GDK Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Fire Attribute Treasure

The temperature within the boundary stopped at around forty degrees, while the magma that spewed out of the crack in the ground was halted outside the boundary, not affecting the three people within its confines at all.

Fire grand magus Marceau clearly found the process very difficult. Since there was a large amount of magical element within the boundary, it meant that she had spent a lot of mental strength in order to shift this boundary.

After the boundary had shrunk to a size of three to four meters, it became rather close quarters. Adding onto the fact that it was a hot and muggy temperature of forty degrees within, it caused the people to feel wet and uncomfortable, even though it wasn’t as scorching as it was outside.

However, Han Shuo’s body was able to easily handle a temperature of this degree. His body wasn’t covered in sweat even though he didn’t use his demonic arts to defend himself. Instead, he used this rare spare time to sit down cross legged, calmly adjusting his breathing to recover the magical yuan that he’d expended earlier.

Beautiful knight Sophie wore tight clothes that clung to her great figure. Her sweat soaked through her clothes, making it seem like she’d just taken a bath in her clothes, emphasizing the curves on her body. Due to the high temperature, the sweat on her body flowed continuously as she wheezed erratically, continuously fanning herself with her hands to create a little bit of wind to cool herself.

The fire grand magus was just as focused as Han Shuo as she paid careful attention to controlling the boundary. The wrinkles on her face were like gullies that were currently filled with sweat. They were unable to stop the sweat from slowly dripping down her body due to gravity.

The two yin demons, that had been left in the valley, surveyed everything that was going on outside, so that Han Shuo could find out everything going on above in order to make the most precise decisions.

After descending into the magma crack in the ground, the boundary continued to sink. As the surrounding flames burned fiercely, bits of magma and loud rumbling sounds erupted everywhere. When they collided with the boundary, radiant sparks appeared and created a beautiful scene of an ocean of fire.

Unfortunately, for the three people in the boundary, Han Shuo and Marceau could spare no effort to pay attention to the surrounding scenes; while female knight Sophie was uncomfortably covered in sweat, which created a burning fire of anxiety in her heart. She naturally wasn’t of the mind to pay attention to the beautiful scenery around her.

The three of them and the boundary slowly sank downwards amidst the scorching and brilliant sparks. During this process, fire grand magus Marceau manipulated the direction of the boundary, slowly guiding it to fall towards the earth’s center. She seemed to be rather familiar with the current situation.

Finally, the moving boundary stopped. Han Shuo opened his eyes instantly and carefully surveyed the scene around him. He wanted to imprint everything into his mind in the shortest amount of time.

What he saw first was a vast lake of fire. It was like the burning sun as it released scorching light and heat. Turbulent magma emerged in the form of pillars of dragon fire. They shot up, pillar by pillar. They were likely very fierce due to the influence of the Lord of the Flames’ powers.

Blazing walls of boulders surrounded the vast lake of fire. These boulders were red, like heated metal, as they radiated an intense temperature. They filled the surroundings with piercing red light, causing the entire area to become a huge space of flames.

There was a strange fire lotus in the center of the fire lake that bloomed miraculously in the turbulent, magma-filled lake. It simmered with an unusual red light and seemed to have a sort of tempting beauty as it swayed on the fiery waters.

The three of them were still enclosed by the boundary and floated inside an opening within the wall of boulders. This moved them safely away from the spurting magma.

“Firespark Stone, Firesun Crystal, Red Onyx…”

Han Shuo exclaimed softly with surprise when he noticed that there were several pieces of magical rocks scattered not far from the cave entrance. They were all weapon-refining treasures of the fire attribute. Their quality was top tier and could be used to refine high quality fire flying swords or be directly absorbed by fire cultivators in order to improve their arts.

“This area is very mysterious. It’s filled with strange energy, and the stones that are nurtured around it are very valuable. If they were embedded into a magic staff, it would definitely give fire mages a huge boost!” Grand magus Marceau said as she wiped away her sweat.

