GDK Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: To think that you were this kind of person

It was night. The moonlight was cold and clear as it scattered within the vast and boundless Dark Forest. The bright, silver moonlight added a few traces of silence and and comfort to the Dark Forest.

Several crude and simple tents were respectively erected on the soft grass. After experiencing a day’s worth of labors, the students were tired, holding murmured conversations or meditating. Han Shuo surreptitiously hid behind a towering tree as he chanted an incantation.

A beam of light flashed through thin air as a small skeleton, holding a bone dagger, abruptly materialized. Under Han Shuo’s guidance, it flew soundlessly towards the tent Clark was residing in.

Clark’s tent was pitched a bit of a distance away from the students. Although he appeared humble and genteel on the surface, apart from being friendly and genuine with Fanny, his gaze towards the students held a subtle undercurrent of lofty disdain. His tent was also completely different from other people’s and was a distance away by himself.

The little skeleton was agile and its inky-black form melded with the darkness. It didn’t make a single whisper of a sound as it walked, and had arrived at Clark’s tent within roughly ten seconds. The little skeleton slipped inside Clark’s tent after Han Shuo’s command.

A low grunt of pain sounded as Clark’s tent spontaneously collapsed. The little skeleton figure abruptly dashed out and it fled quickly to the southwest.

After a cry of pain, Clark flew out of his tent in a bedraggled state. He held his longsword in his hand as he gazed around in all four corners, then huffed angrily as it followed in the direction that the little skeleton had taken, muttering strings of low-voiced curses.

Success! Han Shuo laughed silently.

Han Shuo cackled evilly as he closely followed in Clark’s footsteps. Hidden in the shadows, he wove quickly around the corners of the trees.

Southwest direction, a spacious pool of water. Strange, curved trees lined the banks. Beneath the light of the bright moon, the clear currents of the pool sparkled with silver color.

Continuous splashing sounds along with the sounds of laughter came from the surface of the pool, breathing in a few hints of life into the silent pool.

“Lisa, have you started developing? Your breasts seem to have changed lately?”

“Hehe, Master Fanny, let me tell you something. Swimming can actually enlarge breasts. I only discovered this secret after trying it.”

“Really?” Fanny exclaimed in astonishment and then laughed involuntary. “No wonder, I was wondering why you suddenly became infatuated with swimming lately. So this is the reason why. Heh heh, then we should swim longer today.”

“Master Fanny, your breasts are already so well developed… Why would you still care about this matter?”

“Heh, of course. No woman wouldn’t care about this.”

“I see. Hehe, apart from swimming, drinking milk, and massaging during showers can all help breasts become firm and perky. This has been my experience! I’ve been doing this lately and can really feel the changes in my breasts. Master Fanny, you can try too!”

“Ah, Lisa you seem to understand quite a lot now, but your breasts have actually been changing recently, it looks like your methods are effective.”

“But of course. Hehe, you can’t go wrong listening to me.” Lisa laughed a light, proud laugh as she spoke to Fanny.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps abruptly sounded in the distance. Fanny and Lisa looked at each other and Fanny frowned. “What is that noise?”

Lisa has ducked into the water so that only her head was showing and was equally perplexed. She shook her head and said, “I don’t know, I discovered this area while I was collected firewood earlier today. No one else should know of this place.”

Fanny and Lisa were a bit surprised and about to leave when the footsteps grew nearer, and a heavily sweating Clark burst into view along the pool’s edge. He looked to and fro, surveying the vicinity.

When Clark saw Fanny and Lisa in the pool, all three exclaimed in shock at the same time. Lisa was utterly discomfited and hastily hid her body in the pool, pointing a frantic finger at Clark and speaking angrily, “Damnit, how could you commit an act like voyeurism as a noble knight!? You’re disgusting.”

“No, this isn’t what you think. I found this place because I was tracking a monster.” Clark was extremely upset and rushed to explain.

“Leave immediately! Clark, you have disappointed me greatly. To think that you were this kind of person!” Fanny also had a wrathful expression as her facial expression and tone turned frosty.

“Master Fanny, I really didn’t mean to come here to peep. Please let me explain.” Clark was sweating profusely as he too hadn’t thought that he would bump into Fanny and Lisa swimming here. He thought it was a bit odd and hastened to explain.

“Leave, immediately!” Fanny and Lisa gasped and screamed in unison as Clark was hurriedly explaining.

A resigned and wry smile on his face, Clark sighed and slightly bowed at the two from afar. He said apologetically, “My apologies to you both. I will leave immediately. I hope you don’t think that badly of me, I really didn’t mean to.”

