GDK Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Destruction

“What, what does he want to do?” The proud golden dragon couldn’t help but exclaim with a shudder of his heart when he saw Han Shuo, who looked like an evil incarnate, glare sternly at him with his blood red eyes.

“How do I know?! Oh my gawd, honored master, just what do you want to do? I’m your most humble servant Gilbert!” Gilbert had just drawn himself upright when he saw the violent looking Han Shuo stride over, a wave of murderous intent churning towards him like a wave of blood. Gilbert immediately started to scream in a panic.

It was a pity that Han Shuo’s expression was a frightful leer at the moment. His pupils had turned a blood red as he threw his head back, screaming to the heavens, and charged over like a bloodthirsty beast.

The aura circling him solicited into a red mist, and started turning over with an incontrovertible momentum as Han Shuo leapt and flew.

“This is bad, he’s lost his ability to reason!” The cyclops’ thunderous tones suddenly cried out as he prepared for the worst.

The golden dragon was standing the closest to Han Shuo at this time, and he’d already curled himself into a ball, becoming Han Shuo’s first target of attack. Han Shuo landed on the golden dragon’s head amidst the mass of aura and punched downwards with his fist.

If it’d been only Han Shuo’s fist, the golden dragon might not have minded that much. After all, Han Shuo’s body size was on a completely different level from the golden dragon’s. There was a limit to the power behind his punch and the area that he could cover. He would be unable to cause too much damage to this enormous being.

However, as the punch came crashing down, the murderous aura around Han Shuo suddenly coalesced into the form of a giant red fist, which was comparable to a small mountain. The fists completely encircled the golden dragon’s coiled up form, the pressure such that he could barely breathe. A destructive ferocity descended upon his head.

The proud golden dragon cried out in pain as he cussed viciously. He was forced to uncurl himself and stab out viciously with his tail that was as long as the Great Wall of China.


An earth shattering explosion traveled from the impact of the violent punch and the golden dragon’s tail. The boulders around the golden dragon crumbled from the impact as he howled with pain. His dragon tail didn’t seem like it was able to take the pressure as it curled together with a shake. The more than ten meter long body was laid out from its previously proud position with this blow.

“Wahaha, mighty master, your humble servant is proud of you! You used your power to beat the strongest of the dragon race, the golden dragon, into the ground! I, Gilbert of the dark dragons, have witnessed this historical moment. You are the master I chose alright…”

The terrifying blow pounded the golden dragon into the ground. Disbelief shone out of the cyclops’ single eye as Gilbert continued to yell, “Eh… my mighty, handsome, amazing, and noble master, what… what do you want to do? Are you planning on hitting your cutest, most loyal, most honest, and most humble Gilbert? Um…”

However, the fist with blood red light coming out of it vanished before Gilbert’s fawning had ended. When Han Shuo kicked towards Gilbert, a blood red foot appeared out of nowhere and aimed straight at the chattering dark dragon.

Before Gilbert had even finished yammering, the foot had already smashed down on Gilbert’s head. If it continued, Gilbert would never be able to be this noisy again!


As the dark dragon roared in despair, a towering figure suddenly shot out. An enormous green hand dragged back this foot from Gilbert, and the green cyclops crashed to a sitting position on the ground after a series of rumblings and shaking. He looked in fear at the grimacing Han Shuo, who was slowly descending.

“Stupid dumb dragon, he’s already lost his mind and isn’t your master anymore. Do you want to die?” The golden dragon had finally struggled up from his collapsed position on the ground. He couldn’t help but shake his head and tail and roar, wanting Gilbert to recognize reality.

Gilbert found it a bit difficult to react. In the depths of his heart, he was unwilling to believe that Han Shuo would want to kill him. He murmured to himself in a daze, “How is that possible? Why would my master want to kill me?”

“Dumb dragon, although I don’t know what’s happened, your master has lost his mind at the moment. He is now very, very strong. I and that unlucky golden dragon don’t have much energy left now. Only if the three of us fight together will be possibly be able to fight against your master!”

As the cyclops watched Han Shuo slowly descend from the sky, a boundless, thick murderous sense locking firmly onto them, he couldn’t help but cry anxiously at Gilbert.

