GDK Chapter 318

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Chapter 318: Saving the beauty


A shrill, miserable scream echoed from the tent. This extremely tragic scream, not completely suppressed by the boundary on the tent, came to an abrupt end. Han Shuo’s highly sensitive senses caught a faint reverberation.

The only remaining yin demon slowly drifted over to that direction. However, Han Shuo had already felt a magic fluctuation ripple out even before the yin demon drew close. With his current knowledge, he immediately recognized it as a soul inspection magic. Han Shuo hurriedly withdrew the yin demon.

After the soul inspection magic was released, a dazzling rift suddenly cracked open in the sky. It patrolled the surrounding area like a bright eye.

Han Shuo immediately held his breath and entered the realm in which nothing affected him, his body hidden in the lush foliage of a big tree.

The fluctuation of the soul inspection magic drifted out gently like water ripples. When it passed through Han Shuo, he felt a bit of surprise. However, he easily avoided the inspection by tightly locking in his consciousness.

“There’s someone there!” A soft cry suddenly rang out from the tent.

A figure shot out from the tent like a streak of lightning. A team of knights followed closely behind that silhouette, quickly chasing towards the east.

With a hasty rustle, a person began to swiftly run away from the stationed knights. It seemed that there were also others who were paying attention to this troop of the Brut Merchant Alliance. However, they must’ve not concealed themselves very well since their tracks were discovered.

Han Shuo remained where he was without moving. His eyes swept once again through the tents in the distance, stopping at the few in the center of the group. The withdrawn yin demon was once again released. It flew in the direction of the tent where the sound had originated.

What had the knights of the Brut Merchant Alliance come to the Dark Forest for? Han Shuo was full of doubts, his bright eyes looking at the tent in the center as he silently thought.


A huge explosion echoed from the direction in which that figure had rushed. Afterwards, a strange cooing laughter resounded, “Heh heh, I didn’t expect two beautiful women. Don’t think of getting away.”

“Cecilia, you go first. I’ll stop him!” A familiar female voice rang out from the distance.

Han Shuo had been calmly watching the tent, but suddenly paled upon hearing this voice. His heart, which had been as still as clear water, was instantly disrupted. Abandoning all thoughts of staying hidden, he shot out like a sharp arrow, drawing a silver arc through the air as he raced forward.

It was Emily’s voice. If it had been someone who Han Shuo didn’t know, he naturally wouldn’t have poked his nose in their business. However, since it was Emily, he definitely wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

“Want to run? Keke, you can’t escape!” The nasty cooing of an owl rang out again, accompanied by the sounds of spells and weapons colliding.

Han Shuo’s heart was on fire with anxiety as he pushed the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens to its extreme. He reached that area in the span of three breaths, much faster than the yin demon.

Broken, uprooted trees filled the area. Emily and Cecilia wore pure green magic robes, their delicate faces painted with green plant sap. Their entire bodies seemed to blend into the Dark Forest as they leaned on a big tree trunk and cast magic spells one after the other.

Several members of the Dark Mantle with their strength, agility, and endurance enhanced by Cecilia’s magic were fiercely throwing themselves in front of the attacks from the Brut knights.

Standing behind the knights with his hands behind his back stood a thin middle-aged man with short, red hair and a cruel smile hanging on his face. He watched Emily and Cecilia struggle while cackling nonstop.

“Who is it?!” The thin, middle-aged man suddenly discovered Han Shuo dashing over. Surprise flashing through his eyes, he raised his left hand to form a complicated magic formation. An enormous force then surged out from his palm and quickly smashed into Han Shuo.


It was as if being hit by an iron mountain. Han Shuo immediately was immediately stopped cold, his head growing dizzy. He glared furiously at the middle-aged man, unable to move forward.

“Eh!” The middle-aged man exclaimed, his eyes switching from Emily and Cecilia to Han Shuo. The lines in the center of his palm twisted like a snake, faintly revealing a trace of blood.



Han Shuo finally mobilized the Demonslayer Edge, its murderous intent billowing to the skies and filling the area. The middle-aged man suddenly roared to the heavens. His originally one meter seventy-five centimeters body began to grow, changing before their very eyes.

