GDK Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Erected a small tent

“Eh… bleargh, blech…” Han Shuo spat out mouthfuls of water as his face turned beet red. He hastily moved Fanny’s clenched hands away from neck, still not sure what was going on. He hurriedly said with a wry face, “Master Fanny, what are you doing? I’m already like this. Can’t you be more gentle?”

Han Shuo’s eyes suddenly bugged out after saying that and he stared fixedly at Fanny and Lisa in front of him. Their upper bodies were basically completely naked. The pure, snow-white expanse were revealed entirely. Fanny’s beautiful twin peaks and Lisa’s initially budding breasts were thus unabashedly utterly exposed to Han Shuo’s eyes at close quarters.

Dripping-wet, thin lingerie as thin as cicada’s wings covered the two’s most vital area on the lower body. Although he was unable to fully see through, the tantalizing, almost translucent temptation was even more fatal. Han Shuo’s brother had been about to droop down in the shock of being choked, but it now resolutely erected itself again.

“Aiya, Bryan you’re finally awake. Eh, Master Fanny, why are you treating him like this?” Off on the side, Lisa was equally perplexed and she quickly walked over.

“Look at his lower body. If he’d really fainted, why would his lower body have a reaction?” Fanny was irate and spoke to Lisa with a reddened face. She immediately retaliated by randomly pinching and twisting Han Shuo as she cursed in a low voice.

Han Shuo was immediately dumbfounded by Fanny’s words as his eyes still roved fixedly over the two bodies. Sudden brilliance struck him and he immediately argued, disregarding whether or not his logic was correct. “I was hit by the Python’s venom just now and my entire body went stiff and listless. My lower body was stiff too! How can this be my fault?”

After he’d spoken, Fanny and Lisa looked at each other and suddenly realized that they were still naked. They exclaimed in surprise and screamed shrilly.

“Shut up! Stop making excuses. I’ve never heard of anyone with a stiffened lower body after being hit by the Deepwater Venom Python poison mist. Ooh, close your eyes and don’t you dare peek! Lisa, let’s hurry and put our clothes back on before we deal with him.” Fanny humphed angrily and hurriedly vacated the scene, screaming along with Lisa.

Han Shuo immediately shut his mouth and his beady eyes quickly opened when both had turned their backs to rove greedily over Fanny’s well rounded and pert bottom.

After a moment, a fully-dressed Fanny and Lisa walked furiously over from the distance with both of their cheeks burning red. Fanny sized up Han Shuo with a darkened face, snorting coldly after a while, “Why did you appear here so coincidentally?”

“Eh… I came to collect firewood and happened to hear your screams. That’s why I appeared here to save you without paying attention to anything else. Master Fanny, I’m hurt and I didn’t mean to look at you guys. I’m stiff all over and can’t move. The Python’s tail also whipped me from my chest to my right cheek and it hurts an incredible amount right now. This was all to save you two.” Han Shuo said with a pinched face as he lay there on his back, his entire body as stiff as a wooden doll with only his mouth and pair of eyes being able to move.

“Master Fanny, although Bryan is indeed suspicious, but he’s just saved our lives and become like this because of that. Can you let him go?” Lisa looked at Han Shuo from afar and flung him a vicious eye roll when she saw that his lower body was still firmly stiff. She spat lightly and only then begged for mercy on his behalf.

“Lisa, I… I’ve been violated by him!” Fanny glared at Han Shuo and spoke hurriedly when she saw that Lisa was begging for leniency for him.

“We’re the only ones that know of this. I won’t say anything, Bryan certainly won’t say anything, so you can just pretend that nothing happened. Eh, he’s also seen my body. Although I hate him too, we can’t very well kill him! He almost lost his life because of us just now.” Lisa blanked for a moment and finally responded to Fanny wryly after thinking for a moment.

“I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything just now, I promise. Master Fanny please don’t kill me…” Han Shuo’s face was full of panic as his eyes moved rapidly, spitting out a string of crazy talk from his mouth.

“Shut up!” Fanny shouted irately. This expression was replaced by resignation, and she abruptly stomped her foot after thinking for a while. She gritted her teeth, “This isn’t over yet. You’re injured, so I’ll let you go for now, but I’ll settle this with you sooner or later. We have finished addressing last time’s matter when you’ve… eh. Nothing.”

Fanny suddenly realized that she’d almost let things slip halfway through. Seeing that Lisa was looking at her with a look of suspicion, she hurriedly changed to topic to cover up her slip.

“Master Fanny, you don’t mean?” Lisa looked at Fanny oddly and asked.

“No!” Fanny immediately huffily interrupted Lisa’s words, and then laughed charmingly and said gently, “Bryan kept making mischief in last time’s experiment, that’s why I said I’ll settle last time’s matter with him. Don’t think the wrong thoughts. Isn’t this right, Bryan?”

His eyes moving rapidly, Han Shuo hastened to agree, “Yes, Yes, that’s right.”

“Eh, Lisa you watch Bryan for now. The Deepwater Venom Python is already dead, I’m going to go extract the core from it. Hah, this is a level three magical creature core! We’ll be able to walk and talk proudly when we return.” Fanny was a bit afraid to continue to remain here, afraid that she would let something slip again. She hurriedly walked away like she was escaping something. She swam into the lake again, but this time she didn’t undress.

