GDK Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: Murderous Soul

“How is this possible? If you’re not a demigod existence, how are you not affected by the restraints of the forbidden place and continue to fly?” The cyclops found this hard to believe. He had an incredulous expression on his face, perhaps afraid of the hope that he’d placed on Han Shuo vanishing.

Han Shuo chanted out a most basic necromancy spell, the skeleton summoning spell that he never failed in casting. There was no effect this time. No abnormalities formed out of the dark space – the necromancy spell had failed!

This was indeed the case! Han Shuo was shocked and understood that the cyclops wasn’t lying. It seemed that no magic abilities could be used in this forbidden place.

“Wait a moment!” Han Shuo called softly towards the cyclops and the golden dragon, and flew directly up into the swirling black mist.

However, just as Han Shuo felt that he was about to leave the space of the swirling black mist, a nearly infinite wave of strange energy blocked off the sky like a trillion ton rock. Han Shuo charged furiously into it, causing his entire body to ache with pain, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t break through the cover of the black mist and leave this strange space.

There was no need to try anymore. Han Shuo understood that this area with a 2.5 kilometer radius had been completely restrained by this strange power, just like the cemetery of death. It was impossible to leave without opening the boundary.

Han Shuo landed dejectedly, rubbing his buzzing head. When he looked at the surprised cyclops and golden dragon in front of him, Han Shuo spread out his hands and apologized, “The entire forbidden place is truly enclosed within a boundary, the same going for the sky covered by black mist. I think that if there is no special way, we don’t need to bother thinking about leaving the forbidden place!”

The cyclops and golden dragon were starting to believe that Han Shuo wasn’t the demigod existence they’d thought him to be. When facing the threat of death, and their hopes extinguished, the two powerful beings lost interest even in why Han Shuo was able to fly. They started sighing continuously in despair.

Seeing that the two powerful beings had not only lost interest in his ability to fly, but was also the desire to attack Gilbert, Han Shuo was able to understand the depths of their utter despair.

“Great master, what should we do? I don’t want to stay in this damned place. Let’s go to the colorful outside world to continue my incomplete legend!” Gilbert was very anxious as he started to fretfully wail.

No beings have left the forbidden place in five hundred years, not even super rank magical beasts with extremely long lives. Yet, after Han Shuo had entered this area, he’d only felt the coldness of death without a hint of life. This meant that those super rank magical beasts with extremely long lives must’ve died there.

As he looked up to the sky, Han Shuo noticed that the black mist swirling around the entire region had gradually become denser, possibly due to his forceful impact. There was an extremely dangerous, murderous aura that floated around in the damp air.

“I don’t think we could die of old age here, even if we want to!” Han Shuo muttered as he felt the surroundings change. He then suddenly call out. “Careful, danger!”

Just when he’d been complaining about everything, Gilbert suddenly sensed the terrifying change in their surroundings as well, along with the cyclops and the golden dragon. This caused their survival instincts to kick in immediately as they nervously scanned their surroundings, ready to react at any time.

Swirls of inseparable black mist roiled in the sky, the occasional green flashes of light mixed in with them revealing an evil and terrible power. As it swept over and crashed down on those assembled, they found it difficult to even breathe. The colossal power seemed as weighty as a billion ton mountain, bearing down on everyone’s backs.

Even enormous beings like the cyclops and golden dragon could only scream and howl in the face of such terrifying pressure. Their figures, they had completely lost their minds! Gilbert, at only rank one, had already fallen flat on the ground like a limp snake, unable to even stand up.

The magical yuan within Han Shuo cycled furiously, creating a sparkling black protective shield that completely covered Han Shuo’s body. Meanwhile, rays of black lightning swirled around inside the shield as the pure magical yuan refined the shield over and over again, raising the defensive power of the shield even further.

In the end, the protective shield around Han Shuo was as beautiful as a piece of clear ink jade, and Han Shuo seemed like a living fossil entombed within the black jade, full of a demonic charm.

The forbidden place had sealed all of the mystical powers within this world, but the magical yuan from another dimension was not something the forbidden place could simply snuff out!

Thus, as Han Shuo furiously cycled his magical yuan to protect himself, he actually managed to withstand the tremendous pressure and remain standing.

As Han Shuo’s profound gaze examined at the change in the entire area, none of the traces of evil aura were able to escape his detection. His originally anxious heart was thumping violently, and his once calm breathing slowly sped up.

Han Shuo actually felt a sliver of familiarity from the strange power enclosing the forbidden place. More, it seemed as though this power was filled with a drug-like allure to him, someone in the bloodlust realm!

A miraculous feeling was suddenly transmitted from the demon infant within his body. The demon infant was like a bloodthirsty little monster that had finally caught the scent of fresh blood. It was no longer able to resist as it rampaged within Han Shuo’s body and urged him onwards, as if it was trying to reach something.

Terrible green light flashed within the inky mist that covered the entire area, as swirls of the mist started to converge around Han Shuo and the others. Waves of the terrifying evil aura seeped out from the swirls of smoke. Under the continuous flashes of the green light, the mist gradually changed shape, transforming into a savage and horrifying face that bore downwards.

“No!” The cyclops let out an angry roar and waved his giant shovel towards the terrifying face. The golden dragon also let out a roar and furiously swung his huge tail towards the sky, towards the savage, demonic face.

However, their attacks had not the barest of effects on the savage phantasm. It fearlessly reformed after it was scattered, and lunged down with shocking fierceness.

Still inside his protective barrier, Han Shuo suddenly exclaimed,“Specters, they’re specters!”

