GDK Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: I like this big trouble

Of of the three longswords that had been about to stab into Han Shuo, one of them split off to handle Han Shuo’s small skeleton. Another changed direction midway to ward off Han Shuo’s crossbow bolt, and the remaining one pierced towards Han Shuo.

Han Shuo pushed out with the hands wrapped around Phoebe and sent Phoebe rolling in Fabian’s direction. His right hand clasped tightly around the dagger’s handle, Han Shuo suddenly rushed out from behind the shattered round table. His magical yuan flowed onto the dagger and drew a pale purple arc in thin air, aiming for the longsword that was rushing at him.

A metallic sound rang out along with a dull grunt from Han Shuo. His dagger-wielding right hand went numb again, and the forward momentum of his body was halted. He fell involuntarily down beneath the table as the assassin’s body also shuddered and fell onto the shattered table.

He had been wielding a sword with his right hand, but the collision just now seemed to have frozen his hand through usage of the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire” from Han Shuo’s dagger. His longsword suddenly swapped to his left hand and his ice-cold eyes swept over Han Shuo. The longsword stabbed forward again and a wave of wild fighting aura flowed into Han Shuo’s body through his chest taking advantage when he was off balance.

The bone-piercing pain immediately spread throughout Han Shuo’s entire body. When the dark green fighting aura surged into Han Shuo’s chest, the magical yuan churned furiously and broke it into thousands, tens of thousand of strands, deathly entangling that cloud of fighting aura, preventing the fighting aura from spreading to other areas.

Even so, Han Shuo still spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood and he fell down with unsteady steps. The assassin was now full of confidence upon seeing that Han Shuo had been filled with fighting aura from his sword. He didn’t bother with another glance at Han Shuo after seeing he’d been hit, and directly turned his back to deal with Phoebe and Fabian, who were on the other side of the room.

Except, there was no way that he could have realized how durable and strong Han Shuo’s body was after countless reforging from magic. Add to that the wondrous effects of the magical yuan, what was originally a definitely fatal blow couldn’t take Han Shuo’s life at all.

In the moment that he’d turned and was about to leave, Han Shuo suddenly sprang up from where he’d fallen on the floor like a ghost. A tendril of frosty light emanated from the dagger in his right hand, abruptly stabbing towards the assassin’s back.

The assassins were senior knights alright. He hadn’t lost his sense of vigilance, even in such a critical moment. He turned his body in that critical, crucial moment and the longsword in his left hand once again sent out dark green fighting aura, blocking Han Shuo’s stabbing dagger with a clang.

Except, he’d defended against Han Shuo’s dagger, but not Han Shuo’s sniper shot. The crossbow bolt in his left sleeve shot out and fiercely pierced through the assassin’s remote, merciless left eye. As he wailed out in agony and reached out his hand to cover his left eye, the dagger in Han Shuo’s hand moved and a line of blood floated out from the assassin’s neck. He fell listlessly, but solidly to the ground.

At this moment, Han Shuo’s left hand wiped away the fresh blood that was leaking from the corners of his mouth and tightened his grip on the dagger, calmly taking in his surroundings.

The little skeleton wielding the bone dagger had actually started fighting one of the assassins. After countless refinements by magical yuan, the little skeleton was so strong that it was almost a bit perverse. The speed of its evasions and dancing bone dagger was extraordinarily high.

Even when its body had been hit, the inky black skeleton only wavered slightly. The little skeleton would regain its footing whenever it stumbled backwards and came forward with another attack, making the assassin at his wit’s end.

On the other side, the assassin, who had broken the crossbow bolt that Han Shuo had shot towards him, had already dashed at Phoebe. Fabian was stricken with panic and fear and hollered frantically, “Be careful young miss, Bryan help!”

Han Shuo started and with one glance, knew that it was too late to save Phoebe. He sighed lowly and was about to command the little skeleton and find a chance to slip out when something outside his expectations happened.

Phoebe’s eyes, in her panic stricken face, were calm and aloof. When the dark green light from the assassin’s sword came crashing down on her, when, unbeknownst to anyone, a thin, long dagger suddenly appeared in her hands. A milky white aura suddenly flared out from the dagger in Phoebe’s hands like a blossoming lotus flower. A milky-white fighting aura interwove with dazzling sword light, thoroughly swallowing up the assassin.

“Ah ——-” A desolate wail sounded. When the dazzling, milky-white sword light faded away, it was as if the assassin had been pierced by a thousand sharp weapons. His entire body was pockmarked and blood flowed out from a hundred holes.

Not only was Han Shuo astounded, but even Fabian and the last assassin facing off with the little skeleton was also dumbfounded.

It was no big deal if Han Shuo and Fabian were shocked, but when a break in the assassin’s concentration appeared, his left arm was directly hacked off by the little skeleton. He cried out in agony, and Phoebe suddenly threw out the dagger in her hand when he was about to escape. The dagger sank into the assassin’s waist and the last screaming assassin abruptly made no sound, falling solidly to the floor.

“Young… young miss, you… you’re a swordswoman?” Fabian’s mouth had fallen open greatly, tongue tied as he pointed at the coldly aloof Phoebe. He stammered out his question.

