GDK Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Battling the Deepwater Venom Python

Within the pool, the Deepwater Venom Python caused huge waves and ripples as it swam towards Lisa with a terrifying aura. It became harder for Lisa to escape the more frenetic she got, and the distance between the two had already shortened to twenty or so meters.

Fanny had already reached the banks of the pool when she pay no heed to anything as she splashed through the water, rushing quickly towards Lisa like a mermaid. Han Shuo’s speed was even faster. It was like he met no resisting drag in the water as he sped towards Fanny like lightning.

All of Han Shuo’s bodily functions had far surpassed an ordinary person’s since he started practicing magic. When Han Shuo gave it his all, he immediately demonstrated an incredible energy. He had already arrived when Fanny was approaching Lisa.

He reached out with both hands without further ado, grabbing Lisa with one and Fanny’s waist with the other as he quickly said, “Let’s go.”

He had no time or spare thought to feel the smooth tenderness of Lisa and Fanny’s bodies at the moment. His only thought under the panicked circumstances was to quickly vacate the area. His two legs quickly moved through the water like swimming fish. Add to that Fanny’s forceful arms and legs, and the three entwined around each other and swam for the banks of the pool, regardless of anything else.

Except, if it’s only been Han Shuo, he may have really been able to shake off the pursuit from the Deepwater Venom Python. But his speed was greatly affected by the addition of Fanny and Lisa, and it was hard to resume his prior speed. They could only watch as the Deepwater Venom Python grew closer.

Lisa’s screams and sobs hadn’t stopped for a moment. Even Fanny was powerless in this moment, and her face was filled with shock and desperation.

In the pool, even summoning dark creatures to do battle wouldn’t be much use. The level three Deepwater Venom Python had uncommonly thick snake skin. Any ordinary necromancy magic would be unable to stop it. They wouldn’t be able to kill the Deepwater Venom Python with one stroke if they stopped to chant a spell, and they were sure to be tangled up by it and then be eaten without a doubt.

“Wah wah…. what to do, what to do. Are we going to be eaten by it?” Lisa sobbed frantically as her two hands slapped the surface of the water with decreasing strength.

Fanny also didn’t know what to do, and could just watch the Deepwater Venom Python approach ever closer. She couldn’t find a way to hide or escape and could only swim death defyingly.

A resolute expression appeared on Han Shuo’s face after a moment of hesitation. He grabbed Lisa’s right arm and swung her out with all his strength. Lisa’s naked, charming body shot out from the water and flew three meters through the air, straight for the banks of the pool.

The left hand that had been wrapped around Fanny’s waist suddenly pressed down on her beautiful buttocks. Han Shuo had already pushed out forcefully before she had a chance to scream, and he gave the fast swimming Fanny a hand. Her speed abruptly picked up as she shot towards to the banks like a spear.

“Hurry and go!” Han Shuo roared explosively and quickly turned his head around, facing down the Deepwater Venom Python alone.

“Bryan, Master Fanny, you have to save Bryan!” Lisa’s desolate cry of astonishment sounded out from afar.

“Hurry and go on shore LIsa. Only then can we help Bryan!”

The look Han Shuo’s face was cold and harsh at this point. He tightly clenched the dagger in his hands and could only watch as the Deepwater Venom Python started tangling around him.

Surprisingly, Han Shuo didn’t retreat, but moved forward instead. He actually dashed out quickly before the Deepwater Venom Python’s tail had tangled him, and made for the Python’s head.

Han Shuo knew that as fast as he could swim in the pool, he would still be unable to race against the Deepwater Venom Python. Now that it was tightly against him, wanting to pay attention to nothing else and just seek to escape would be a death sentence. The Python’s skin and flesh were durable and strong, with soft skin and flesh only around its neck. Close combat was the only way to get out of this alive.

The Deepwater Venom Python most likely didn’t anticipate Han Shuo would attack rather than run, and so when the enormous tail came to tangle him, it only swung around in a rather large arc but didn’t touch Han Shuo.

The dark green eyes flashed as the Python seemed to jeer at Han Shuo’s ignorance. A mist of dark green smoke sprayed out directly towards Han Shuo from its heavily fanged, bloodthirsty mouth as it lifted its neck.

“Bryan, be careful of the smoke it sprays. The smoke has a slow paralysis toxin and will cause your body to stiffen up, and finally become immobile.” Fanny called out loudly at this moment to remind Han Shuo to be careful of the dark green poison mist that the Python was spitting out.

Han Shuo startled in horrified shock as his quickly moving body held a breath and hastily dived into the waters. He used the pool’s clear waters to discern where the Python was and rushed in that direction.

Avoiding a swing of the Python’s tail again halfway through, Han Shuo directly traveled to the area beneath the Python’s neck. Han Shuo’s body and the dagger in his hand thrust out through the water at the same time, and the dagger shone with a cold light as it traced a silver line through the moonlit sky, stabbing fiercely towards the soft flesh in the Python’s neck.

The dagger sank up to the hilt with a puncturing sound and blood splurted out afterwards. It was accompanied by a ghastly wail from the Deepwater Venom Python as it twisted its neck. Its enormous body started twisting and turning crazily as well.

Han Shuo was taken aback and quickly yanked out the dagger, pressing down his right palm onto its neck. The red flame of the “Mystical Glacial Spellfire” flashed once and it landed into the Python’s neck in the blink of an eye.

The Python became even more berserk after being attacked by the “Glacial Mystical Spellfire”, and it’s desolate wails rang continuously. A ball of dark green smoke had started spreading towards Han Shou before he had time to react.

