GDK Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: A new identity

Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, necromancy major.

After the trials of the Dark Forest, the necromancy major had obtained rich rewards. The ability of the students to handle matters had also similarly increased. When Fanny talked with the school authorities and displayed the magical creature cores that the necromancy major had obtained, she immediately received high compliments from the school headmaster, Emma.

Emma was a woman who was around seventy years old and majored in space magic. She had long since advanced to the realm of grand magus and had once accomplished distinguished achievements for the Empire. Her reputation was quite illustrious within the Empire and she was highly valued by the king.

Within the training fields of the necromancy major, Emma was wearing a loose-fitting black magic robe, gazing upon the necromancy students and teachers benevolently. She smiled faintly and said, “The necromancy major has had a very successful outing in the Dark Forest this time. It’s said that you have greatly helped the Empire by destroying so many of the orc’s wolf riders. Master Fanny, I hope you lead the necromancy major to another level and revive the glory days of yesteryear for necromancy magic. I’ve agreed to all your requests, and the children also need to work hard.”

“Thank you for your kind attention Headmaster Emma. I think after this time’s outing, the students of our necromancy major should have understood the importance of strength. I think they’ll be even more studious and industrious when studying magic in the future and become competent mages for the Empire, being able to contribute to the Empire earlier.” Fanny’s face was serious as she gravely promised Emma.

“Oh right Master Fanny, why isn’t the fellow that you’ve continuously complimented here? I’d love to meet this magical creature!” Emma looked at Fanny with a smile as she asked gently.

“Bryan is traveling on some business, I think the headmaster will surely have the chance to meet him in the near future. He is a mage with very high potential. I can guarantee that it won’t be long before Bryan will become a very strong mage of the necromancy major.”

Emma nodded her head in gratification and smiled, “I look forward to his growth and hope that you will all rally the necromancy major to its past glories.”

After she’d said those words, Emma’s body twisted like that of a reflection in water, giving others an exceedingly unrealistic feeling. White light flashed afterwards, upon which Emma vanished without a trace.

“As an archmage of space magic, Headmaster Emma has already grasped the true meaning of space magic and can directly transfer her body through short distances. Don’t be shocked everyone!” Gene hastened to explain after seeing the students emitted astonished gasps after seeing Emma suddenly vanish.

“Amazing magic indeed!” Han Shuo voice came from outside the training fields as he strode in shortly after his voice had sounded out.

“Eh, it’s Bryan. The headmaster wanted to see you just now… why didn’t you come back earlier?” Lisa immediately exclaimed softly after seeing Han Shuo appear.

“There will be plenty of chances later. I’ve already disposed of the resources from the orc wolf riders. I’ve sold them for a total of four thousand gold. I took one thousand, you guys can split the rest. Who has a crystal card?” Han Shuo didn’t waste time with idle chatter after he arrived and immediately opened his mouth to ask.

“Four thousand gold, oh my gosh. Those resources fetched such a high price! If I’d known they were so valuable, I wouldn’t have gone to chase the orcs that ran away!” Bach cried out in astoundment as he berated himself with a face full of regret.

Even Fanny and Gene had expressions of shock, not to mention Bach. They hadn’t seemed to anticipate that this batch of resources would be so valuable. Smiles crept across all the students’ faces when they heard there were gold coins to be had and they all displayed expressions of joy.

“I have a crystal card. Here, take it.” Fanny directly gave her crystal card to Han Shuo after a moment of surprise.

Crystal cards could conduct transactions through the mental brand on the cards, in addition to the slot located on the card. It was exceedingly convenient. When Han Shuo received Fanny’s card, he realized that Fanny had already approved the transaction and transferred the three thousand gold coins from his card into Fanny’s card.

When Han Shuo returned Fanny’s crystal card to her, Fanny also gave a card to Han Shuo. “This is your new student ID. You’re no longer a slave or an errand boy from this day henceforth, but a magic apprentice in the necromancy major of the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. You can borrow books from the library with this ID and practice necromancy magic in the training fields as well as officially attend classes in the necromancy major.

The tuition for this year is fifty gold coins, but I’ve already paid it for you.You can officially make use of all the resources of the necromancy major now. I’ve also arranged your new quarters. Bryan, I hope you can cherish this opportunity and thoroughly leverage your potential to foster and enhance your necromancy magic!”