However, Han Shuo, as a demonic cultivator, could recognize many of the strange stones based on Chu Canglan’s memories, even without her explanations. He understood that these special stones all had different types of great effects, and each one of them were highly useful.

“Open the boundary, I have to go and collect some!” Han Shuo felt really excited, but he still spoke with a calm expression.

Marceau blinked, then hesitated for a moment before reminding with goodwill, “The temperature outside the boundary is several times higher than within. I think that the moment you leave the boundary, you’ll be baked by the high temperature. I would advise you not to take the risk!”

“It’s okay, I think I can withstand it!” Han Shuo used his magical yuan to create a jumping sphere of purple flame to appear in his left palm. A wave of cold air instantly blew up in the forty degree interior of the boundary, causing Sophie and Marceau to shudder from the cold, despite perspiring heavily. Their flowing sweat suddenly stopped, bringing to them a cool feeling.

“What kind of magic is this?” Fire grand magus Marceau couldn’t help but exclaim after seeing the high temperature within the boundary instantly drop, nearly turning into an extremely hot spot into an ice cavern the moment the purple flames appeared in Han Shuo’s palm.

“Hehe, it’s just a special type of martial arts, so don’t worry. I think I can withstand the high temperatures outside!” Han Shuo gave a faint smile as he looked confidently towards Marceau while holding the ball of dancing purple flames.

“I think you’re right!” Marceau nodded and then said. “Pay attention. The moment I count to three, I will send you out of the boundary, so prepare yourself.”

Han Shuo took in a deep breath and circulated his magical yuan, moving the fingers on his hands agilely as waves of purple flames appeared from his fingertips.

When Marceau counted to three, the section of the boundary in front of Han Shuo was sheared off, as if cut by a knife. The high temperature attacked his face as scorching waves of fire broke through the boundary, instantly surrounding Han Shuo’s entire body. Without Marceau’s control, the boundary cracked like an egg shell. Not only did it lose the ability to block the heat wave, but it also lost the ability to remain in the air.

The boulders were boiling hot where Han Shuo landed. If he stepped down, his feet would instantly have been burnt to cinders. When he activated his magical yuan to cast the Mystical Glacial Spellfire, he naturally didn’t forget about the Arts of the Demonic Ninth Heaven. The moment his feet were about to land on the flaming hot stone, he suddenly stopped moving in midair.

The yin demon that Han Shuo left behind in the boundary were paying careful attention to the two women’s actions. Han Shuo didn’t waste a split second as he used the extreme coldness of the Mystical Glacial Spellfire, covering his entire body in white smoke as he planned to act covertly.

When Han Shuo started flying, Marceau and Sophie looked at his actions in shock. They were clearly very surprised. At the same time, when the extreme cold on Han Shuo’s body was met with the high temperature, his body was instantly covered with white smoke, obscuring his figure from their eyes.

“The most magical thing in this area should be that fire lotus at the center of the lake. He’s gone to collect stones to forge weapons, so let’s go and pick that fire lotus!” Fire grand magus Marceau did not seem to care about the unknown rocks around her. Perhaps, it was because she didn’t know what kind of miraculous effects these rocks had and placed all her attention on the fire lotus instead.

The fire lotus had roughly ten bright red leaves that were the size of palm leaves. It was as translucent as a crystal. Strange red light flowed through every leaf, as if they were nurturing the lotus’ life through flames. The fire lotus was extremely eye catching in the flaming fire lake, giving people a feeling of awe-inspiring beauty.

Fire grand magus Marceau and Sophie were completely captivated by this strange lotus. Both of them gazed at the fire lotus as if mesmerized. Marceau started moving the magical boundary and slowly approached the fire lotus together with Sophie.

Han Shuo did not activate his arts within the dense white smoke to collect fire rocks. Instead, he quickly dug a large hole and dripped his blood essence into it. His sparkling eyes occasionally glanced over at the fire lotus. While the expression on his face was extremely calm, as if he were quickly thinking about setting something up.

