GDK Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Operation of the Original Demon Cave

Just as Han Shuo was privately celebrating with himself and was about to open his mouth and accept, another dwarf suddenly intervened and said, “Bennett, the village chief said that we can’t bring humans into the village, have you forgotten?

“But Benson, he saved us from the hands of those forest troll scoundrels!” Bennet looked at the dwarf and responded.

“I know, but we must listen to the village chief or we’ll be punished.” Benson said stubbornly.

“No problem, no problem, I won’t be going. It’s very nice to meet you. I have been adventuring in this area lately, perhaps we’ll run into each other again. Farewell.” Han Shuo understood that he couldn’t be overly hasty when dealing with dwarves. It wouldn’t be the matter of a second to receive their approval and friendship, so he immediately opened his mouth to speak up.

“Dear friend, we are truly sorry. This is a wineskin of beer that we brewed. Please treat it as a token of our gratitude. I hope you can forgive us.” Bennett took out a wineskin and handed it over to Han Shuo, speaking apologetically.

Han Shuo had hoped that they would forge a decent set of weapons in return, but he naturally wouldn’t express this now. He smiled and accepted the wineskin, humbly expressing his understanding and left along with the little skeleton.

If his magic could be trained to the true demon realm, Han Shuo would naturally be able to refine magical weapons on his own, but if Han Shuo wanted a decent weapon right now, obtaining it through the dwarves was actually a good method.

There was a magical treasure called Demonslayer Edge. It was a bit longer than a dagger, but a bit shorter than a sword. Its two edges were cuttingly sharp without parallel, and its tip a keen triangular spine. After activating it, the Demonslayer Edge would reap enemy heads in mid flight. It was an incredibly frightening weapon left behind in Chu Cang Lan’s memories.

With Han Shuo’s current magical training, he definitely couldn’t refine iron items and directly create the magical treasure Demonslayer Edge. However, Han Shuo wanted to use the dwarves to forge a prototype, and then slowly improve on it with his magic first. When he found the appropriate materials and his magical training had reached an appropriate stage, he would start over and refine it from scratch a couple of times, forming a perfect Demonslayer Edge.

After returning to the cemetery of death, Han Shuo stopped in the empty plot of land in front black moat. There were bone fragments all over the ground. The cemetery of death never saw the light of the sun because of the enchantment, and the sky was shrouded in a thick cloud of grey clouds. Han Shuo felt quite close to the surroundings, and that the thick gloom inside was very suited to necromancy creatures.

“Souls of the fallen soldiers, heed the dark herald’s call and reveal your existence!” Skeletal warriors slowly appeared in front of Han Shuo one after another as Han Shuo continuously chanted the skeletal warrior incantation.

Han Shuo finally felt that his mental strength had been slightly depleted when five skeletal warriors had appeared in the open space. He stopped his summoning at this moment.

Although Han Shuo’s mental strength had greatly improved compared to before, he was limited by his ability to control them, so including the little skeleton, he could control six skeletal warriors. After releasing his mental strength, Han Shuo gave a command and the six total skeletal warriors started moving, bone daggers in hand, according to Han Shuo’s commands.

A few oddly shaped deep pits and gullies slowly formed on the ground according to Han Shuo’s mental manipulations and the dance from the bone daggers of the skeletal warriors.

The gully in the middle connected these deep pits like a long line, and when looking at it from afar, the gully-connected deep pits looked like the grimacing face of a ghost that was roughly six meters wide. The deep pits formed the nose, eyes, and ears of the grimacing ghost and it looked a bit sinister and evil.

The “Original Demon Cave” was a matrix left behind by Chi Cang Lan for the refinement of “original demons”. 18 specters needed to be placed within the “Original Demon Cave” for them to slaughter and swallow each other through the operations of the matrix. Only the three most powerful specters would survive in the end and they would be refined into “original demons” after the operation and concentrated refinement of the “Original Demon Cave”.

The “Original Demon Cave” needed to operate for at least 36 days, and it would continue to absorb the yin qi from the heavens and earth during this time. The refiner would need to feed it six drops of fresh blood every day and inject magical yuan into it. When the “Original Demon” was formed, it would have a direct mental link with the refiner and could soundlessly invade the opponent’s body. When the “original demon” made its way into the enemy’s body, it would automatically eat away at the enemy’s vitality and blood.

