GDK Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: A belated revenge

“Isn’t this the necromancy major’s errand boy?” Claude asked with a frown as he’d made his way to stand next to Han Shuo.

“Necromancy errand boy Bryan… who would’ve thought that we’d bump into each other here?” Han Shuo nodded, gulped down another mouthful of Purple Leylan, and smiled in response.

“There seems to be no seats left. Claude, why don’t we switch to another place for dinner?” Irene raked a gaze over Han Shuo with a trace of disdain in her eyes.

“No need, at this moment, most of the hotels in Drol must be packed with people. There’s only Bryan at this table. Since we’re all from the Academy, I’m sure Bryan wouldn’t mind if we sat down with him, would you Bryan?” Claude said to Irene with a smile and then stared merrily at Han Shuo.

“Of course I don’t mind! If you don’t feel that sitting with an errand boy like myself detracts from your dignity, I’ll gladly share a table with you two.” Claude had injured his little skeleton in the past in order to appease Irene. Perhaps Claude had long since forgotten about this matter, but Han Shuo had silently remembered it. Now that his strength had increased, Han Shuo had lost more and more reservations when taking action. He’d been fretting that he had lost his chance to enact revenge on Claude, but who knew that he’d come knocking on Han Shuo’s doorstep. Han Shuo was naturally loathe to let this opportunity pass by.

“I hate everyone from the necromancy major, even errand slaves are without exception!” Irene creased her brow, flicked a look at Claude and spoke coldly.

Claude started, then threw a meaningful glance at Irene. He smiled and said to Han Shuo, “Bryan, aren’t you with the rest of the necromancy major? How come we don’t see any sign of them and you’re here by yourself? Oh, come to think of it, you, an errand boy, would be able to enjoy such a rich feast of food and wine. How surprising!”

Irene also looked at Han Shuo with surprise upon hearing Claude’s words. She seemed to particularly mind about Claude’s questions and was in no hurry to leave at this point. When Claude saw that Irene had displayed an expression that indicated her interest, he eagerly wiped off the dust on the seat in front of her. She finally sat down unhurriedly after he had indicated that she should sit.

Han Shuo ripped apart the grilled meat in his hand and sent it into his stomach completely as if nothing had happened. He belched in satisfaction after another mouthful of wine, rubbed his stomach in self satisfaction and said with a smile, “Master Fanny and the others should be back soon. They were afraid that I would be a burden and so gave me a few gold coins for me to wait here for them. Are there any problems?”

“No no. So that’s the situation. Right… Bryan, how was your haul this time? Any high level magical creatures?” Claude winked at Irene and asked Han Shuo with a smile.

Irene revealed an expression of interest and likewise stared intently at Han Shuo, seeming to suddenly care quite a bit about the necromancy major’s haul.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo said, “I don’t know, I returned halfway. I don’t know if they had any major gains, but I think their haul this time wouldn’t be too small.”

“Huh. Those people? What kind of haul could they get? They could at most hunt down some level five magical creatures, and likely find it hard to kill even a level four.” Irene looked at Han Shuo contemptuously and snorted coldly.

Han Shu only faintly flicked a glance at Irene in the face of her jeering and didn’t say much. At this moment, Claude had already hailed the waiter and also used one gold coin to arrange for some wine and meat.

Han Shuo inwardly took stock of the situation, wondering how to take his revenge on Claude. After thinking for a while, an involuntary trace of a wicked smile appeared on his lips. He calmly and subtlely took something similar to a banana peel from the plate in front of him and threw it underneath his foot. When a fast walking waiter carrying a plate appeared, Han Shuo pushed out with the toes of his right foot and sent the fruit peel abruptly flying out from beneath the table.

The waiter was setting a fast pace with plates in hand when he set one foot on the fruit pool, stumbled with a exclamation of surprise and fell forwards. The plate in his hand flew out and hurtled towards Claude and Irene from behind.

Claude and Irene reacted upon hearing the commotion and suddenly turned around. Claude’s right hand abruptly rose and deftly caught the plate crashing towards them. At the same time, Han Shuo’s left hand flashed out like lightning and with a flick of his pinky finger, the grey-white psychedelic aphrodisiac landed quietly in Claude’s wine glass.

“Be careful when you walk.” At this moment, Claude’s brow was furrowed as his right hand handed over the plate he’d caught to the waiter, who had stood up once again. His voice was displeased.

“Thank you noble knight. I will be careful in the future!” The waiter fearfully took the plate from Claude and quickly left after a bow.

Han Shuo was composed and collected. His head was lowered as he lifted his glass, drinking wine as if nothing had happened, like he hadn’t noticed what had just happened.

