GDK Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: We also have a space ring

“This, this space ring… where did you get it?” Fanny looked askance at Han Shuo and asked in shock.

“I bought it.” Han Shuo responded faintly and glanced at the necromancy students, whose eyes were green, full of jealousy and admiration. He added, “I bought it for 1,800 gold coins in the city’s magical items shop. This space ring can hold up to a small room’s worth of items.

“Of course I knew that you bought it, but I’m asking how you came about 1,800 gold coins?” Fanny’s astounded expression remained as she glared fiercely at Han Shuo in question.

Apart from Fanny, all the other teachers and students of the necromancy major were also present. All of their minds short circuited as they couldn’t quite comprehend why Han Shuo suddenly had so much money.

“Did, did you sell all the spoils that we looted?” Bella blanked for a moment, suddenly remembered something and exclaimed softly. She hastily went through the battle loot that they had stored in the room.

Snorting coldly, Han Shuo flung a disdainful look at Bella, mocking her, “Then you need to take a good look to see if I’ve filled my own pocket with public funds. Huh. All 13 bags are still here, untouched. Do you have eyes or not?”

“Then where did your gold coins come from?” Gene was also looking oddly at Han Shuo, his eyes roving greedily over the space ring on the index finger of Han Shuo’s left hand, thinking I’m a necromancy teacher and I can’t afford a space ring. Is there any logic left in this world if you, an errand slave, has one before even me?

“That’s not the point, I have a space ring now, so take inventory of all the items in the bags and I’ll put them away. When we get back to the Academy, I’ll be in charge of selling it and then we’ll distribute the gold coins after we get them.” Han Shuo smiled a deep and mysterious smile and said faintly to Gene.

“Master Fanny? What is your opinion?” Gene paused, turned his head to look at Fanny, and asked her opinion.

“Mm, let’s do it this way then. Bryan’s accomplishments have been the greatest in us being able to grab these items. Since he has a way to dispose of them, let’s do it according to what he’s said. After we receive the gold coins, Bryan gets 40% and we can split the rest evenly.” Fanny mused for a moment and proposed with a creased brow.

“Why is it that he gets 40%? We also put our effort forth too?” Bach immediately raised faint dissent upon hearing Fanny’s words.

“Indeed indeed, he’s just an errand boy, so he shouldn’t receive so many gold coins.” Bella had finished counting inventory and hastened to assent.

Scratching his head, Han Shuo wore an honest smile as he raked his gaze over the two. He chuckled, “Then your meaning is…?”

Bach and Bella had met many troubles at Han Shuo’s hands during this entire expedition and had long since understood that Han Shuo’s dumb, honest exterior was just a facade. His methods against enemies were brutal and cruel, and Bach and Bella had long since witnessed them. Seeing the honest expression appear on his face again, the two of them felt their scalps go numb and stammered, not daring to say much.

“Alright alright, Bryan don’t scare them. Then it’s decided. If it weren’t for Bryan, you guys wouldn’t even be alive at this point. Besides, we were the ones who gained these resources, you guys all went to chase after the orc wolf riders and didn’t do anything. You’re the ones with the least right to speak.” Fanny rolled her eyes at Han Shuo first, then placed her hands on her waist and lectured Bach and Bella with an arrogant air.

“Since this is the case, I’ll store these items into the space ring first. We’ll hire horses to directly head towards Zajoski City. I’ve asked around and the orc wolf riders seemed to have left after ravaging and pillaging all the nearby villages. I think we shouldn’t run into any further danger.” Han Shuo swept his gaze at the assembled and spoke lazily.

When Han Shuo saw that Fanny, Gene and the others had all nodded in agreement, he released a tendril of mental strength and activated the space ring. With Han Shuo using his two hands afterwards, the thirteen bags all disappeared one by one into thin air. The blue space ring on his left hand flashed with blue light thirteen times.

Under the admiring and envious gazes of the necromancy students and teachers, Han Shuo stored the battle loot into the space ring. He discovered that after storing thirteen bags, the low-level space ring was already at max capacity and could no longer store anything else.

The group of people took out more gold coins afterwards, rented a few battlesteeds, and left Balthazar City. They made it back to Zajoski City in the span of two days.

Using the transportation matrix in Zajoski City, everyone returned to the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force in the city of Ossen. Gazing upon the familiar buildings in the academic surroundings, a joyous feeling of being reborn again arose in the hearts of the necromancy teachers and students as they’d been delivered from great danger.

“Bryan, you no longer have to deal with the errand duties of the necromancy major anymore. I’m going to have a talk with the school authorities right now to dispel your status as an errand boy and a slave, allowing you to become a true necromancy magic apprentice.” Fanny spoke to Han Shuo after she’d gotten over her elation of returning to the Academy.