After hearing Marceau’s description before they’d come down, Han Shuo understood that the place of extreme fire had nurtured a fire lotus, and thus had formed his own plans. No matter what, the fire lotus could not be obtained by Marceau nor Sophie. As a fire attribute treasure and a spiritual treasure that was nurtured by the place of extreme fire, the fire lotus had the miraculous effect of directly enclosing a zombie in order to help a zombie directly become a fire elite zombie.

The places of the five extreme elements had a chance to nurture treasures of the five elements based on time and special circumstance. The place of extreme earth, place of extreme wood, and the Valley of Sunshine’s place of extreme water may have needed too much time, or perhaps were not suitable locations, and so no treasures had appeared.

However, this place of extreme fire may have existed for several hundred thousand years, and had been storing energy during this long period of time. Thanks to the Lord of the Flames as well, it had actually successfully nurturing the treasure that became the fire lotus. As the spiritual treasure of the place of extreme fire, the fire lotus had absorbed all sorts of fire attribute power during the thousands of years it had been allowed to grow.

Thanks to the existence of the fire lotus, Han Shuo did not need to spend a large amount of time to gather all sorts of materials. He could use secret techniques to build a formation at the place of extreme fire, and start the formation with his blood essence. If he then placed the zombie into the fire lotus, it could help evolve the normal zombie into a fire elite zombie through the nutrients the fire lotus had absorbed over the years, and the dense concentration of fire element energy within the place of extreme fire.

This was an extremely rare chance. Han Shuo would definitely not allow Marceau to take the fire lotus. Therefore, he’d started to organize everything after he exited the boundary.

As Marceau manipulated the boundary and slowly approached the fire lotus, Han Shuo’s wave of dense white smoke passed through the caves made of the same reddened boulder walls. When the two women saw this, they thought that Han Shuo was taking the chance to collect some unique ores in their surroundings. They didn’t know that by using the cover of the dense smoke, Han Shuo had already finished digging the eyes of the formation that was needed to refine the fire elite zombie. Although there was the fire lotus, because there weren’t any other materials needed to refine the fire elite zombie, the connection between the eyes of the formation was done using Han Shuo’s blood essence. It was fortunate that Han Shuo had swallowed a three hundred years old Blood Essence Grass earlier and possessed enough blood essence. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to successfully use the formation at this time.

After Han Shuo walked around the walls, dug all of the eyes of the formation, and dripped his blood essence into them, he immediately chanted an incantation and summoned the little skeleton from the other dimension.

“Quick, bring a zombie you approve of. He will be given the same treatment as the earth elite zombie!” After issuing the order, he sent the little skeleton back to the other dimension before the little skeleton nodded in understanding.

Purple flames then leapt up from Han Shuo’s hand as he activated his magical yuan in the direction that the little skeleton had stood, in order to create a temperate location.

The little skeleton’s body was made out of crystal-like white bones. After multiple refinings and training, Han Shuo had enough confidence in the strength of the little skeleton’s body that he knew that this sort of temperature wouldn’t affect the little skeleton at all.

However, if a normal zombie suddenly appeared at such a place like this, it would definitely be in terrible pain due to the scorching high temperature. It might even be directly burned to death. Thus, in order to successfully refine the fire elite zombie, Han Shuo had to make some preparations first, so that the zombie wouldn’t die from the heat once it arrived.

An urgent call passed over from the other dimension from the little skeleton. When Han Shuo received this call, he immediately cast the spell, resulting in the little skeleton appearing in front of Han Shuo within the cooled area that he’d created. When the little skeleton appeared, he was holding a zombie warrior that had an extremely large head.

Perhaps the little skeleton had felt Han Shuo’s anxiousness, and so did not take too long in his search before randomly grabbing a zombie warrior with an extremely large head.

“Alright, it’s you!” Time was tight. Han Shuo saw that everything had been prepared. When he saw the two women approaching the fire lotus, he didn’t have the time to dither as he grabbed the huge zombie and dashed towards the center of the fire lake.

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