Gilbert shook his head dazedly. Although his heart ached, and he felt despair at Han Shuo’s vicious blow just now, he still said stubbornly, “No! Absolutely not! I can’t fight my master with you guys! Not even if I die!”

“Idiot, we won’t be able to kill him even with the three of us! We just need to defend or control him! We’re saving him, you stupid, damned dark dragon! Do you understand this or not?” The golden dragon started roaring on the other side when he was faced with the threat of death.

“Indeed, dumb dragon, we’re saving him, saving him! Stupid!” The cyclops immediately understood when he heard the golden dragon’s word and started yelling as well.

The dragons were a proud race, and if it weren’t for special circumstances, it was very difficult for them to submit to humans, a race that they disdained. However, once a dragon formed a contract with a human, their loyalty was unquestionable before their master died.

Gilbert had spent a bit of time with Han Shuo, and his master’s actions were right up his alley. Even though Han Shuo had lost his mind and had struck out viciously at him, he’d never had any thoughts of resistance. This was like a dark dragon’s naturally lewd nature, an innate brand on the dragons that no one was able to change!

The golden dragon understood this racial characteristic well and immediately changed his tune, spinning this as a way to liberate Han Shuo and dispel the conflict that this caused against Gilbert’s nature.

Indeed, it was as if cold water had been dumped over Gilbert’s head. The golden dragon and the cyclops’ roaring shocked Gilbert awake. Having thought through things, he muttered anxiously, “That’s right, I must help you. Nothing can happen to you, your humble servant still needs your guidance!”


Han Shuo was slowly descending upon the three enormous beings when he suddenly leered and roared out once more, charging forward with a frightening sound wave. Ripples of murderous aura rolled over in the dark space. Evil was contained within the sound wave, and it seemed like clouds of fire were pouring down from the skies.

Blood started leaking out of the mouths, nose, and eyes of the three beings beneath the attack of this horrifying sound wave. Their bodies rolled violently, seemingly to be unable to hold up beneath this terrifying sound wave.

“Damn it, just what kind of attack did your master used? As opposed to him yelling, I’d rather face his enormous fists and kicks. At least we can block tangible attacks, what can we do against this sound wave?!” Streams of blood, as thick as a baby’s arm, were leaking out of the golden dragon’s lantern-like eyes as he complained whilst blood dripped out of his mouth.

“Oh my gosh, what is going on? My master shouldn’t be this strong!” Gilbert had spent a long time with Han Shuo. Although he was uncertain of Han Shuo’s true strength, his master had never demonstrated such frightening strength.

“Nothing to it, the three of us need to combine our strength to attack him! Otherwise, we’ll be dead without a doubt. He probably won’t be able to escape the backlash of this power! The frightening power around him is from the specters that were present earlier. This must have happened because he was trying to absorb them!” The cyclops was the calmest out of them all. He hastily raised this suggestion when he saw that all of them were about to die from the impact.

The cyclops and the golden dragon suddenly looked at each other before Gilbert reacted and stood up together. They endured the agonizing pain in their bodies to charge towards Han Shuo, wrapped in layers of murderous aura and bloody sound waves, in mid air.

Han Shuo had been roaring furiously when he felt the movements of the two enormous creatures. He cackled oddly as his bloodshot eyes suddenly lit up. Bloody light emanated from his pupils and concentrated on the two enormous beings,as if it were something tangible.

The two just struggled to their feet when they were swept by his bloody eyes. A terrifying power immediately invaded their bodies as they began to seize and spasm. Terrifying cries traveled out from their mouths.

“Damned dark dragon, you’re right behind him. Make your move or we’ll all die!” The golden dragon’s scales were exploding one after another after Han Shuo had raked his bloodshot gaze past them. Fresh blood was gushing forth, and the golden dragon kept trying to evade the gaze as he screamed for his life.

“Hurry up, you’re saving him, damned stupid dragon!” The cyclops’ skin suddenly split open after been swept by Han Shuo’s gaze, and his injuries were increasing in scale. His heart was filled with an unknown fear as he too began screaming in earnest, cussing for the first time.

