GDK Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: Pointers

“But I still haven’t gone to the Magic Association to verify my strength yet, Dean Emma.” Looking at Emma’s movements, Han Shuo couldn’t help but laugh lightly.

Emma winked as she responded, beaming merrily, “So, you’re admitting that you possess the strength of a grand magus?”

Han Shuo had no idea how Emma could see through to his true strength from just one look, but he also didn’t feel the need to conceal such facts. It would be fine as long as his demonic magic was kept a secret. He didn’t need to conceal his achievements as a mage. After hearing what was said, he nodded his head, “That’s right!”

Han Shuo only considered his demonic magic as his most important secret, while he considered his strength as a mage as leverage for gaining additional benefits. Thus, he was actually preparing to go to the Magic Association to verify his qualifications as a grand magus. Regardless of nation, all grand magus ranked mages could obtain extremely high statuses. If Han Shuo went to the Magic Association to verify his qualifications, his future career would be impacted positively.

“As I thought. I could sense a bit of an aura on your body, but the most significant reason is because you killed Celt. To be able to kill a sky rider with a green dragon as a pet, your strength naturally has to be at the grand magus level.” Emma replied matter of factly.

“Dean Emma, why have you come to see me?” Han Shuo knew that Emma was extremely busy and there were a lot of a lot of small and big matters within Babylon Academy that she had to deal with. She definitely came to see Han Shuo for some particular matters this time.

Emma nodded as expected before looking at Han Shuo with a smile, “Necromancers are sparse within the Empire. There are even pitifully fewer grand magus ranked necromancers. The ones I know only know to practice magic and there are very few that appear in public. Hehe, you were also part of the Babylon Academy. Even more importantly, you’ve also promised Fanny that you would give some pointers in your free time to the students of your major. However, I hope that wasn’t an empty promise, but that you actually try to seriously guide them when you have the time.”

“Hehe, Dean Emma, don’t worry, I will definitely give them some pointers if I’m free.” Han Shuo did not readily make a conclusive promise. Han Shuo currently had way too many matters on hands, and he couldn’t remain at Babylon Academy to guide the students. However, if he really had some time, even if it was just for the sake of Fanny’s reputation, Han Shuo would still be willing to lecture them for one or two classes.

“That would be great, hehe.” Emma was wreathed with smiles as she nodded her head. After pausing for a moment, she continued, “I know you came to find Fanny. She has been somewhat busy recently. However, she is nevertheless blossoming and becoming increasingly beautiful. Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot. Fanny has also advanced to archmage. You best treat her well, for she is also very amazing.”

Han Shuo’s longing for Fanny became even more impossible to be restrained when he listened to Emma. He laughed, “I’m actually looking for Fanny for some important matters. Then, I’ll be on my way.”

“Mnn, go ahead.” Emma didn’t obstruct Han Shuo.

The sky darkened after Emma and Han Shuo finished conversing. However, Han Shuo was incomparably familiar with the necromancy major and easily detoured around the students, traversing straight towards Fanny’s laboratory.

Han Shuo yet to enter Fanny’s laboratory when he suddenly heard an oppressive stamping of footsteps from within. Feeling startled, he continued listening. He couldn’t help but to show another stunned expression. He could hear an incredibly bulky creature via the heavy footsteps within the room. Han Shuo did not knock and walked in directly.

An evil knight was holding an enormous spur and making stabbing movements within Fanny’s laboratory, on top of an open area. A magical array was present five meters from the creature. Fanny was panting inside while controlling the evil knight, seemingly as though a large amount of her mental strength had been consumed.

After summoning an evil knight, the necromancer did not need too much mental strength to control it because it was a kind of advanced undead creature. Just a command to attack would suffice. An evil knight resembled neither a zombie nor a skeletal warrior, and it naturally didn’t require a summoner to dictate how to attack. It’s wisdom was completely enough for it to display its powers freely and effectively..

Naturally, if the necromancer wished, he could still use his mental strength to control the evil knight. However, this would not only consume his mental strength at a faster pace, it would also not help the evil knight display its true powers.

In short, right after summoning the evil knight, this kind of advanced undead only needed the necromancer to transmit an attack command and it would suffice. Unlike skeletal warriors and zombies, It simply didn’t need the use of mental strength to control it. Instead, this would hinder the evil knight’s natural attacking ability.

Fanny was naturally caught up in a misconception that she believed this kind of advanced undead creature needed to be manipulated like a skeletal warrior or a zombie. Looking at her huffing, seemingly seriously practicing and using her mental strength in an attempt to facilitate the advanced evil knight’s attacking abilities, Han Shuo felt that it was somewhat laughable.

