GDK Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: You’re a magical genius!

Dondondon! Han Shuo stood outside Fanny’s door and knocked with an outreached hand.

“Bryan, is it you? Come in.” Fanny’s faintly lethargic voice sounded from inside the room.

When Han Shuo pushed the door open, he was greeted with the sight of Fanny’s wet purple hair plastered to the white nape of her neck. A few translucent traces of water still clung to her charming face. Fanny had obviously just showered as she was wrapped in a soft white robe. A small patch of milky-white, creamy skin was revealed on her chest as she toweled away the water in her hair with her jade hands.

It was a simple room with a cloud of mist billowing out from the open doors of the bathroom, which was located in the back. Fanny was sitting next to a round table, a pair of troubled eyes roving over Han Shuo’s body.

“Master Fanny, what did you want me for?” Han Shuo looked around the room and his heart seized upon seeing how tempting Fanny’s beauty was, but he kept a dumb, honest, and even slightly fearful expression on his face.

“What for? Hmph. You were certainly bold on the back of that horse today. I’ve always thought you were cowardly and timid, but you commit the most outrageous acts when your lewd desires rear their head!” Fanny took her measure of Han Shuo and snorted lightly with a frown.

Here it comes. Han Shuo thought as his expression grew even more innocent. He scratched his head and held his breath until his face grew red, then took a deep breath and hung his head. “I’m sorry Master Fanny, you’re so beautiful and pretty, and you were suddenly so close to me. I don’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t control my actions. I was wrong, Master Fanny please punish me?”


Fanny suddenly slapped the table in anger and Han Shuo backed up “in shock”, watching Fanny fearfully.

“Damnit, you violated me! Do you understand?” Fanny glared fiercely at Han Shuo as she shouted hoarsely.

Han Shuo nodded his head honestly and said with an open face, “I was wrong Master Fanny, I’ll bear responsibility!”

“Hah! You, take responsibility? Are you able to?” Fanny laughed in the midst of her rage upon hearing Han Shuo’s words. Although she giggled as she stared at Han Shuo, there wasn’t a single trace of a smile on her face.

“Eh… then I’ll do whatever you say. It’s all up to you!” Han Shuo was certain that Fanny wouldn’t do too much to him, so he sighed with a face of resignation and responded genuinely.

With that said, Fanny didn’t really know what to do with Han Shuo. From her perspective, it was highly likely that Han Shuo hadn’t committed that act on purpose, plus she had been the one who told him to get on the horse. Although that had happened, it wasn’t as if Han Shuo had committed a heinous crime at the end of the day. He was just a mere errand slave, it felt a bit awkward trying to decide how to punish him.

Seeing that Fanny’s brows were slightly knitted and that she seemed to be having difficulty in figuring out what to do with him, a thought struck Han Shuo and he said, “Master Fanny, didn’t you say that I’m your experimental subject? I actually have felt something weird with my body lately and something strange is happening to my mind. When I heard Lisa chant the incantation for the bone arrow spell a few days ago, I tried saying it as well and actually activated it.”

Fanny had been deep in furrowed thought, but started upon hearing these words. She immediately looked at Han Shuo in astonishment, saying excitedly. “Really? Did you really mean that? Can you try out the bone arrow magic for me?”

Han Shuo knew that Fanny was addicted to necromancy magic and was extremely curious about his body’s condition. He was also well aware that he wouldn’t be just an errand slave for the Academy forever, so this was a perfect opportunity to slowly change his image in Fanny’s eyes.

Indeed, as soon as Fanny had heard his body’s peculiar condition, she immediately forgot about punishing him and temporarily focused all her concentration on this matter.

“Of course I can!” Han Shuo smiled faintly and raised his hands, chanting lowly, “Oh endless darkness, turn into destructive bone arrows, and destroy according to my will. Bone Arrows!”

A cuttingly-sharp bone arrow appeared out of thin air in front of Han Shuo as soon as he completed his incantation. The bone arrow flew towards the wooden wall at his gesture, but started to wobble halfway through, and then finally exploded with a sharp crack.

“No no, the incantation was correct, but your hand seals during casting were incorrect. The right hand should slowly lift up, and the left hand shouldn’t be on the same level as the right hand.” Fanny first started to teach in her accustomed manner, then abruptly reacted with a sharp intake of breath. She looked at Han Shuo with a face full of shock and her lithe body trembled eagerly. She cried out breathlessly, “Oh, my gosh. You can, you can really cast necromancy magic!”

“Yes, yes. I don’t know what happened either. Oh right Master Fanny, can you explain to me in detail the proper hand seals to cast the magic?” Han Shuo sniggered inwardly and spoke to Fanny with a look of confusion.

“Of course I can!” Fanny was truly excited and threw the towel in her hand to the side. Her limber legs walked rapidly to Han Shuo’s side as she started explaining in detail.

