GDK Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: The promise

Deo’s face was as ugly as it can be. No matter how much he overestimated Han Shuo’s abilities, he had no way of imagining it to be this terrifying. Even Deo himself might not have the power to kill two harpies by himself.

Deo simply had no words to say after Dean Emma gave her confirmation. He couldn’t deny it with so many people watching. Ultimately, he could only nod in anger and say to Emma, “Since master Dean has personally confirmed it, Bryan can be considered to have officially graduated.”

Saying those words, Deo snorted with a scowl. He turned to a dark major teacher next to him and left some instructions before directly leaving the testing area, seemingly in a foul mood.

The necromancy students snapped out of their shock after Deo left. When Lisa started cheering, the rest couldn’t help but join in as they shouted happily. As for Phillide and his gang, they didn’t have the courage to whimper another word and ran off with their tails between their legs.

“How could this be? How could this be?!” Fanny murmured, looking at Han Shuo in disbelief. No matter what, she couldn’t figure out how Han Shuo managed to kill two harpies by himself. Fanny felt that even she couldn’t estimate Han Shuo’s current strength.

Afterwards, Fanny suddenly remembered her promise with him. She once said that as long as Han Shuo advanced to adept mage, she would consider being his girlfriend. Now, just after six months, Han Shuo had suddenly returned to the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, and had done this grand deed in such a relaxed manner. With Fanny’s understanding of Han Shuo’s character, he’d definitely bring up the matter.

Therefore, the unprepared Fanny panicked. Her face was red with embarrassment as she snuck a fleeting glance at Han Shuo, just in time to discover that he was also looking at her with shining eyes. She grew even more frantic. She hastily left Gene with an explanation and quickly fled the scene.

When Han Shuo saw Fanny leave, he knew full well why and proudly chuckled in a low tone. Paying no heed to the compliments from Lisa and the other students, he turned to chase after Fanny.

“Bryan, I have some things to discuss alone with you, so come with me for a bit. There’s no need to pursue the matters regarding your graduation qualifications. There shouldn’t be any more problems!” Dean Emma immediately stopped Han Shuo with a smile when she saw that he was about to leave.

Han Shuo was slightly taken aback. He wanted to decline as he didn’t know what she wanted. However, he reminded himself that the matter with Fanny wasn’t urgent, so he nodded in agreement. Han Shuo spoke a word to Lisa’s group before following Emma to her office.

They reached Emma’s office after walking for a bit. Han Shuo found a seat and sat down without any reservations, then said smilingly, “Master Dean, what can I do for you?”

“Hehe, if I remember correctly, you aren’t older than eighteen, and yet, you’re already a necromancy adept mage with the ability to kill harpies. You went from being a child without any magic to having such accomplishments in just a short year. This is quite incredible!” Emma spoke at a good pace as she smiled at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo frowned involuntarily upon hearing her words. Remaining silent for a bit, he smiled and opened his mouth to speak, “Indeed, even I myself find this incredible. I wonder what Master Dean means by saying such words?”

Emma shook her head and chuckled, speaking kindly, “Child, you shouldn’t misunderstand, I hold no harsh feelings towards you. You’re a student of my Babylon Academy of Magic and Force and even studied necromancy. Now that you have such great achievements, it can be considered as a credit to our Academy.”

“Heh heh, you’ve gone from being a clueless child to having the power to kill two harpies in two years. I must say that this is quite the miracle. I’m sure you have encountered many strange things in these past two years, otherwise you wouldn’t have progressed this fast.”

“You also haven’t reported to the Dark Mantle for quite some time. Candide told me to pay attention if you returned to the Academy, that I must have you visit to the Dark Mantle as soon as possible. He seems to have a mission for you. In addition, I hope you will properly handle your relationship with Fanny. While there are things that I can’t say, I just want to remind you that Fanny’s father isn’t someone that you will easily get along with, so you need to pay special attention!”

