouse Camilla’s attentions.

“Master Fanny’s bed curtains are very pretty, where did you buy them?” Camilla suddenly stood up and unexpectedly walked towards Fanny’s bed, her eyes staring at Fanny’s bed curtains and an expression of extreme interest appeared on her face.

Her heart shuddered as Fanny quickly closed the distance, arriving before Camilla and sat down to block the former’s line of sight. Her spine ramrod straight, she hastily said,” From the Mier Decorations Shop. If Master Camilla likes them, then you can go buy them as well. One gold coin should be enough. Um…”

Fanny’s bed was not that big to begin with, Han Shuo was already flush against the wall as he lay on his side. In her hasty anxiousness, Fanny abruptly sat down on the bed and actually placed her butt on the back of Han Shuo’s left hand. When Fanny came to the end of her explanations to Camilla, her light “um” already explained that she also felt things were inappropriate.

“So you bought it from the the Mier Decorations Shop, no wonder it’s so pretty. Too bad I’m old and not as pretty as Master Fanny. If I bought these curtains, I’ll be sure to be ridiculed behind my back.”

Master Fanny’s well rounded bottom was sitting on the back of Han Shuo’s hand. Han Shuo was feeling the wondrous sensation as his heart was like a capering monkey and his mind like a galloping horse. Just as he was enjoying the sensation, he suddenly felt that the wondrous sensation on the back of his hand was no longer there. Disappointment rose from Han Shuo’s heart as he carefully snuck a peak. He discovered that Fanny’s body still remained in the same position, but had used the muscles of her waist to slightly lift her wonderful behind.

The place where Fanny was sitting just happened to block Camilla’s line of sight. If Fanny shifted her body, it was very likely that Han Shuo would be discovered. Fanny clearly felt that she had sat in a place she shouldn’t have sat in, yet couldn’t move her body and could only lift her buttocks to avoid Han Shuo taking advantage of her.

Watching from the back, Han Shuo could see a red flush creep up Fanny’s neck, slender shoulders, and delectable back. Because she had tightened her body, Fanny’s curves were fully on display and her well-rounded behind fell completely into Han Shuo’s view.

Han Shuo had no idea what Fanny and Camilla talked about afterwards. His lustful gaze roved greedily over Fanny’s body. As a mage, it was very difficult for Fanny to maintain her position that was akin to a horse’s stances. Her body started trembling after a while. Perhaps it was because she could no longer hold up, or felt that Han Shuo should have moved his hand from the area, Fanny’s body relaxed and her two butt cheeks dropped down as she once again sat down.

Another light “um” emitted from Fanny’s mouth. Han Shuo had flipped his hand from the back to his palm facing up. His fingers curled vaguely from the pressure of Fanny’s buttocks, curling into the space between them, immediately causing Fanny to cry out slightly as she couldn’t bear up beneath it.

“Master Fanny, are you alright? Your face is so red and your body is trembling so. Are you sick? Let me take a look for you?”

“No, nothing much. If you don’t have any other matters Master Camilla, why don’t you leave? I… I’m tired and want to rest early.”

Fanny trembled as she tried to lift her butt as she spoke, wanting to stand up from the edge of the bed. Han Shuo had been enjoying the well rounded, slippery sensation of Fanny’s butt. When he lost that touch, he subconsciously reached out his hand and plunged into the area between Fanny’s butt that she had just lifted up a tiny bit.

Fanny had been about to stand up straight when her body suddenly spasmed because of the abrupt stimulus to her body. Her body once more sat down uncontrollably, swallowing Han Shuo’s rampaging left hand.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong Master Fanny? Something’s dreadfully wrong with your body!” Camilla said frantically and then lifted the bed curtains, wanting to relieve the dazed Fanny from their embrace. She suddenly saw Han Shuo’s burning hot gaze and a startled shriek emitted from Camilla’s mouth.

This scream startled the dazed Fanny awake. She recollected her senses and hastily stood up, not paying any attention to Han Shuo. She frantically explained in a panic, “Master Camilla, he’s my student and has come to ask me some questions. I was afraid you’d misunderstand. That’s why I told him to hide.”

“Master Fanny, you don’t have to explain. This is your private matter. Heh heh, no wonder you’ve rejected the advanced of many young men and ignored even Gene. So this is why. Your relationship is to the stage of sleeping together, this is truly surprising. Master Fanny I apologize, I’ve disturbed you. I‘ll leave now!” Camilla exclaimed in shock and apologized in a bizarre voice, walking directly outside.

Fanny was in an extreme state of panic and disarray, seeking to hold Camilla back and wanting to explain. But no matter how she explained, Camilla continued to retain an ambiguous expression and display an “I understand” expression. She chuckled merrily as she walked out of Fanny’s room.

When Camilla had left Fanny’s room, Fanny, standing in front of the door, circled the table in her panic and then seemed to remember something. She made threatening gestures at the Han Shuo still lying in bed, crying out, “Damned Bryan, I’m absolutely not letting you off the hook today.”

Fanny had already jumped onto the bed when she finished speaking and commenced a punishment of fists and feet with a face full of wrathful anger, her little fists landing on Han Shuo’s chest like rain.

As a mage, Fanny had no way to use her fists and feet to attack and cause any damage to Han Shuo, but Han Shuo was utterly mesmerized as he watched the highly aggravated Fanny wave her little fists around, tottering and faltering from her movements and even revealing a portion of her snow white, slender thigh because her skirt had become hiked up.

First reaching out a hand to pretend to stop her, Han Shuo was hard pressed to bear up beneath the agitation of his heart. In his feverish mind, he pushed Fanny down onto the bed and used his strong body to completely press down on Fanny’s well endowed, perfect body. He kept saying, “Master Fanny, calm down, calm down.”

Han Shuo paid lip service to asking Fanny to calm down while covering her with his body. Feeling the firm, pert tips of Fanny’s breasts on his chest, his chest tightly adhered to Fanny’s. The friction between the two bodies under Fanny’s struggles caused Han Shuo to slowly lose himself.

Fanny was breathless with anger. He was the one more impulsive than any other and yet he dared tell her to calm down. The pain in her hands becoming more and more pronounced, she couldn’t move no matter how she struggled. As she watched Han Shuo come closer and closer, her heart was extremely agitated as she said continuously, “Damn it, stop already or I won’t go easy on you!”


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