Clark had a downcast expression and left with a dejected droop to his shoulders when he finished speaking. A round of complaints flew out of his mouth as he sighed and moaned that his luck was just too bad.

Han Shuo’s surreptitious figure materialized from the shadows of the tree after Clark had left, and he stuck up his middle finger to the figure walking away into the distance. He cackled as he said in a low voice, “Trying to steal my woman. Go to hell noble knight!”

“It turns out that noble knights also have disgusting hobbies.” Lisa was still infuriated and she snorted slightly with a face full of disdain.

“Men are all the same, noble knights are like this, lowly errand slaves are also like this. Only some know how to conceal it and others don’t.” Fanny also snorted lightly and said with some emotion.

“Errand slaves? Master Fanny, are you talking about Bryan?” Lisa was startled and then seemed to think of something at she stared at Fanny oddly.

“Eh… no, no. I was just sighing, purely sighing. Heh heh, Lisa don’t imagine things.” Fanny was internally startled that she had spilled the beans, and hastily laughed in embarrassment as a cover up after Lisa’s question.

But Lisa’s face was still full of suspicion after Fanny’s explanation, and her gaze towards Fanny was also a bit strange. She kept murmuring, “Can it really be Bryan?”

Han Shuo had been concealed in the shadow of the trees and watching the two lecherously when he heard their words. His heart jumped, but before he had time to reflect, his eyes suddenly grew wide and his entire being speechless and dumbfounded.

Fanny had slowly started walking towards the edge of the pool at this time, and the body that had been obscured within the pool started to slowly emerge. The clear, bright moonlight scattered over Fanny’s flawless body. Crystalline drops of water on her pure, white skin were like rolling gems beneath the moonlight, lightly traveling past her satin-like body.

Her upper body, as revealed beneath the moon’s light, was so beautiful that it made Han Shuo dizzy. Her breasts were full and upright, with two mesmerizing spots of blush at the peaks. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her tightly toned lower body, and her slender arms were as tender as the snow lotus. A head full of beautiful, light-purple locks were scattered messily over her smooth shoulders. She displayed a soul and heart stealing allure.

The rest of her lower body was immersed in the water starting from her lower abdomen, but under the light of the moon, Han Shuo could still make out sparkling white legs beneath the clear pool waters.

This was the first time that Han Shuo had seen a naked girl, and such an extraordinary beauty at that. Fanny’s transcendent beauty and perfect figure under the moonlight, with water droplets slowly rolling off of it, caused Han Shuo to become utterly gobsmacked. His entire being immediately sank into a sluggish state.

A strange sound suddenly traveled into Han Shuo’s ears, and his dumbly staring self suddenly startled awake and started surveying the area.

A loud, panicked scream emitted from Lisa’s mouth. Lisa was still in the deep waters of the pond and was pointing fearfully behind her. She screamed hoarsely, “Master… Master Fanny, Deepwater Venom Python!”

Fanny blanked and turned her head to discover a light-green, spiked back ridge, a five or six meter long enormous python was quickly swimming in from the far reaches of the pool. A savage and merciless light was flashing in the python’s dark green eyes, and its heavily fanged mouth spat out dark green smoke as it quickly approached Lisa.

“Run Lisa! Hurry and run!” Fanny’s expression had also changed drastically and she screamed frantically.

But Lisa had been terror struck. Her originally fast moving figure had slowed down considerably due to the arrival of the Deepwater Venom Python, despite her arms and legs making splashes on the water surface.

“Master Fanny, wah wah… save me!” Lisa’s voice was choked up as she screamed in a panicked frenzy. Her arms and legs moved in unison in a bid to reach the pool banks faster, but the Deepwater Venom Python drew ever closer to her.

“Damnit, where is that Clark now?!” Fanny cussed out of character for her, and her perfect body started back, making for Lisa’s direction.

At this moment, Han Shuo had completely recollected himself and gazed at the Deepwater Venom Python that continued to get closer. He hesitated, and then abruptly dashed out of the tree’s shadows. He called loudly, “What’s going on. Eh? Deepwater Venom Python, let me help you.”

The Deepwater Venom Python was a level three magical creature. Not only did its body possess strong attack power, but its mouth could also spit out a poison mist, not to mention its speed and advantages had all been greatly increased because it was still in the water.

A level four Frost Eagle could only be brought down with herculean effort from everyone. This level three Deepwater Venom Python would be even harder to handle. Even Han Shuo didn’t feel completely confident, but he couldn’t just stand by and watch Fanny be eaten. He had to rush out even in the face of death.

“Damnit, screw it!” Han Shuo pulled out a dagger and his body flashed like lightning through the dark forest as he rushed towards the pool of water.

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