Han Shuo heaved a sigh of relief after Emma finished speaking. He hadn’t expected Emma to be similar to Candide. Like husband like wife, they didn’t seem interested in plumbing his secrets, and even sounded rather protective of him.

Nodding, Han Shuo said with a smile, “Rest assured Dean Emma, I’ll definitely heed your advice. I’ll also report to the Dark Mantle as soon as possible.”

“That’s all well and good, so I’ll say no more. Your diploma and identity certificates should be ready by tomorrow if there’s no problem. Deo won’t dare to try any more monkey business under my watch. Hehe, Deo isn’t really a bad person. It’s just that you humiliated him last time, which is why he targeted you like this. I hope that you won’t take it to heart.”

“Mhm, I know!”

Han Shuo didn’t say anything else and left Emma’s office. He actually didn’t mind the matter with Deo. Han Shuo wouldn’t have many chances to come back after graduation if things went according to plan. He naturally wouldn’t have any contact with Deo in the future. Of course, if Deo himself wanted to seek death, Han Shuo didn’t mind sending him on his way with the strength that he held.

Han Shuo went straight to Fanny’s lab after leaving Emma’s office. His mind was churning nonstop when he thought about how he would be seeing her soon. He was a little excited and couldn’t quite control himself. He was as nervous as a young boy about to confess his love.

Han Shuo inhaled deeply at Fanny’s door and gradually calmed his nerves. He knocked on the door with a smile, “Master Fanny, can I come in?”

“No you cannot!” Contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations, Fanny neatly rejected him as soon as she heard his voice. This had never happened before.

Dumbfounded, Han Shuo smiled wryly, “Why?”

“Humph! I know you are up to no good this time, so just stand outside the door, or you can just disappear for half a year like last time.” Fanny’s voice inside the lab contained obvious resentment. She was still complaining about the last time that Han Shuo had departed without a farewell.

“Master Fanny, please let me explain. I really didn’t do it on purpose. I was delayed in Valen City this time. I really had no choice but to stay there. I didn’t deliberately try to deceive you!” With his current breadth of experience, how could Han Shuo not understand the underlying meaning of Fanny’s words? He could only stand outside the door with a wry smile and explain slowly.

“Little lecher, I’ll allow you to come in, but don’t try anything funny.” Fanny hesitated for a bit. She understood that leaving Han Shuo standing at the door was somewhat inappropriate.

Hastily nodding his head, Han Shuo did his best to reassure her, “Of course, of course. There might be bad rumors if someone sees me standing outside. That’d be even more improper.”

Fanny seemed to think that Han Shuo’s words made sense. The lab door made a creaking sound as she cautiously stuck out her head out and looked around. Her hand grabbed at the silent Han Shuo and yanked him inside, shutting the door. She returned to sit at the table in the middle of the room, and said in a serious manner, “Alright, what do you want?”

Laughing devilishly, Han Shuo walked to sit right in front of Fanny without any reservations, saying, “Master Fanny, could it be that you want to deny your promise?”

Stilling her expression, Fanny pretended to be calm and flicked a glance Han Shuo, asking suspiciously, “Deny what?”

“You once said that you’d be my girlfriend when I advanced to adept mage. Now that I’ve passed the adept mage test, I can be regarded to have officially graduated from the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. There is no longer a barrier between us, and so, you’ll honor your promise, won’t you?” Han Shuo didn’t beat around the bush. He asked with a smile, his eyes shining as he looked at Fanny.

Fanny couldn’t pretend to be serious anymore after hearing Han Shuo’s words. Her cheeks flared as red as the sun. She fiercely rolled her eyes at Han Shuo, then giggled in a charming manner and said the words she prepared beforehand, “I didn’t say I’d agree for sure, just that I’d give it some thought and consider it. Hehe, I’m done thinking, so what are you so anxious about?”