Han Shuo’s heart also gave an ecstatic lurch upon hearing Fanny’s guarantee and a faint smile made its way onto his face. After the trials of the Dark Forest, Han Shuo’s entire being had undergone a significant change. He had a deep appreciation for the fact that his errand boy and slave status would directly impact his actions in the future. Now that he could not only dispel both of these statuses, but truly become a student, he was naturally elated.

“Understood Master Fanny, I will dispose of the resources within the space ring. I’ll come back here to find you after I resolve all of these matters.” He smiled at Fanny and then thought for a moment, fishing out three gold coins from his pocket and giving them to Lisa. “If you see Jack, please give him these gold coins for me.”

Lisa looked oddly at Han Shuo, put away the gold coins and said, “Looks like you’re pretty good to that little fatty. I really wonder how you got so much money all of a sudden. Three gold coins are enough for Jack’s family expenses for a year. You’re quite generous.”

No matter if it was the Bryan from before or the current Han Shuo, they’d always been on good terms with little fatty Jack. Now that Han Shuo had money, the first target of his charity would be Jack. The three gold coins weren’t much to Han Shuo now, but would undoubtedly be a huge sum for Jack. This would also count as repayment for Jack’s help during these days.

After leaving the Academy, Han Shuo took out the card that Fabian had given to him and hired a carriage to travel to the southern part of Ossen, heading towards the address on the card.

“Boozt Merchant Guild.” The carriage traveled for quite a while before stopping. The groom’s voice sounded from outside.

Walking down from the carriage, Han Shuo handed over two silver coins and sent the groom on his way. He then took in the Boozt Merchant Guild. Two warriors, wielding long spears, stood on either side of the dark, black metal doors. A row of houses towered in the distance, and it was apparent from the presentation that wealthy people lived inside.

“Kid, what are you doing sneaking around here?” One of the guards, in front of the doors, called out a bit impatiently when he saw Han Shuo looking around randomly.

“This is the Boozt Merchant Guild right? I’m here to call upon Mr. Fabian.” Han Shuo blanked, swept his gaze over the guards, and responded faintly.

“Fabian? Haven’t heard of him. Does such a person exist within our merchant guild?” The guard had a stony face as he asked the other guard.

“I think so, and he seems to work for the young miss. He’d just returned from the Dark Forest a few days ago and made quite a large haul.” The other guard responded. Pausing, the first guard looked suspiciously at Han Shuo and weighed him from head to toe, with a few hints of contempt appearing in his eyes. He asked arrogantly, “And what business do you have with him?”

“I’m here to talk business.” Because his status as an errand slave had yet to be lifted and the fact that they had hurried without stopping to return to the Academy, the errand boy uniform, that Han Shuo was wearing, was tattered and in pieces. It was obvious that he was being looked down upon.

“Business, haha. That’s funny. Do the likes of you look like you’re here to do business? Our Boozt Merchant Guild is a famous guild in the Empire. I think you must be in the wrong place.” The guard laughed loudly and jeered.

Just as Han Shuo was about to become angry, an ornate carriage suddenly stopped in front of the guild doors. After two tall, bulky warriors dismounted, a young beauty stepped out from the horse carriage.

The girl was tall and slender with a head of brown hair, wearing a dress embedded with diamond fragments. She looked classically elegant and gorgeous, but a faint trace of aloofness was on her stunning face. She had the naturally proud demeanor of someone born to a higher station in life.

“What is the matter?” The girl stared coldly at the guards after she’d gotten out, speaking with a cool voice that was pleasing to the ear.

“Young miss, he says he wishes to see Master Fabian. I felt that he was suspicious because he was looking around surreptitiously and is also wearing tattered, cheap clothing. I was questioning him.” One of the guards bowed politely and explained.

“You know Fabian?” This stunning girl creased her brow and flung a glance at Han Shuo, asking distantly.

Han Shuo’s eyes had been boldly roving over the beautiful girl’s body when he abruptly came to himself after he heard the question. He immediately nodded, “Yes, I conducted a deal with Mr. Fabian in the Dark Forest. My name is Bryan and I’m sure Mr. Fabian will remember me.”

“Bryan… Bryan. I think I’ve heard Fabian mention you. Since this is the case, why don’t you come in with me?” She didn’t look at Han Shuo again after she finished speaking and just walked inside.

Han Shuo glared fiercely at the two guards at the doors and said in a low voice, “Idiots with no eyes!” He then laughed and swiftly walked inside.

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