GDK Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Pervert, what have you done to me?

Around midnight, Han Shuo and Phoebe had just left when Grover brought a pack of Boozt Merchant Guild guards and barged into the room.

“Who did it, who did it? I’ve spent so many gold coins to keep you guys in vain. Not a single one of you discovered that an assassin had snuck in. If the target was me, then it likely wouldn’t be those two on the ground.” Grover immediately started bawling furiously upon entering the room, yelling at the people behind him.

“Mister Grover, this assassin was very proficient. He managed to avoid my windwall and assassinated both Darnell and Yuna in such a short amount of time. This proves that the killer’s strength is absolutely beyond our imagination.” A mage with long hair and a somewhat ugly expression said to Grover after observing for a while.

Exhaling lightly, Grover looked at the long-haired mage and said in an apologetic tone, “My apologies Ellis, I was a bit out of line.”

The wind mage Ellis was still expressionless, and looked at the dead Darnell’s left hand with some surprise. He went, “Eh?” And walked up to the body, noticing that the left hand was missing a finger. Ellis asked, perplexed, “The left middle finger, on which Darnell wears his space ring, has been chopped off. What’s going on?”

“Not only Darnell, but Yuna as well. Could it be that this killer killed them because he wanted to rob them?” Grover was also a bit confused and asked after hearing Ellis’ words.

“Impossible.” Ellis denied decisively and looked around the surroundings, explaining. “If the assassins wished to kill them for the sole purpose of robbing them, then he never would’ve picked these two, because the two of them together are the most difficult to fight against. Not to mention there are many valuable items within the Guild. If he only wanted valuables, he wouldn’t have needed to do anything to them. With the abilities demonstrated by the killer, he absolutely could have obtained more from the Guild without making a single sound.”

Grover thought for a bit after his words and nodded. He said with a darkened face, “If he wasn’t in it to murder for gain, then it must have been thanks to my dear niece Phoebe. It seems like she finally couldn’t bear it longer after enduring things for so long.”

“Indeed, Phoebe must be behind this. Darnell and Yuna both tried to assassinate Phoebe once. Although they retreated when they didn’t succeed, I feel that Phoebe must know that it was the two of them.

After all, Darnell’s gaze towards Phoebe was simply too lecherous and unique. Even I, an outsider, could tell. As the one involved, Phoebe must have had an even better understanding of things. The fact that we’re fine, and they’re the only ones who have died is enough to explain things. Except, it seems that the killer is a bit greedy. Otherwise he wouldn’t have remembered to take their space rings in such dangerous circumstances. When did such a character appear beside Phoebe?” Ellis furrowed his brow and said slowly while turning things over in his mind.

Grover started and mused deeply for a while. His face suddenly darkened and he said coldly, “I know who. It must be that “Bryan” who killed those three assassins from ‘Shadow Ghost’ a while back. I heard the guards say that this person came to do some business with Fabian and thus needed some money. Since his strength is enough to kill three of the senior swordsmen sent by ‘Shadow Ghost’, then he would have the strength to kill Darnell and Yuna.

Damnit, how did Phoebe get her hands on this kid. I don’t know where Phoebe’s hidden him. He hasn’t appeared by Phoebe’s side since he left the Guild last time. I’ve sent people to surveil where he is, but have still been unable to find traces of him. This will be quite difficult.”

Nodding, Ellis concluded. “Looks like it is him. I think we should get rid of this person first at all costs. Otherwise we may be killed by him in due time.”

“Alright, pass my orders on, not to kill Phoebe for now. Put forth all effort into finding this person. He’s ruined my plans twice, and I’m going to make his existence a living hell.” Grover’s face was sinister as he spoke coldly.

At this moment, Han Shuo, deeply hated by Grover, had already brought Phoebe far away from the Boozt Merchant Guild and was rushing towards Phoebe’s quarters in the northern part of the city.

Something was odd with Phoebe, as she seemed a bit out of it. Her body was sluggish and hot to the touch. Han Shuo was dragging her in his haste to cover distance. The two of them were dressed in nightwalker clothes and chose to thread through small alleyways in the dark of the night, staying completely out of sight.

But as they neared the northern part of the city, the city guards started appearing more frequently, forcing Han Shuo to continuously hide and evade. Phoebe had still known to make good time when dragged behind Han Shuo, but at this moment, her steps started to drag as her body grew hotter and hotter.