Instantly, he dispelled the protective barrier that covered his entire body as rays of bloody light shot out from his body, causing a dense, murderous aura to suddenly surround his body.

At the same time, a flash of indigo light shot out from his body. The Demonslayer Edge was shining with a purplish red light as it danced around endlessly above Han Shuo’s head.

Han Shuo had a calm expression before, but now his face had twisted into a savage and frightening visage. His stark white teeth were bared in a devil’s grin, as his eyes glowed blood red. The murderous aura around his body spread out and entwined with the Demonslayer Edge above his head. A piercing bloody light exploded forth from man and the weapon in that moment.

The terrifying demonic face was screeching without any sound. All of the evil faces that was rushing down towards the cyclops and the golden dragon all panicked, and started to escape without the slightest hesitation.

But it was far too late. With Han Shuo and the Demonslayer Edge as the center, an enormous whirlpool had unknowingly formed above them. It was hovering in the air, around ten meters wide, a murderous aura swirling within. Blood red light flashed inside as evil energy swirled within it.

All of the “specters” that had gathered seemed to be caught within a strong suction force generated by the enormous whirlpool. All of them frantically tried to escape, but none were able to. Under the attraction of the enormous whirlpool above Han Shuo’s head, no matter how far away the “specters” escaped, they were slowly reeled back towards the whirlpool.

The intense and overwhelming pressure instantly disappeared. Gilbert straightened his back from his limp snake position as he looked at Han Shuo, watching the huge commotion in the air. He muttered to himself, ‘Great master, what the hell are you doing?”

“Little dark dragon, what exactly is your master? What is he doing? Why is there no trace of a fighting or magical aura that a human should have?” The proud golden dragon couldn’t help but yell after hearing Gilbert’s muttering.

“No matter what, our dangerous situation just now was allayed due to his unusual actions. Otherwise, we would’ve already been killed by those evil ghost faces!” The cyclops looked meaningfully at Han Shuo with his single eye. He still couldn’t find any trace of a fighting or magical aura from the human after a while. According to his understanding of the world, he understood that Han Shuo truly might not be some sort of demigod existence. However, Han Shuo’s current actions had illogically removed the enormous pressure that had covered the entire area, causing the cyclops to not dare underestimate Han Shuo.

Since his master had shown off his might, Gilbert also took the chance to strut around with borrowed influence. He raised his neck high and loudly proclaimed, “Damn, how do I know what’s going on? However, my master is very powerful! Otherwise, as a mighty dark dragon, how could I have submitted at his feet!”

The two powerful beings were convinced of the dark dragon’s words; Han Shuo’s current actions and Gilbert’s existence were proof enough of Han Shuo being an extremely powerful existence. Due to this, even though the dark dragon had been talking so disrespectfully, the golden dragon and the cyclops accepted it, as if they had already forgotten about the dark dragon’s previous wicked actions, and didn’t attack him.

Since Gilbert had such a powerful master who was able to dispel the tremendous pressure that covered the entire area in his own unique way, they weren’t willing to attack the dark dragon at this moment and bring about unnecessary trouble for themselves. If the human stopped all his actions and that strong pressure appeared once more, only death awaited the cyclops and golden dragon.

Therefore, the two enormous beings only snorted coldly in response to Gilbert’s uncourteous blathering without saying anything else. Since they saw that the dark dragon didn’t know anything, the two of them didn’t continue questioning him. They merely recovered their stamina on the side as they quietly watched the changes in Han Shuo.

The savage demonic face that floated in the air earlier had already become a pitiful refugee – a pitiful fugitive that could not escape! Ever the “specters” that had left this area at the beginning were pulled in by the whirlpool above Han Shuo’s head, no matter how terrified any of them were.

It was as if the murderous aura around Han Shuo and the whirlpool of bloody light created by the Demonslayer Edge had some sort of restraining effect towards the weird strange specters. There was not a single one that could escape in the end. Under the powerful suction of the giant whirlpool, the savage green faces silently roared in terror as they became rays of dark green light and fused into the whirlpool.

The immense whirlpool was like a huge strange tree, the swirls within like flourishing leaves, and a thin path towards the roots. When the specters were sucked in one by one, the huge whirlpool was filled with harrowing, rampaging energy.

Lights of blood red, black, and terrifying green slowly gathered within the Demonslayer Edge and Han Shuo through the roots, as well as a dense, baleful aura. The whirlpool churned more and more quickly as the Demonslayer Edge absorbed a large amount of specters. It began to shine brightly, slowly displaying the splendor of a peerless weapon. Violent screeches continuously rang out from the Demonslayer Edge, causing the three enormous beings to shake and tremble.

On the other hand, Han Shuo was surrounded in a mist formed from the baleful aura, sitting cross-legged in the sky. Behind him, the dense aura had faintly formed a giant gazing down towards the earth. The giant was ten-odd meters tall in the sky, and had a horrifying deathly flame. It looked exactly the same as the Han Shuo with bloodshot eyes.

This astonishing scene lasted for a day and a night before the giant whirlpool above Han Shuo’s head slowly dissipated. All of the specters in the area also disappeared along with  it. Even the floating image of the giant behind Han Shuo, slowly flew into hi’s body. Only the Demonslayer Edge was left floating and shining above Han Shuo’s head.


A terrifying howl suddenly tore out of Han Shuo’s mouth. He’d been sitting down cross legged when he suddenly stood up with bloodshot eyes. His figure seemed to embody the soul of a peerless killer that had just awakened from his slumber underground. He stared savagely at the cyclops, the golden dragon, and even Gilbert, making them tremble from within the depths of their hearts!

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