“This, this, like this?”

“Raise your hand higher, concentrate your mental strength, and don’t relax even a bit. Right, that’s the correct hand seal. Mm, slow your left hand down a bit and show me again.”

“Oh endless darkness, turn into destructive bone arrows, and destroy according to my will, bone arrows!”

When the bone arrow appeared this time, its direction was correct, but it abruptly exploded into pieces again just before it reached the wooden wall.

“Bryan, mental strength. Keep an eye on your mental strength and don’t relax for even a second. You can only relax after the bone arrow has successfully struck its target, otherwise the bone arrow will explode halfway. Try again.”

“Oh endless darkness, turn into destructive bone arrows, and destroy according to my will, bone arrows!”

Upon completion of the incantation, the bone arrow flew as fast as lightning without changing its position towards the wooden wall. It pierced the wooden wall with a sharp pfft and then vanished without a trace.

“Oh, gosh. Bryan you’re a genius. You’re absolutely a magical genius. I’ve only given you tips twice and you can successfully cast the bone arrow magic. Students typically need one to three months before they can master this magic. You’re so incredible.” Fanny was utterly stunned by Han Shuo and capered around, exclaiming loudly. She looked very excited.

“Damnit, who’s randomly casting magic! It almost hit me. Eh, Bryan, Master Fanny? Bryan, what are you doing in Master Fanny’s room?” Lisa’s startled cry suddenly came from next door as one of her eyes peered in from the hole in the wall.

“Nothing much, I grabbed Bryan for a bit of bone arrow practice. Lisa go to sleep soon, we won’t be disturbing you anymore.” Fanny walked hurriedly to the hole in the wall and replied charmingly. She picked up the towel that she had thrown to the ground earlier and filled in the hole before Lisa had a chance to respond.

She turned and look askance at Han Shuo, walking quickly towards him. “Stand still and don’t move, let me see what’s going on with your body?”

“Alright.” Han Shuo smiled responded faintly. I only spent ten days to fully master the bone arrow magic. According to Fanny’s words, maybe I do have some potential for practicing magic.

“Hmm? What’s that weird smell?” Fanny had walked over and was about to reach out to inspect Han Shuo’s body when her refined nose wrinkled, and she asked in confusion.

Han Shuo stopped in his tracks, then abruptly understood. He looked down awkwardly, saying wryly. “My room doesn’t have a bathroom, so I didn’t shower. That’s why there’s still a smell left.”

Fanny’s beautiful face flushed red after these words and she glared violently at Han Shuo, cursing lowly, “Despicable!” She then pointed to the bathroom with its doors ajar, frowning as she hurried him, “The water is still warm, wash that disgusting crap off yourself!”

It truly was “despicable”. Han Shuo could still feel a strand of sticky liquid leaking out from a slit in his lower body. Fanny’s words echoed his current inclinations. It was indeed quite uncomfortable for his lower body to remain in a sticky state, so he walked merrily to the bathroom that Fanny had just occupied.

A simple, crude, round tub was inside the bathroom. The water inside still gave off steam, and several pieces of Fanny’s sexy lingerie was laid out on a nearby rack. It only took one glance of the small silk pieces that were as ephemeral as cicada wings, for a ball of flame to violently rise from Han Shuo’s lower body.

Just as Han Shuo was salivating fixedly over the lingerie that Fanny had changed out of, she abruptly rushed into the bathroom and hurriedly put away all the items of clothing in great embarrassment. When she turned and saw that Han Shuo’s eyes were just about ready to spit fire, she involuntarily made a light spitting sound and spat out, “detestable”. She finally left with panicked footsteps after violently pinching Han Shuo’s backside.

Han Shuo peeled off his clothes and lay within the round pool, breathing in the mesmerizing scent that Fanny had left behind in the bathroom with his mouth. Luxuriating in the water that Fanny had previously used, Han Shuo felt that the perfection of moment was indescribable with words. He basically didn’t want to leave.

Han Shuo took a long time to wash up, and carelessly scrubbed his underwear only after Fanny had checked in a few times, finally walking out of the bathroom clutching his underwear.

“It’s getting late, I won’t inspect your body today. Hurry and leave.” Fanny acted like nothing had happened after Han Shuo had walked out and spoke dispassionately to him.

Han Shuo nodded with an honest smile and happily walked towards the door. Fanny called out lightly just as Han Shuo was about to leave, “Bryan!”

Peering back in confusion, Han Shuo scratched his head and asked dumbly, “Yes?”

“Nothing, just that you don’t seem like someone who’s crazy!” Fanny sized up Han Shuo and said oddly.

“I don’t know what happens when my head hurts, but when I’m not being affected by anything. Everything is normal.” Han Shuo’s heart skipped a beat. He left in guilty haste after his response.

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