With no alternatives, Han Shuo flung Phoebe onto his back, completely disregarding whether or not she agreed. In order to avoid the attention of the city guard, Han Shuo temporarily gave up his idea to send Phoebe back to her quarters and took her to the cemetery behind the Babylon Academy of School and Magic instead.

It was the quietest place he knew, and no one patrolled there. Add to that, Han Shuo was exceedingly familiar with the area, and that was why this was the first place he thought of in a time of crisis like this.

When Han Shuo had circled past the northern part of the city with Phoebe on his back and made it past some narrow roads into a forest patch, he suddenly felt that Phoebe, on his back, was tearing at her own clothes and her two hands were roving unconsciously over Han Shuo’s body.

Astonished, Han Shuo’s body suddenly stopped. After relaxing, Han Shuo could clearly feel the well rounded mounds in front of Phoebe’s chest pressed against his back, the wondrous sensation of them closely mashed against his well defined back. A blaze of fire suddenly ignited from his chest, uncontrollable like the sparks of a fire. Add to that Phoebe’s restless hands were still unconsciously moving all over Han Shuo’s chest, and it finally grew so stimulating, that Han Shuo could no longer control himself.

He swung Phoebe down from his back and suddenly held her marvelous body in his hands. He thrust Phoebe’s body onto a tree nearby, and Han Shuo’s two hands moved in tandem, kneading the forbidden areas of Phoebe’s body.

Even with the nightwalker clothes separating them, Han Shuo could see feel the wondrous curves of Phoebe’s bodies. Her well-rounded chest kept changing shape beneath Han Shuo’s ministrations and when his hand roamed over Phoebe’s slender legs and pert bottom, the amazing, strong stimulus attacked Han Shuo’s senses, making him want to experience it even deeper.

Phoebe had yanked her own face mask off, and at this moment her eyes were glassy, filled with the tempting lure of desire. Her stunningly beautiful face burned to the touch and brought with it a heart leaping beauty. The faint fragrance emitted by the breaths between her open mouth made Han Shuo’s heart caper like a monkey and mind gallop like a horse. He was about to lose himself in it entirely.

Han Shuo’s right hand tore off a piece of Phoebe’s nightwalker outfit near the chest. The snow white expanse of her breasts immediately blossomed in front of Han Shuo’s eyes, along with a dot of pinkish red.

Han Shuo finally couldn’t contain himself and he lost control of the strength in his right hand.

“Oh… ow.”

At this moment, a small, feeble protest came out from Phoebe’s small mouth. Her beautiful brows quirked vaguely because of the pain coming from her breasts, finally unconsciously mouthing a weak sign of pain.

Calmness blindsiding his mind, Han Shuo abruptly came to his senses. When he looked at Phoebe, he also recalled that he too had taken in a breath of that odd scent earlier. He immediately understood that Phoebe had fallen victim to an aphrodisiac, and also reflected that his loss of rational thought was likely because he had taken in a breath of the same toxin.

His thoughts spinning furiously, Han Shuo measured up his potential gains and losses and resolutely gathered Phoebe in his arms again, furiously dashing out to the front.

Han Shuo was very familiar with this area and came to a winding creek after not too long. The creek was quite narrow, and he wasn’t sure where it led to either, but he knew that this river was very shallow due to often frequenting in the area.

As soon as he reached the river, Han Shuo walked directly into the waters, still holding Phoebe. Because it was almost winter, the weather was exceedingly frigid. The river waters were even more icy in the middle of the night, and when Han Shuo carried Phoebe into the water and splashed some water onto her head, Phoebe suddenly sneezed a few times.

Han Shuo also submerged his head into water and when the ice cold water covered his head, it chilled his previous urges. His body’s reactions also completely calmed down.

“Achoo… achoo…”

After Phoebe sneezed a few times, her mind slowly came back to her senses due to the effects of the cold river water. When she spat the cold water out of her mouth, the blush on her cheeks slowly disappeared and her glassy stare slowly disappeared.

“Where is this, why I am here? Achoo!” Phoebe looked around in confusion and sneezed again. When she lowered her head to sneeze, Phoebe abruptly realized that the two well-rounded peaks of her chest were exposed to the night air. The snow-white expanse of her skin and the dots of red at the peak greatly affected Phoebe.

Pa! Han Shuo’s face had already suffered from a slap.

Phoebe’s face held anger that was almost madness in its ferocity as she screamed shrilly at Han Shuo, “Pervert, what have you done to me?!”