Strands of strange air substance filtered into Han Shuo’s body through his pores. He felt his entire body suddenly go weak and numb, and even the dagger became as heavy as a thousand tons.

“Oh my gosh, Bryan’s been hit by the poison mist. What should we do Master Fanny, what should we do?” Lisa had already reached the shores of the pool when she saw Han Shuo get sprayed. She called out loudly in great haste.

The sound of Fanny chanting a spell suddenly rang out at this time. “Oh endless darkness, turn into destructive bone spears, and destroy according to my will, bone spears!” Three cuttingly sharp bone spears materialized out of thin air and sped, with a whooshing sound, towards the Python thrashing madly within the pool.

Fanny’s bone spears spell was indeed uncommon. The three bone spears all hit their target, with two of them embedding themselves into the Python’s forehead, causing two flowers of blood to blossom. The last spear landed in the Python’s mouth, a horrifyingly fanged mouth that had been about to swallow Han Shuo. The spear broke off a few of its sharp teeth, causing the Python’s enormous mouth to rear backwards.

At this moment, the magical yuan within Han Shuo’s body churned madly, and the sore, numbing feeling vanished immediately without a trace wherever the magical yuan circulated to. Previously leaden and lethargic, Han Shuo regained his energy and quickly moved next to the Python after its head was rearing from Fanny’s bone spears. The dagger in his hand stabbed downwards twice like lightning, and then he swam like the devil was behind him and made for the shore.

The Deepwater Venom Python suddenly gave a miserable, mournful roar as it roiled the waters of the pool so that waves and froth formed. When its head appeared again, Fanny and Lisa could see that its two dark green pupils were all leaking viscous, fresh blood.

“Oh my gosh! Bryan can still move, and he’s blinded the Deepwater Venom Python! Ahahaha!” Lisa was hollering and hopping up on the shore, with the panic and whimpering of the previous second miraculously turning into excited squeals.

However, due to the Python’s wild frenzy, its enormous tail thrashed chaotically and just so happened to whip Han Shuo. Han Shuo had been moving quickly when his body flew through the air towards the shore after he’d been hit.

At the same time, Fanny continuously cast necromancy magic, aiming for the weak spots of the Python’s beautiful eyes and neck areas. Having lots its vision, the Python was hard pressed to evade Fanny’s attacks. The vicious wound on its neck and its eyes were repeatedly pierced by the bone spears and it raised an increasingly loud uproar within the pool. But judging from its appearance, it was steadily losing its strength.

Under its berserk frenzy, the Python didn’t seem to realize that it should escape at this moment, but rather followed the sounds and drew closer to the shore, as if wishing to eat its attackers regardless of all costs. But as its wounds grew bigger, the frenetic Deepwater Venom Python became drained of its vigor and lost its luster.

The Python finally fell down listlessly, and Han Shuo’s body slowly floated up to the surface of the water for the first time after he’d fallen in. The clothing around his chest and stomach had ripped apart in many places, and his right cheek was a fiery red. He’d seemed to have been injured by the Python’s tail whip.

Lisa had been shouting excitedly and Fanny had been continuously casting magic when they both exclaimed in shock and abruptly swam towards the center of the pool, paying no heed to the naked state of their bodies.

The two moved quickly and hastily pulled Han Shuo up onto shore. Han Shuo’s lower abdomen was distended and his cheeks puffed out with water leaking out the sides of his mouth. It’d seemed that he drank quite a bit of the pool.

Fanny knew a thing or two about rescue measures and immediately placed both of her slender, jade hands onto Han Shuo’s chest. She repeated exerted force and compressed downwards, seeking to expel the pool water that Han Shuo had swallowed. Lisa did the same and large mouthfuls of pool water were expelled from Han Shuo’s mouth under their combined efforts.

“Why isn’t Bryan waking up yet?” Lisa’s face was anxious after a while and she looked at Han Shuo with worry.

“Maybe because he’s drank too much water, and the area around his throat is already blocked. Why don’t you try to breath for him?” Fanny looked at Lisa and made this proposal after a bit of thought.

Lisa blushed and glanced at Fanny, “Master Fanny, I don’t really know how, why don’t you do it?”

Fanny halted for a moment and creased her brow with thought. She grit her teeth with resolution and said, “Bryan saved our lives. Forget it, I’ll try for him.”

Fanny bent down as soon as she’d finished talking and, her charming cheeks a path of charming, embarrassed red, moved her delicious, red lips towards Han Shuo.

Han Shuo had actually woken up a long time ago and patiently held his peace until this moment. His heart thumping loudly and even feeling Fanny’s smooth and tender arms on his chest, Han Shuo’s heart was mad with glee.

A wisp of light fragrance accompanied the creamy sensation, reflecting directly into Han Shuo’s mind. Fanny’s sweet-smelling tongue darted out to separate Han Shuo’s teeth as the two noses touched and lips locked firmly together. Fanny started helping Han Shuo breath.

A marvelous, soul stealing feeling immediately spread through Han Shuo’s entire nervous system. Han Shuo only felt that this time’s adventure had finally been worth the while and was completely unwilling to wake up. He carefully savored this moment of incredibly wondrous sensations.

Fanny sucked in one breath, raised her head to expel it, paused and had been about to continue when her clear eyes absentmindedly took in the strange little tent that had been erected between Han Shuo’s legs.

Fanny was stunned, blanked for a moment and abruptly recollected herself. She gave a high pitched scream and placed her jade hands around Han Shuo’s neck, violently shaking him. She cursed loudly, utterly discomfited and exasperated, “Damnit Bryan, I’m going to kill you!”

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