In Han Shuo’s memories, demonic practitioners called the “original demon” one of the “demon generals”. according to their own level of training, demonic practitioners could refine four “demon generals” that were of different levels. They were respectively divided into – original demon, yin demon, mystical demon and spirit demon.

Of these four, the original demon was actually the lowest level general and its method of refinement was the easiest. It only needed the yin qi between heaven and earth and the fresh blood of the demonic practitioner.

Of course, because of this, the power of a small demon general such as the “original demon” was also the weakest. Many things could harm it. Flames and ice could demolish it, even if it entered an enemy’s body, as long as the enemy possessed enough true yuan and magical yuan, they could also kill it from within their body.

However, with Han Shuo’s level of training, he could only refine such minor demon generals. Not only was his current level not up to the task of refining stronger demon generals like the “mystical demon”, but he also temporarily didn’t know the method to.

Han Shuo refined the “original demon” in order to use them as a scouting tool on one hand, and on the other to render some assistance to Han Shuo when they invaded an enemy during battle. The enemy would at least have to split their concentration to deal with the “original demon”, and in that way Han Shuo would have the opportunity to act. If the enemy was too weak, then just the invasion of the “original demon” would be enough to kill him.

When the “Original Demon Cave” was complete, Han Shuo commanded the skeletal warriors to clean up the “Original Demon Cave”. Relying on the round green ball and the same method as before, Han Shuo trained his mental strength for a night and on the second day, exhausted all of his mental strength to summon eighteen “wraiths”, placing them all within the “Original Demon Cave”.

“wraiths” were from another dimension and on the same level of existence as the “specters” that Han Shuo already understood. After learning necromancy magic, Han Shuo didn’t need to venture out to collect these “wraiths” at all. He merely needed a simple incantation to take care of it all. This was truly exceedingly convenient.

When the eighteen “wraiths” had entered the “Original Demon Cave”, a chilly wind suddenly whipped around the surroundings and currents of cool presence aggregated from all over the cemetery of death and into the “Original Demon Cave”. The concentration of the yin qi greatly exceeded Han Shuo’s expectations.

At this moment, Han Shuo suddenly remembered that whether it was necromancy magic or his training of magic — they all walked the path of evil. These two roads were both different and evil cults in their respective worlds. They had much in common, and it was half the effort with twice the results when they were used in tandem, saving Han Shuo much effort.

When the “Original Demon Cave” had absorbed enough yin qi, the grimacing outline of the ghost face that formed the “Original Demon Cave” suddenly seemed to become alive, twisting with endless changes. Spheres of black air rose from the seven orifices of the ghost’s face.

When he saw this scene appear, Han Shuo immediately understood that all was as his speculations. The “wraiths” could act as pseudo “specters” and become the foundational material of the “Original Demon Cave”. As Han Shuo bit his finger and dropped in six drops of fresh blood in the “Original Demon Cave”, and after he infused it with his magical yuan, the eighteen “wraiths” suddenly sank into a berserk fervor and emitted ghastly screams. Continuously battling and slaughtering each other to vie over the six drops of fresh blood.

“Done. Now I just need to wait 36 days for three yin demons to form!” Han Shuo smiled as he looked at the “Original Demon Cave” and turned his head to look at the skeletal warriors on the side. He suddenly realized that the magically refined little skeleton seemed to be attracted to the “Original Demon Cave”. It set one foot into the “Original Demon Cave” without Han Shuo’s orders and lay lazily within one of the deep pits. It actually crossed it two calf bones and displayed an odd posture.

That odd posture looked like — enjoyment!

Han Shuo was dumbfounded as he sent out his mental strength and was prepared to command the little skeleton to leave the “Original Demon Cave”. However, he felt the little skeleton’s joy in his heart, greatly startling Han Shuo. He glanced with a look of surprise and shock at the little skeleton leisurely relaxing in the “Original Demon Cave”.

After a while, Han Shuo was still unable to understand what was going on. He observed the “Original Demon Cave”, discovered that it was still operating as usual, and that the “wraiths” were still killing each other within it, seemingly unaffected. Han Shuo shook his head, muttering, “The little skeleton is becoming odder and odder. Ah forget it, it doesn’t look like it affects the matrix operations. I’ll just leave him be.”

He murmured to himself as Han Shuo walked to the cemetery of death, planning on studying the book of “Beginner Magics of Necromancy”. He wanted to proceed on two fronts and breakthrough both simultaneously.

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