Swordsmen were also similarly divided as knights: Swordsman apprentice (pale-blue fighting aura), swordsman-at-arms (dark blue fighting aura), journeyman swordsman (pale-green fighting aura), senior swordsman (dark green fighting aura), swordmaster (white fighting aura), great swordmaster (silver fighting aura), and divine swordmaster (gold fighting aura).

Han Shuo also hadn’t thought that Phoebe had always been concealing her strength. It looked like Fabian didn’t know either. Phoebe was actually a swordswoman at an even higher level than that of a senior knights. With her strength as a swordswoman at her age, it would shock many if news of this was leaked.

“Looks like I went to unnecessary effort!” Han Shuo laughed faintly as he chanted an incantation. The little skeleton, wielding a bone dagger standing there blankly, suddenly vanished without a trace.

“No, without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to kill all the assassins from ‘Shadow Ghost’ by myself. I would have been able to defend against them, but I wouldn’t have been able to prevent their escape. Therefore, your aid was great help to me. I’m very grateful to you!” Phoebe glanced at Han Shuo and spoke seriously.

Phoebe’s brow furrowed as she mused deeply after a moment, suddenly looking oddly at Han Shuo. She asked, “Mister Bryan, why didn’t I feel any fighting aura from your body when you made a move just now? And if I didn’t see incorrectly, you’ve also trained in necromancy. Except, I’ve never known that a skeletal warrior could have the same battle capabilities as a senior knight. Mister Bryan is truly an amazing person!”

What a sharp woman. Han Shuo flung a glance at Phoebe and said with an enigmatic tone, “Miss Phoebe has the strength of a swordmaster at such a young age. The truly amazing person here is you. Compared to yourself, I’m just a misfit.”

“You’re too humble.” Phoebe responded to Han Shuo and didn’t ask further. Turning to look at the still shocked and bewildered Fabian, she said softly. “Fabian, take inventory of the items he’s brought us. Bryan’s saved us this time, so we must give him a good price.”

A serious expression appeared on the previously dumbfounded Fabian’s face after he heard Phoebe’s words. He looked oddly at Phoebe and then at Han Shuo, finally lowering his head to count the items on the ground.

“Niece Phoebe, my niece Phoebe, are you alright? What’s wrong?” A loud exclamation came from afar at this moment, coming closer with the sound of hurrying footsteps.

Phoebe’s usually aloof face suddenly displayed an expression of hate and disgust. It reverted back to normal in a second, with even the faint trace of a smile on her face. She said harmoniously, “Uncle Grover, I’m fine, thank you for your concern.”

A band of five guards broke down the door with a sinister-looking, thin old man in the front. He was wearing luxurious clothes, first swept a look around the room, assessing the situation, before displaying an anxious expression. “I’ve just heard your cries for help and saw from afar that the two warriors in front of your door were on the ground. I came as fast as I could. It’s good that nothing has happened to you, it must’ve been your dead father who protected you.”

“I’ve caused you to be concerned Uncle. However, it wasn’t my dead father who protected me, but that this noble warrior who saved your niece’s life. Otherwise, your niece’s life would have long since been taken by these killers.” Phoebe displayed an expression still lingering in fear as she pointed to Han Shuo in her explanation.

Han Shuo watched Phoebe and Grover’s conversation with a cold eye and closely observed everything. He’d formed a slight understanding in his heart. He’d also clearly seen the hate and disgust on Phoebe’s face earlier.

He’d discovered that when Grover had come in, his attention had been placed wholly on the three assassins in the chamber first. He’d only expressed his concerns to Phoebe after he’d assessed the situation. This already explained that relations between the two were not as harmonious as they appeared on the surface.

“Thank you warrior! I will be sure to reward you well!” Grover exclaimed, looking at Han Shuo upon hearing Phoebe’s words. His eyes continuously raked over Han Shuo’s body, seeming to want to completely size him up.

“Uncle, thank you for your good intentions, but Phoebe would like to personally thank him for saving my life. I’m fine now, Uncle is always overworked and overtired for the sake of the Merchant Guild everyday. You should go back and rest earlier!” Phoebe spoke seriously and bowed as she spoke to Grover.

“Alright, alright. As long as you’re alright. I’ve been investigating the origins of the killers for you lately. Be at peace good niece. When I find out who’s behind all this, I won’t let him off so easily. Mm, you must be even more careful in the future. I’ll be heading back now.” Grover put on a hypocritical show of affection and turned, leading his men out the door. When he reached the door, he suddenly turned and looked at Han Shuo. “Brave fellow, what’s your name?”

“Bryan!” Han Shuo bowed slightly and smiled urbanely as he answered.

Nodding, Grover said, “Bryan, mm. Good name, good name. I’ll remember you!”

Grover finally left the room after saying this.

“I think I’ve gotten myself into big trouble thanks to your purposeful actions. Miss Phoebe, how do you intend on compensating me?” The faint smile on Han Shuo’s face withered away when Grover left, and he stared coldly at Phoebe.

“Apart from the money for these resources, I will pay you three thousand gold extra. Three thousand gold is enough to buy quite a few lives, what do you say?” Phoebe laughed faintly, speaking softly as a wise and farsighted light shone in her eyes.

Han Shuo’s heart shuddered as his face became adorned with a smile once more. He spoke in satisfaction, “I like this big trouble!”

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