Fanny was indeed as Dean Emma had described. She had become increasingly beautiful after these several months. This was naturally due to the credit of the Rebirth Pill. Her skin was as white as jade, and the substantial improvement to her inner body was also the reason why she had advanced to the level of archmage so quickly.

Han Shuo entered soundlessly. Fanny had just started to struggle with the evil knight and did not sense Han Shuo’s existence whatsoever. Only when she manipulated the evil knight to turn around and stab forward did she suddenly notice Han Shuo standing by the door, grinning. Fanny pupil’s blossomed with incredible happiness and surprise. But suddenly, she started grinding her teeth and stabbing her jade-like fingers hatefully at Han Shuo.

Under Fanny’s manipulation, the evil knight’s enormous spur suddenly rose, piercing towards Han Shuo who stood there, smiling.

Han Shuo was taking in all of Fanny’s expressions. How would he not know exactly why Fanny was attacking like a spoiled child? He knew that she was angered because he hadn’t come to see her for a very long time. Han Shuo was still smiling and gazing at her with deep emotions as the imminent spur pierced towards him.

When the enormous spur pierced near the top of Han Shuo’s head, Fanny’s lovely face suddenly changed colors. She hastily used her mental strength to control and stop the spur from continuing in case the spur truly harmed Han Shuo.

However, the spur was truly as quick as a gale while Fanny was obviously still not familiar enough to properly control the evil knight. Thus, Fanny’s mental strength was mostly useless as the spur continued to pierce towards Han Shuo’s head. It only slowed somewhat while emitting an ear-piercing, shrieking sound like the braking of a car.

Fanny became incomparably frightened. At the moment, she was unable to open her mouth to urge Han Shuo to jump out of the way. She could only look at Han Shuo, terrified while exerting all of her mental strength to try and stop the spur.


In the end, the spur still landed on Han Shuo’s head. However, an unexpected metallic sound of collision rang out after a black cloud of light briefly took form on top of Han Shuo’s head, before disappearing strangely afterwards.

Han Shuo continued to smile, standing there without even the slightest movement. The spur’s pierce did not even touch one hair on Han Shuo’s head. In the end, the evil knight also ceased to a stop under Fanny’s command.

In the next moment, Fanny suddenly threw herself into Han Shuo’s chest and recklessly started beating Han Shuo’s sturdy chest. A faint sobbing sound could be heard as she said, “Idiot, you can even kill Celt, so why didn’t you dodge? Are you trying to die?”

Han Shuo hugged Fanny tightly, saying softly, “How could you actually hurt me?” before suddenly kissing Fanny firmly in the lips. The two people were vigorously tangling together like snakes, even their souls seemed to be blending together.

This kiss persisted for ages. Only when Han Shuo’s hands start unconsciously climbing over Fanny’s body parts did Fanny suddenly awaken, abruptly pushing Han Shuo away. She glared at Han Shuo with a redden face, saying cutely, “I am your teacher! This is also a school. Behave!”

The moment Han Shuo saw Fanny’s lovely and charming appearance and heard her words, he felt even more excited. He couldn’t help but chuckle evilly when he thought back to when he’d been an ordinary student who greatly revered her. “It’s precisely because you are my teacher that when I kissed you, I became even more excited. You can’t escape from the palm of my hands.”

Right after these words sounded, Han Shuo captured Fanny once again and advanced towards Fanny’s face, giving her another deep kiss. Then, he used his two hands to feel her soft and smooth back before gradually shifting his big hands lower. Before Fanny had time to react, Han Shuo suddenly palmed Fanny’s outstandingly smooth and round butt and squeezed without restraint.

Fanny struggled and whimpered while pushing Han Shuo away again with a red face. She once again glared hatefully at Han Shuo before taking a few steps back saying, “You little pervert. You haven’t even seen my father yet. Behave yourself!”

Han Shuo paused. Then, looking at the evil knight next to him, he explained to Fanny with an unchanging expression, “An evil knight is not controlled like a zombie nor a skeletal warrior. Instead, since an evil knight possess it’s own intelligence, it’s only able to completely bring out its true fighting strength when it’s not being controlled by mental strength.

Fanny listened and looked at Han Shuo astonished, before saying in doubt, “It can bring out it’s most powerful fighting strength just by relying on itself?”

Han Shuo replied while nodding his head, “Of course, an evil knight is an advanced undead creature. Not only do they possess intelligence, they also possess their own dignity. If you don’t let it display its own strength as it likes, but use your own mental strength to force it to submission, it will instinctively try to resist. There are no advantages to this at all…”

Han Shuo and Fanny’s position had unknowingly reversed. Originally, it was always Han Shuo who would inquire about some difficult magic problems. But the Han Shuo of today could actually discover Fanny’s misconceptions from just a glimpse at her actions and even help her correct it.

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