After Fanny had left, Lisa approached Han Shuo and sighed lightly, saying lowly, “Bryan, who would’ve thought that you would be so silly. I know that your death defying battle with the Python this time was all for me. I only half believed your words in the trap, but now after this event, I believe you completely. Bryan, I’m actually a bad girl and not worth your effort!”

Han Shuo, “….”

Lisa saw Han Shuo stand there dumbfounded and thought that she had correctly guessed Han Shuo’s inner thoughts. She shook her head and clenched her teeth, “Bryan, give up on me while it’s still early. We’re really not suited for each other because the gap between our status and position is simply too great. My family would never approve a relationship between us. I’m sorry Bryan!”

Han Shuo, “…”

“Bryan, what’s wrong, why aren’t you talking? Are you sad?” Lisa maintained a knowing look on her face as she spoke frantically and continued to think that she was being a heartless person.

Han Shuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. As he watched Lisa continue to pay no attention to anything other than herself and carry on speaking those conceited words, he really didn’t how to respond. He finally settled for being in a daze for a while and then shouting in pain, “Stop talking!”

After he paused, Han Shuo that Lisa had been severely frightened. He hastily sighed and spoke with a face of desolation, “I understand in my heart. I just wish to look at you from afar and won’t bring you any troubles. Liking someone means that one shouldn’t weigh her down and should wholeheartedly consider all matters for her. Lisa, you don’t have to mind, really. I will take care of myself and silently wish you the best.”

Han Shuo had heard these words from a third rate soap opera before, and he even gave himself goosebumps upon saying them. He thought he was really being a bit too sinister and shameless.

“I’ve never heard anyone say such nice things, wah wah… I’m sorry Bryan!”

Contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations, Lisa actually burst out in low sobs after she heard his words. Her tears flowed down without pause. It’d seemed that she’d been greatly moved to pieces by his words.

Fanny returned, dripping wet, from the pool at this time. When she heard Lisa crying, Fanny’s face changed as she glared viciously at Han Shuo. She said, “Bryan, haven’t you bullied us enough?”

“Wah wah… Master Fanny, it has nothing to do with Bryan. I was just a bit scared after recalling what had happened just now. It had nothing to do with him, really!” Lisa hastily wiped away her tears, forced a smile onto her face, and explained when she heard Fanny berate Han Shuo.

Looking at Lisa in confusion, and then looking at Han Shuo, who hadn’t moved an inch and was still lying there completely frozen, Fanny snorted lightly and said, “He wouldn’t dare bully you anymore.”

Fanny’s clothes were tightly plastered to her perfect body as she’d emerged from the lake. Although nothing could be seen, those vivacious curves were still a feast for Han Shuo’s eyes. He tutted in appreciation inwardly. Fanny not only possessed beautiful and striking features, but her body was a crime of utmost temptation.

“This is a bit odd, the Deepwater Venom Python was burnt to a soggy mess from its neck to its head. I wonder what happened? It looks like this Python died so quickly, not because of my magic, but because of the burnt mess within its head, which is weird because my bone magic doesn’t have the amazing effect of making someone’s body burned up from the inside. What is going on Bryan?” Fanny sized up Han Shou and asked oddly.

Laughing dryly, Han Shuo said hastily, “Who knows? I only stabbed it a few times and don’t have the kind of magic or fighting aura for it to burn up from inside. It’s no use looking at me.”

“Is that really the case? Why do I think you’re very suspicious?” Fanny frowned and her beautiful eyes sized up Han Shuo as she spoke with a voice thick with suspicion.

“Eh, whatever you want to think. I’d love to have such wonderful magic and fighting aura though, but too bad I just don’t have the strength!” Han Shuo laughed loudly and said with a bit of a self deprecating tone.

The magic that he was practicing was something that shouldn’t exist in this world. This was a secret that he would never tell anyone else, even under pain of death.

“Master Fanny, you must be thinking too much or saw incorrectly. Your eyes don’t work too well sometimes. Bryan just saved us, so why would he lie to us. Besides, if he was so strong, he would’ve long since stopped being an errand slave.”

“Perhaps.” Fanny smiled slightly, nodded her head and then said gleefully. “I’ve got the magical creature core. Come, we can go back to the tents now. This swim was quite thrilling, but we made out like bandits by getting our hands on a level 3 core!”

“Bryan, can you move now? Do you want me to get some of the male students to carry you back?” Lisa looked at Han Shuo and asked with some worry.

“According to my knowledge, the poison mist of the Deepwater Venom Python only temporarily paralyzes enemies in order to facilitate eating them later. It’s been so long. Bryan, you should be fine by now?” Fanny huffed angrily and rolled her eyes at Han Shuo in a bad temper, speaking with a cold expression.

Han Shuo exclaimed in surprise upon hearing her words. “Ah, that’s so true! I can move fully now. Let’s hurry and go back?”

Lisa started, then looked at Han Shuo and also spoke with a bit of anger. “Bryan, you could move a long time ago right?”

Han Shuo spoke seriously without a trace of awkwardness. “No no, I only knew I could move after I heard Master Fanny’s words. Let’s go… let’s go. They’ll be worried if we’re any later.”

He abruptly stood up after speaking without waiting for Fanny and Lisa’s responses. He walked speedily and headed straight to where the students had pitched their tents.

“Damnit, he’s definitely been pretending all along. I’ve found out by just testing him. Bryan, stop right there! You haven’t heard the end of this!” Fanny was infuriated and she chased after Han Shuo, pulling Lisa along in her wake.

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