GDK Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Making fun of the earth rider

The next day.

With the addition of Clark, the band continued their journey south in the Dark Forest. Due to Clark’s involvement, it became much easier to handle the various magical creatures along the way.

Clark purposefully showed off his skills in front of Fanny, and it was thanks to his great assistance that two Windblade Wolves and one Frost Eagle were easily taken care of along the journey.

Whenever a magical creature was killed, Han Shuo would swiftly appear and immediately remove the creature core. He would then naturally hand it over to Lisa for safekeeping, absolutely treating it as if it was his side’s spoils of war. Even the Windblade Wolf pelts weren’t left behind for Clark.

Clark wanted to win Fanny’s favor, and thus although his heart bled inside, he still forced a smile, played along with Han Shuo’s actions, and didn’t fight for the magical creature cores.

The crew raised a bonfire at dusk and it the duty of grilling meat fell onto Han Shuo again. Clark intentionally stayed with Fanny and wittily conversed with her. Off to the side, Gene eyed Clark and would repeatedly butt in and use words to ostracize Clark.

The other students all separated to either rest, laugh and chat, or silently organize their belongings. Only Lisa stayed beside Han Shuo, watching him flip the pieces of meat with ease.

“Bryan, I’ve discovered that you’re becoming more of a villain, and that you’re very different from before!” Lisa was holding a bright-red, wooden stick in her hands as she stirred the bonfire carelessly. Her bright eyes landed on Han Shuo’s body as she spoke.

Han Shuo flicked a glance at Lisa before responding faintly, “Is that so? I’m feel fine…I just felt that I was living too hopelessly and stupidly before and wanted to change myself. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Lisa shook her head and said, “No no. I just feel that you’re different from before. I don’t know how to describe what is exactly going on. Maybe it is because I cast the Agony of the soul on you and made things the way they are.”

Laughing involuntarily, Han Shuo thought that he wasn’t Bryan at all and thus it had nothing to do with the Agony of the Soul. Whether it was Lisa, Fanny, or even the other students and teachers, it was quite funny that they all thought the Agony of the Soul was the reason behind his changes.

“Are my changes not good?”

“Very good, you’re much better than how you were before. I was really angry to see you so cowardly and timid before, so I was mean to you in hopes that you’d shape up, but you always accepted whatever life threw your way, and wouldn’t resist no matter who bullied you. I felt that you were quite pitiful then and that living was quite painful for you. It would’ve been better if you died. I actually used the Agony of the Soul on you because I didn’t want to see you living so pitifully anymore.” Lisa thought for a moment and and then looked at Han Shuo.

A frown creasing his brow, Han Shuo looked at Lisa, perplexed. He asked, “Is this to say that you were helping me out of the goodness of your heart when you used the Agony of the Soul on me?”

“Of course!” Lisa’s neck raised as she explained, “Although I grabbed you for magic practice before, I treated you a lot better than the other students did, but you were disappointing and lived out your days so hopelessly. I couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to set you free from this life. Look at you now, you’ve changed so much that I hardly recognize you.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo didn’t say anything more, but somewhat approved of Lisa’s methods within his heart. The pitiful Bryan really did live life so hopelessly and he’d long since wanted to kill himself but just lacked the courage to do so. Han Shuo, however, was still unable to forgive Lisa for helping people end their lives.

“Bry… Bryan. I think we can grill our own meat and don’t have to impose on you.” At this moment, Bach, Bella, and a few others walked over from afar and looked at Han Shuo with a bit of fright as they spoke.

In these days, Han Shuo grilled out exceedingly delicious meat for Lisa, Fanny, Amy, and co. and horrendously gross meat for Bach, Bella, and a few others. After a few days of torture, Bach, Bella, and co. had already suffered from a few days of diarrhea.

They had been cursing and complaining at Han Shuo, but after experiencing Han Shuo’s berserk performance yesterday, these people didn’t even dare to complain and curse at him. They were afraid that Han Shuo would suddenly lose his mind again.

Now, they were truly a bit afraid of Han Shuo.

Smiling dumbly, Han Shuo said with some embarrassment. “How can this be done? I’m an errand slave for the necromancy major and preparing food is one of my jobs. It wouldn’t be that appropriate for your noble and delicate selves to do such tasks, would it?”

“Appropriate, absolutely appropriate! Since we’re out training, we should try everything once. Not to mention you saved our lives yesterday. We shouldn’t let you continue to take on that many missions… Wouldn’t you agree Bach?” Bella forcefully laughed as she spoke.

“Indeed, we should grill our own food and not rely on you for everything!” Bach’s stomach had suffered for a few days already, and he knew that if he were to eat Han Shuo’s grilled meat again, it would definitely be half raw and half cooked. He hurriedly fawned with a small smile, paused and opened his mouth. “Bryan, I was in the wrong before. Please don’t hold a grudge against me. If you hate me and come find me when you suddenly go cr- er, suddenly lose your rationality, then I would be screwed!”