Han Shuo truly did feel a bit apologetic towards Phoebe at this moment, and he stammered, unable to speak clearly as he gazed upon a girl who was about to lose her mind. Phoebe suddenly broke out in loud sobs when she saw Han Shuo’s reaction, instantly losing her usual cold arrogance and demureness. She gave no thought to anything else and began beating at Han Shuo with her fists and feet. Water splashed every which way in the creek and drenched Han Shuo.

But because Phoebe had suffered from such a great shock at this moment that she seemed to have completely forgotten that she was a strong swordmaster. She was more like a bad-tempered shrew, beating Han Shuo in a disorganized fashion without any fighting aura whatsoever.

If Phoebe had used fighting aura, with her strength as a swordmaster, even with Han Shuo’s small accomplishments in magic, would cause him to be gravely injured, if not dead after her string of blows, but these types of attacks felt like scratching an itch when they landed on Han Shuo’s strong body, not hurting in the slightest.

Han Shuo endured Phoebe’s venting with a wry expression. When the strength behind her fists decreased more and more and she herself became tired, Han Shuo laughed wryly, “We were both under the influence of an aphrodisiac, but your body is still clean.”

Phoebe came to her senses after Han Shuo spoke and halted the motions of her hands. She stood in front of Han Shuo with a distance spanning two fists, sizing him up with slightly puffy eyes, as if afraid to endure another shock. Her voice trembled as she asked, “Truly? You really didn’t do that to me?”

Nodding his head firmly, Han Shuo held up his right hand in resignation and solemnly promised her, “I swear that I really didn’t do anything inappropriate to you.”

A trace of relieved joy suddenly appeared on Phoebe’s beautiful, tear-streaked face. She was about to open her mouth and say something when she suddenly saw the nudity of her chest and hastily pulled the nightwalker outfit up, covering her naked breasts. She lifted a head full of anger and glared at Han Shuo, roaring lowly through gritted teeth, “Then can you explain to me why the front of my clothes were ripped open?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Han Shuo said with a face full of innocence. “What does that have to do with me? You’re the one who lost your mind and started ripping off your clothes. I controlled myself tightly and brought you here, using cold water to revive your senses. I am an honorable gentleman, don’t misunderstand me.”

“Screw your honorable gentlemanliness, you despicable, shameless, profit-seeking knave! You held my hand last time and hugged me without even a word of apology. You purposely took advantage of me in the crack of the artificial mountains in the Guild and didn’t apologize. You’ve gone even further now, I’m going to chase you to the depths of hell for this!” Phoebe’s face was full of wrath as she made threatening gestures and rushed at Han Shuo. Phoebe had obviously activated her fighting aura after coming to her senses this time.

Han Shuo was startled and knew that Phoebe had most likely remembered her clothes being torn in front of her was from his hands. He hastily turned and scrambled up the river bank, protesting his innocence along the way. “Miss Phoebe, listen to me. I also took in a breath of the aphrodisiac, causing my emotions to get out of control, but when I came to myself I immediately took you to this river. The heavens and earth are my witness, I really didn’t take advantage of you.

When you were still under the influence, you also touched me all over and took advantage of me. Apart from you, no other girl has ever touched me before. I’m still a virgin. I’ll have scars deep in my heart after being violated by you. I’ve also suffered losses, let’s say that we’re even for this matter. Don’t pursue it any further…”

As Han Shuo ran away bedraggedly, words shot out of his mouth like bullets. It was as if he’d returned to the time when Chu Cang Lan had brought him to the moon and he’d let the old man have it with his words when Han Shuo lost his composure. Except, it was insults last time, and explanations this time.

“Shut up, you petty villain who should die a thousand, ten thousand times. Stop saying nonsense.” Phoebe’s clothes were drenched through at this time and her wet hair exuded another type of allure, but her motions with her sword in her hands were quite violent.

“Forget it, count me unlucky. I’ll be leaving now and will come find you for the black gold ore after you’ve calmed down. Farewell.” Han Shuo knew that there was no use in talking to Phoebe at this time. A woman who’d lost her senses was the scariest magical creature in the world, not to mention one who was a swordswoman. The danger of this to Han Shuo was on par with that of a super magical creature, like a dragon.

Sighing inside about how unlucky he was, Han Shuo didn’t dare slow down his footsteps as he quickly rushed out, making for the direction of the cemetery and slowly leaving Phoebe, who was unfamiliar with the terrain, far behind.

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