Gilbert murmured as the two enormous beings howled in pain, “I’m going to save you, save you…”

A resolute emotion appeared in Gilbert’s eyes as he reached out suddenly with his dragon claws, slapping them forward cautiously and gingerly towards the completely unsuspecting Han Shuo in front of him.

He planned on knocking Han Shuo unconscious first and then finding a way to restore Han Shuo’s reasoning, saving his master from this berserk state. Gilbert’s loyalty was without a doubt.


An enormous dull thud sounded as a patch of red mist appeared over Han Shuo’s head, blocking Gilbert’s swipe. Wrapped in the red mist, Han Shuo hadn’t been injured at all, but he’d seemed to feel Gilbert’s malicious intent. He couldn’t help but turn around and glare at Gilbert with his bloodshot eyes, roaring furiously.

All of the murderous aura floating around Han Shuo was affected by his anger and congregated from all corners, feeding into the Demonslayer Edge floating in front of Han Shuo’s chest. The enormous murderous aura seemed to be bloody waves as they quickly gathered within the Demonslayer Edge.

The savagely howling Demonslayer Edge suddenly emanated a destructive aura. When all of the aura surrounding Han Shuo had been absorbed, a beam of blood red light a hundred meters tall shone out of the weapon. It’d become a peerless weapon that could cleave the heavens and earth, and Han Shuo seemed like a demon god that could destroy everything when he wielded it.

The hundred meter light slowly pivoted and locked onto Gilbert as Han Shuo’s right arm adjusted its direction. During this process, anywhere the frightening light passed by directly reduced to weathered boulders into rock dust.

When faced with this boundless aura, Gilbert’s enormous body seemed so small and helpless. His dragon eyes were filled with despair, fear, bitterness, and sadness. As his eyes locked dumbly onto the raging Han Shuo, he couldn’t help but murmur lowly, “No, you won’t, you’re my master and won’t really want to kill me!”

“Dumb dragon, run, run!!” The cyclops and golden dragon screamed in reminder. For some reason, their hearts were filled with bitterness as well.

However, for some reason, the usually loud and active Gilbert seemed to be stuck dumbly in place like a fool. Blood red tears slowly formed in his lantern-like eyes, but his body stayed firmly put as if it’d been rooted!

Earth shattering roars continuously emitted from the grimacing Han Shuo’s mouth. The destructive Demonslayer Edge and hundred meter tall sword slowly lifted to aim at Gilbert. Both the cyclops and the golden dragon had no doubt that when this light descended, Gilbert would be carved into many little pieces of meat. He wouldn’t have the slightest chance of survival and his vital signs would be utterly erased.

“No!” A howl came from Han Shuo’s mouth. It was the first human sound he’d made up until now. His face contorted with pain, the black lightning surrounding him as he roared furiously started crackling and popping. The blood vessels in his neck and arm starting exploding, and fresh blood splattered him all over.

Han Shuo ignored the frightening wounds on his body. He couldn’t seem to control his limbs as he looked at his right arm with a twisted expression. He kept yelling, “No, no!!”

Suddenly, his expression hardened as his bloody left arm suddenly slammed into his weapon wielding right arm. It landed like a bolt of lightning, accompanied by a crisp breaking sound. arrows of blood shot out from his arms and sped toward the surroundings.

This self-mutilating blow had an amazing effect. It saved Gilbert’s life, and a change happened in the hundred meter tall sword light!

The light had been aimed at Gilbert when it suddenly changed direction, circling past Gilbert’s enormous body and carrying with it a violent, evil sword aura to shoot into the endless black mists surroundings the forbidden area.

Suddenly, the skies were filled with bloody light as the earth shook. A frightening explosion sound filled the area, seeming to rip the very sky asunder. The black mists that had covered this area for five hundreds years slowly dispersed after the blow from the blood red light.

Beams of warm sunlight finally shone on this desolate land after hundred of years of absence. Sunlight radiated on the heavily injured cyclops and golden dragon, on the panting but clear eyed Han Shuo lying in a pool of his own blood, and entered the teary, delighted eyes of Gilbert…


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