Fanny’s expression was delicate and charming at this time. The two crimson patches on her cheeks accentuated her shy beauty even more. Having known her for so long, Han Shuo was long since aware that she held affection for him. Her half-hearted attitude right now only made Han Shuo unable to suppress a heart that was itching with naughty thoughts.

With a wicked laugh, Han Shuo instantly forgot the compromise earlier. He abruptly moved behind Fanny, his large hands hugging her shoulders from behind. He puckered his mouth to steal a kiss from her red cheek, then said with a grin, “Can it be that you really want to go back on your words? That isn’t the morals of a good teacher, no?”

Fanny only saw a blur when Han Shuo disappeared right before her eyes. He appeared like a ghost behind her without giving her time to react. His arms embraced her, firmly holding her to the chair as he took the chance to attack her with a kiss.

“You brazen daredevil of a little lecher, what did you promise me when you came in?” Fanny was extremely embarrassed. Her resentment from the past half year still hadn’t dissipated yet, so she couldn’t help but struggle and yell loudly.

When dealing with a woman, one couldn’t follow her pace, but had to take the initiative, using body and soul as a double-layered attack to destroy the defenses of her heart. Han Shuo had learned many things from Emily’s body. He had long stopped being a greenhorn. Moreover, with the memory and experience from Clarendon, plus his own feelings, he was no longer passive when coming into contact with women.

While Fanny was struggling and yelling, Han Shuo held her firmly with his hands and leaned down, his hot tongue gently caressing her white, slender neck. He tenderly whispered into her ear, “I’ve thought of you, every day and every night for this past half year. I’ve wanted to see you every moment. But, I think you already know this, don’t you? Honestly, these past days were bland when I wasn’t by your side. Only your promise encouraged me to work hard and practice. The thought of being with together with you was like a spell, haunting me to train day and night without a single moment to relax. Advancing to an adept mage today, everything was because I wanted to be with you. Could it be you wish to heartlessly hurt me?…”

The unbroken string of whispers was full of sincerity and deep affection. The tender voice was like a gentle rain that moistened Fanny’s dry soul. The hot tip of Han Shuo’s tongue wantonly probed about, like a catalyst that started to destroy her soul’s defense. Fanny, whose very heart was still struggling, slowly fell into the net of love woven by Han Shuo.

“Oh… Bryan…” Fanny softly moaned, tears had unknowingly filled her eyes. Her struggling body suddenly melted and her mouth curved into a sweet smile as she listened to Han Shuo’s whisperings of passionate love.

“Do you know? I truly can’t do without you!” Han Shuo finally pulled Fanny up from the chair and embraced her tightly. His look was fiery and directed right at her as he tenderly professed his affection.

The line of defense in her soul completely collapsed. Fanny softly whimpered and threw herself into Han Shuo’s chest. Her hands clutched his strong back, and she stood on the tips of her toes as her fragrant lips reached for Han Shuo’s.

A beautiful woman was offering her cherry lips, so Han Shuo naturally wouldn’t be politely aloof. He immediately held her and gave her a blazing hot kiss.

Beautiful Fanny was the one that Han Shuo truly loved. From the moment he’d stepped into this world, perhaps it was the lingering emotions from Bryan’s thoughts, or her kindness that’d moved Han Shuo’s heart. He was deeply infatuated with her, a fact that had never changed.

Even after all the earth-shattering changes, even after Han Shuo’s power soared nonstop, even with Emily and Phoebe, who were no less beautiful than Fanny, his initial and most sincere affection for Fanny had never been affected.

Han Shuo was now accustomed to the ways of this world. He understood that as long as he had enough strength, it wouldn’t be difficult to obtain whatever he wanted. Money, power, and beauty were his trifecta of favorite things, and were precisely the three things that he didn’t have in his past life.

Why would one mind the petty things in life if one could simply have everything they wanted? Why mind how others look at you? Han Shuo had decided to indulge himself, and no longer concealed his desires!

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