Claude and Irene didn’t say much to Han Shuo afterwards. Claude fawningly talked with Irene, putting away glass after glass of Purple Leylan with psychedelic aphrodisiac mixed in. Irene’s expressions were cool, responding to Claude on and off. It looked like she had yet to accept Claude’s love.

“You guys take your time. I still have some matters to attend to and will be heading off now!” Han Shuo knew with certainty that the psychedelic aphrodisiac powder had been absorbed by Claude when he’d drained down several glasses of Purple Leylan. He immediately stood up and dropped this sentence.

Claude and Irene were originally derisive of Han Shuo to begin with. They’d absolutely paid no heed to him and wished devoutly that Han Shuo would leave, as opposed to being an irritating sight in front of them. They waved their hands in unison after Han Shuo’s words, indicating that Han Shuo should have left earlier if possible. After a bit of time, they no longer concealed the scorn on their faces.

Leaving the hotel with a smile, Han Shuo stood alone in an undetectable street corner beside the hotel. After a while, a hotly-flushed Claude and a slightly pink cheeked Irene walked out side by side, heading for the north side of Drol.

The sky was dark by now and the festivities of the town of Drol had reached their peak of the day. Adventurers formed in groups of three or five staggered drunkenly, loudly down the streets. Han Shuo followed the two noiselessly, and stood by the side of the street, waiting for a good show upon seeing the two of them enter a luxurious hotel.

According to Han Shuo’s observations just now, it seemed that Claude had yet to move Irene’s heart. If at this moment, under the influence of the psychedelic aphrodisiac, Claude did anything that exceed boundaries, he was sure to be severely beaten by Irene.

Fruit in hand, Han Shuo ate leisurely and thought wickedly. No disturbances had come from the hotel after a while. Just when Han Shuo was beginning to lose his patience, the hotly flushed Clark suddenly walked out from the hotel and walked onto the streets with great haste.

Han Shuo’s thoughts moved. He hadn’t thought that Claude’s willpower would be so strong, that he hadn’t fully lost all rational thought by now, but judging from Claude’s appearance, Han Shuo knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer and he quickly caught up to Claude, following him from afar.

Indeed, he’d only made it about ten or so meters when Claude slightly lost control after a wave from a heavily made up, scantily clad older woman. He panted heavily as he made for the alley, looking like he would resolve his biological needs at close proximity.

“Eh? Wasn’t that Claude?” An exclamation sounded from the adjacent street. Han Shuo swiveled his head to sudden joy, inwardly exclaiming “Even the heavens are helping me!”.

The light major teacher, Beacher, and a few light major students happened to be passing by. One of the female students with particularly sharp eyes just so happened to see Claude and the coy, revealing woman dart into the alley and had cried out in astonishment.

“No way, how could Claude be that kind of person? He is a noble knight and wouldn’t demean himself in places like this. Not to mention that Claude is pursuing Irene right now, so there is no way that he’d do so.” Beacher frowned and said in unconvinced confusion.

“It really was him, I’m sure I didn’t see improperly. If you don’t believe me we can go inside and check.” The female student, who had spoken first, thought for a moment, and then said decisively.

“Come Katie, it’s none of your business here. Don’t go poking your nose where it doesn’t belong.” Beacher was silent for a moment, and then hurried the students to leave quickly.

Katie looked angrily at the alley and stomped her foot after a moment’s thought. “How can this be allowed?! I’m going to tell Irene. If Claude isn’t in his room, then it must be him. I will absolutely not allow Claude to defraud Irene’s feelings.”

Katie left in a fast, huffy pace as soon as she’d finished talking, making a beeline for the hotel that Irene was staying at. The other light major students looked askance at each other when she left, not knowing what to do.

Han Shuo almost couldn’t hold his raucous laughter in. Who would’ve thought that things would work out like this? Han Shuo had been planning on doing things himself and think of a scheme to lure Irene here. Who knew that Claude was really so unlucky? Looks like it would be difficult for him to avoid bad luck today even if he tried.

After a while, an Irene with a frigid expression and a huffy Katie walked swiftly from afar. One look at Irene’s expression was enough to know that she was feeling incredibly wrathful. Claude would find it tough to get out of this one.

“Claude was indeed not in the hotel. Looks like I didn’t see incorrectly! That must have been him just now. Irene, I think if we should go in now we’ll be able to catch him in the act. How could he commit such despicable acts as a noble knight! Claude is too disgusting.” Katie looked angrily at the alley after she’d arrived.

Irene nodded with an icy face, wasting not a moment more with talk and grabbed Katie in a rush to the alley. Beacher and the others were afraid that a messy situation would develop and followed after a moment’s hesitation.

When they’d all gone in, Han Shuo unhurriedly made his way into the alleyway with a sinister face dressed in an evil smile.

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