The man’s smooth glossy skin was instantly covered in a thick, hairy coat. His slender, long arms grew muscular and sturdy. His body expanded to ten meters before transforming into a huge black bear. The bear growled and slammed down his paw, ferociously smashing down on Han Shuo.

Han Shuo had intended to fly up but suddenly staggered. He’d discovered that the gravity in the surroundings had increased tenfold. Surprised by the intensity and the unsettling feeling it brought, Han Shuo couldn’t react in time.

“Bryan!” Emily had been about to cast a dark magic when she discovered Han Shuo’s appearance. She didn’t have the time to rejoice when the palm of the black bear slapped down like a small mountain. Emily screamed in panic.

Trapped in place, Han Shuo’s mind worked rapidly in the face of this crisis. Seeing the huge paw slam down, he immediately infused magical yuan into the Demonslayer Edge. Blood red light exploded and shot to the skies from the weapon that had absorbed an enormous amount of killing intent from resentful souls till now. Clouds of blood drifted out, transforming into thin, blood-red threads that wrapped around the Demonslayer Edge.

A glaring red light abruptly shot out from the tip of the Demonslayer Edge. The endless, vicious, resentful intent shot straight at the bear’s paw.

The bear’s gray pupils wavered slightly, the thick fur on his arm standing erect like needles. This paw emitted light waves that ripped forth like the surface of a water disturbed by a thrown rock.

Rumble rumble…

Loud rumbling sounds echoed from the collision of the Demonslayer Edge and the black bear’s palm. Blood red light radiated in all directions, accompanied by the agonized cry of the black bear.

A force that could topple mountains and overturn seas surged violently into Han Shuo’s arm. The force had no skill behind it, just brute power, but even Han Shuo’s rock solid body couldn’t withstand it. The vessels of his right hand holding the Demonslayer Edge burst open.

“The hell! What kind of person is this!” Han Shuo could help but curse. After entering the separate demon realm and experiencing a qualitative leap in his strength, he’d thought that there wouldn’t be many people that could exceed him in strength. But he’d unexpectedly been injured by Kosse last time, and this time, he was even wounded after one strike.

“Who are you!?” After one blow, the big black bear shrank back into the thin, middle-aged man. However, his palm was now dripping with blood. He looked at Han Shuo, terrified disbelief on his face.

Not paying attention to his opponent, Han Shuo rushed over to Emily as soon as the terrifying gravity was lifted, shouting, “Hurry and get away from here! There are more experts coming.”

Cecilia, one of the three Dark Mantle heavyweights, had observed the fight from beginning to end. A strange look filled her eyes as she looked at Han Shuo. Upon hearing his shout, she suddenly turned to the front and softly called, “Retreat!”

As her words fell, Cecilia took out a magic scroll. Her long, slender arm held the scroll and shook it fiercely, a space door appearing amidst a dazzling shower of white light in front of her. The Dark Mantle members struggling with the knights seemed to know Cecilia’s actions beforehand, immediately disengaging from their opponents and entering the space door.

Not waiting for Han Shuo to react, Emily grabbed his hand and dragged him through the space door without any reservations. Cecilia then also leapt into it.

It was as if they had taken a transportation matrix. A white light flashed as everyone appeared in the middle of a river. Heads poked up from the water’s surface, the entire group resembling drowned rats, gulping in fresh air in big mouthfuls.

“Bryan, shouldn’t you be at Brettel City? How are you here?” Emily had let go of Han Shuo’s hand in the confusion and asked after sticking her head out of the river’s surface.

“Eh, it’s very easy for me to come here. You know.” Han Shuo winked several times at Emily, his voice quiet.

Emily was stumped for a bit before recalling the Cemetery of Death within the Dark Forest. With the transportation matrix there, Han Shuo could easily run back and forth no matter where he was.

“Damn it! Why did we end up here? Hurry up, they are chasing us!” Cecilia’s voice rang out in the distance. Her body was dripping wet as she shouted.

Emily sent a signal to Han Shuo with a glance at Cecilia’s shout. The two immediately followed the Dark Mantle members in leaving the river, moving along a path leading to the Dark Forest.

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