Han Shuo felt heartfelt great pleasure after accepting the student ID from Fanny’s hands. He said to Fanny, “Many thanks to Master Fanny, I will try very hard in the future. I’d like to go borrow some books from the library now and will take my leave. Please disburse the rest of the gold coins to them.”

After leaving the training field, Han Shuo brought the student ID and travelled to the library. Little fatty Jack was currently organizing the books in the library, and immediately cried out with glee upon seeing Han Shuo appear. “Oh, goodness, Bryan you’re finally back. I almost can’t recognize you anymore. You’re taller and stronger than when you left, and even seem to have gotten more handsome.”

“Heh heh, hello Jack. Has Borg and the others bullied you during the time while I was gone?” Han Shuo was also rather happy to see little fatty Jack. He dragged Jack to a corner and started questioning him.

“No, maybe because you taught them a lesson last time, they’re a lot more well behaved now.” Jack chuckled, paused and looked around. He lowered his voice and asked, “Bryan, did you really give Lisa three gold coins to pass on to me?”

Nodded, Han Shuo said with a smile, “Of course, I’m a student of the necromancy major starting from today onward. You didn’t believe me when I said I was going to learn magic before. Heh heh, this is my student ID, do you believe me now?”

“Oh my gosh, how did you do it? This is too incredible!” Jack held Han Shuo’s student ID and looked at it, emitting a cry of astonishment again.

“Alright alright, I’ll give you another fifty gold coins. Don’t stay here as an errand boy any longer, but you must absolutely be careful and don’t let anyone know you have so many gold coins on you. Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble. These gold coins will help you live an easy life. If you run into any trouble in the future, you can come find me at the necromancy major. I’ll settle things for you.” Han Shuo took out another fifty gold coins from his space ring and shoved them into Jack’s pockets, speaking in a low voice.

“Fifty gold coins, fifty gold coins…” Jack sank into a momentary stupor as he listened to the gold coins clink in his pocket. He stood there dumbfounded, continuously muttering to himself, seeming to have forgotten even Han Shuo’s existence.

Fifty gold coins was such an enormous sum to Jack that he had never thought of it before. Han Shuo could absolutely understand his reaction.

He didn’t bother responding to him and left Jack with a slight smile. He came alone to the section where necromancy books were kept and selected “Beginner Magics of Necromancy”, registered it at the door, and left.

After leaving the library, Han Shuo returned to the warehouse, leaving after he stored the other two books in his space ring. Han Shuo planned on using the transportation matrix within the space ring and headed directly to the cemetery of death for training. Therefore, whether it was the warehouse or the new dorms that Fanny had arranged for him, someone must know about either of them so it would definitely not be safe to set up the transportation matrix there.

After creasing his brow and thinking for a bit, Han Shuo directly headed to the mountains behind the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force and walked to the cemetery there. Not only was it quiet there, but people and beasts basically didn’t come and go through here. Some of the tombs were even more secluded, and he wouldn’t have to worry at all if he set up the transportation matrix there.

Arriving at the random tombs on the mountains in the backmost land of the Academy, Han Shuo searched for the most isolated tomb and even moved a large piece of rock to the tomb’s entrance. He moved the large rock after he went instead, sealing off the tomb entrance.

After finishing these tasks, Han Shuo took out a candle from his space ring and lit it. He discovered that apart from being a bit damp, the tomb was still relatively clean. The various racks of broken bones on the ground was absolutely not sinister to Han Shuo training in necromancy magic, but he rather felt that they were familiar and warm.

Tidying up the inside slightly, Han Shuo thought carefully and finally summoned out the little skeleton. Using the dagger within the tomb, he cleared a new, small area within the tomb. This new area was in the blind spot of the tomb, and Han Shuo could only enter it when he turned to the side. Although the space inside was a bit bigger, it could only contain Han Shuo alone, similar to the closet of an ordinary room.

Observing everything carefully, Han Shuo finally took out the six magical sticks when he confirmed that this area was secure enough. He arranged them according to the diagram of the six pointed star, standing in the middle of the diagram and activating the matrix with his mental strength when all was done.

White light flashed by and Han Shuo opened his eyes to discover that he’d already appeared within the Dark Forest, inside the large magical matrix in the center of the great hall within the mysterious cemetery of death.

“The mysterious cemetery of death is a country that belongs to me alone in the future!” Han Shuo gazed around his surroundings and muttered in satisfaction.

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