“Alright, since you all are so kindhearted, then I thank you. Come, you guys grill the meat, I hope you have a great time.” Han Shuo felt damn good inside as he stood up with an honest smile. He took a few of the cooked meats, gave a huge piece to Lisa, who’d been eyeing them for a while, and walked the rest of the meat to Fanny.

The tempting smell of meat slowly spread out. Fanny had been listening to Clark and Gene put down each other with an impatient expression on her face when her eyes suddenly lit up and her tongue darted out to moisten her lips. A charming smile appeared on her lips.

“Master Fanny, Master Gene, um… and Sir Clark the knight, these are your grilled meats!” Han Shuo laughed lightly and handed over the meat to the three people.

“Ooh ooh… blech! Bryan, how come today’s wasn’t fully cooked, this is too gross!” Fanny suddenly squealed and spat out the piece of grilled meat she’d eaten.

This time, because of Fanny’s poor eyesight and the fact that Han Shuo hadn’t given her the meat individually, plus the fact that she was in a rush to eat, she’d already eaten one of the pieces that Han Shuo had prepared for Gene and Clark before he’d had a chance to remind her.

“Eh… Master Fanny, that one’s not yours, this one is!” Han Shuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he thought you were seriously in a bit too much of a hurry.

He then quickly handed over the piece of meat that he’d painstakingly prepared, seized the half-raw, half-cooked piece from her hand and drew out a dagger to cut off the piece that she’d bit off. He smiled merrily as he handed it over to Clark, saying with some embarrassment, “Noble Sir Clark, this piece is yours. My cooking skills aren’t quite up to par, and although Master Fanny’s already taken a bite, I hope you don’t mind?”

Clark said, “Eh… I’ll just eat bread.”

“Now how can this be allowed, bread won’t increase body strength and you’re a knight who really needs a lot of body strength. You must eat lots of meat. Are you disgusted with Bryan’s lack of cooking skills or because Master Fanny has already taken a bite?” Gene had long since known that those who weren’t nice to Bryan would suffer greatly when eating something he’d prepared. Gene was laughing gloatingly on the inside while trying to convince Clark with a righteous and dignified expression on his face.

“No, I didn’t mean it that way. Just that, just that…” Clark had a face of resignation as he spread his hands out awkwardly. He shook his head but didn’t know how to explain himself. He had seen Fanny take one bite and spit it back out, and naturally knew that that piece of meat wasn’t very tasty.

“As a noble knight, sir Clark must not wish to eat something that others have bitten before. I understand. Master Gene, how about you take this piece?” Han Shuo had an expression of I-gotchu-man as he first insinuated that Clark was disdaining Fanny, and then passed on the hot potato to Gene.

Gene started to panic after Han Shuo’s words. He laughed shamefacedly and said, “No, absolutely not. How could I take something from sir Clark? Besides, this piece is mine, I’ll go off and eat it now.”

Vague traces of sweat apparent on his brow, Gene spoke frantically and hastily took the other piece of meat that was likewise half-cooked and half-raw. He headed towards Bach and Bella’s direction as if he was escaping, obviously intending to recook the meat.

“Mater Gene is such a humble person! Looks like this piece of meat is still yours to dispose of!” Han Shuo smiled dumbly and planned to forcefully give that piece of meat to Clark.

Clark had a pathetic expression on his face as he smiled with a wry smile, and then suddenly spoke as if he’d abruptly remembered something. “I forgot something, please excuse me.”

Clark made like Gene as soon as he’d finished speaking and left like he was escaping something. He had disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

“Bryan, you’ve become more and more naughty. No wonder Gene and Bach have been plagued with diarrhea the past couple of days. You were behind it weren’t you?” Fanny found it both maddening and funny as she glared at Han Shuo and lectured him.

“You’ve only realized it now Master Fanny? Bryan truly is different from how he was before, and has become naughtier than all the other students.” Lisa chuckled lightly and then looked at Fanny oddly. “Right, Master Fanny you obviously know that Bryan is purposefully pranking them, why don’t you stop him?”

“That’s because I also feel that Clark and Gene are too irritating. They hover around me and chatter incessantly, keeping up a constant racket and drag me into it. It’s such a bore, but Clark has helped us out a lot and is truly a good person!” Fanny gave an evil laugh as she explained to Lisa.

Han Shuo gloated inwardly when he heard the first part of Fanny’s words, but that gave way to anger when he heard Fanny say Clark was a good person.

“So that’s the case, hehe. Master Fanny, I know of a spacious pool of water nearby. Its waters are clear, bright and clean. We haven’t bathed or showered in quite a few days, shall we go for a swim later tonight?”

“Lisa, you didn’t like to swim before. How come you’re suddenly liking swimming these days?”

“Eh… because swimming works out the body!” Lisa’s delicate face reddened at Fanny’s question and she responded quickly after turning her head to look at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo’s face wore an odd expression, thinking to himself that although Lisa had seemed indifferent on the surface when he told her about the way to develop her breasts last time, she had taken action secretly. He found it funny, and his understanding of the female mind deepened further.

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