GDK Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: A frenzied slaughter

Cultivators easily became violent and angry in the bloodlust realm. One could only comprehend the wonders of this realm in the midst of savage battle, and only through such carnage could a cultivator understand himself better. Continued slaughter was the fastest shortcut to breaking through this realm.

However, it was exceedingly easy for one to veer into a cultivation deviation during the butchery. It was incredibly hard for a cultivator to regain their reason once they accidentally lose it. After that, they would become a crazed monster that only knew how to wreak mass murder. Therefore, this realm was quite difficult to exercise self control in. Slaughter was the fastest way to ascend through it, but it was also a narrow path.

As Han Shuo flew down from the cliff, his hatred towards Florida was infinitely magnified, feeding off his anger towards the female archer Maxine who’d almost caused a fatal blow to Emily. His originally calm heart began to pound at a much faster rate than usual, and the magical yuan filled the demon infant with a thriving life force.

When the demon infant had absorbed the pure power of the soul held within the purple demon eye, it’d helped Han Shuo break through his stalemate in the true demon realm. When he’d reached the bloodlust realm, although he would occasionally have thoughts of rampaging around killing everything in sight, his strength had indeed taken leaps and bounds forward.

An inky black shadow rumbled through the sky, radiating an impossible to ignore killing intent. When the panicking Rainbow Sickle mercenaries, in the midst of gathering their men and horses to respond to Edwin and Belinda’s threat, discovered the abnormalities in the sky, they fired arrows, spears, and javelins howling with lightning into the sky.

However, none of the dozen or so attacks could come close to the dark shadow. The descending figure swiftly recited a necromancy magic incantation, and a black light flashed through the skies. A troop of gargoyles appeared out of nowhere. Wielding bone spears, they assembled into formation in front of the dark shadow, blocking all the arrows, spears, and javelins.

Suddenly, an enormous black canopy expanded from the dark figure. It covered the bright moonlight and enclosed a third of the valley in the canopy.

A thick presence of death abruptly spread out. All those who moved around in its vicinity felt as if they were moving within a quagmire. The dark shadow landed in the valley beneath the cover of the canopy, and dark creatures started popping into existence shortly thereafter.

The moonlight was blocked by the black clouds, disorienting everyone’s sense of time.

The Canopy of Necromancy was a spell that had been lost long ago, and it adversely affected the battle strength of all enemies caught within it. All dark creatures would be strengthened in the range of this canopy, and their strength and speed would be further increased after absorbing the thick presence of death around them.

This was an evil magic that grinded away at the opponent’s strength and increased the strength of one’s own dark creatures. It’d been forgotten by humans on the continent since the cemetery of death had vanished.

When Han Shuo’s magic materialized, the dark creatures all began excitedly attacking their surroundings. Not only did the Rainbow Sickles feel the limberness of their bodies affected, their eyes also felt abnormally dry and their vision was likewise affected.

“Belinda, apart from Clarendon, has another necromancer come by this time?” Edwin had been releasing dark magic when he saw the moonlight become obscured by the black clouds. He asked a gleeful question to Belinda, who happened to be manipulating her golems off on the side, when he saw the dark creatures enthusiastically attack the mercenaries.

Shaking her head, Belinda’s expression was perplexed as she responded, “Clarendon’s already been killed. There should be no other necromancers other than him!”

Edwin started when he heard those words and smiled faintly, “Then perhaps our superiors sent more people over. Even I have never seen such mysterious necromancy magic. I don’t think that there’s any other necromancers apart from our Calamity Church who would grasp such magic!”

“Of course, only our Calamity Church would have such mysterious magic. He must be one of ours.” Belinda had full faith in Edwin’s words. It seemed that they had an unswerving confidence in the strength of the Calamity Church.

“I’m Edwin, which friend has come by?” When Edwin saw that the dark creatures were helping them after Han Shuo had appeared, he couldn’t help but call out in a friendly manner as the dark creatures began to engage some of the mercenaries.

His prodigal mental strength had been mostly depleted after releasing the canopy of necromancy as well as summoning fifty to sixty dark creatures of different levels. When the dark creatures began to attack with wild abandon under the cover of the canopy, Han Shuo became a cruel shadow locked in the depths of bloodlust and began to vent his violence every which way.

A craving for fresh blood cascaded down like the waters of an endless river, pushing Han Shuo into a boundless frontier of slaughter. Wherever the dark shadow passed, the mercenaries with insufficient strength were all sliced apart by the sharp Demonslayer Edge, and fresh blood splurted everywhere.

His eyes dyed crimson, Han Shuo’s uncontrolled bloodthirst paved a path of unchecked slaughter. Like a machine, he reaped all lives in his vicinity as the mercenaries were subject to more and more horrific attacks.

His body halted slightly after hearing Edwin’s words, but he ignored them. When he looked around again, he discovered that apart from the little skeleton hot on his heels, there was no one else.

Now in the bloodlust realm, the durability of Han Shuo’s body had reached its peak. He could instinctively sense danger around him as he fought, and could even clearly perceive the fear and trembling of those far away. Whenever he killed someone, the fear and resentment of his victim upon their death would form a barely visible cloud, which was then absorbed by the dense aura of killing intent around Han Shuo.

As more and more mercenaries were slaughtered, the killing aura around Han Shuo became more and more thick. A strong scent of blood even began to emanate from his pores. The carnage refined Han Shuo’s body and magical yuan, and he could feel his strength increasing bit by bit in this process.

In contrast, the more his body and magical yuan improved, the more torpid Han Shuo’s mind became. When the fear and resentment caused from killing others was attracted to his vicinity, this enormous amount of information seemed to affect Han Shuo’s mind, making the blood vessels on his brain pulse and giving him the feeling that he was entering a cultivation deviation.

He realized that this was bad and scanned Chu Cang Lan’s memories. He immediately realized that in the bloodlust realm, this torpid state, combined with the desire to annihilate everything in sight was a sign of a cultivation deviation.

His tried and tested willpower proved to be useful now. Han Shuo recalled the Demonslayer Edge back into his storage ring and attempted to calm his rampaging heart whilst he still had some semblance of reason left. He ignored the chaos around him and sat down cross-legged.

The little skeleton was still by Han Shuo’s side and helping him reap lives when he suddenly saw his master sit down. His purple eye flashed as the little skeleton waved a hand at some of the dark creatures nearby.

The purple eye flashed on and off with an evil, purple light like a broken light bulb. There seemed to be a mysterious power compelling the dark creatures. Several zombies and hate warriors walked over fearfully as the little skeleton beckoned to them, giving the little skeleton the respect that subordinates would give to their superiors.

In front of Han Shuo, their movements were stiff and wholly guided by their instincts since they were summoned by a spell. But in front of the little skeleton, their demeanor was one of fear and respect as they took up positions around Han Shuo. They seemed deeply afraid that the little skeleton would be unsatisfied and become angry at them, behaving like the most humble of servants and slaves.

This kind of performance seemed to indicate that they’d long since known the little skeleton, or heard of the little skeleton’s dominance and wondrous achievements. Otherwise, in the vast and boundless other dimension, how would an ordinary skeletal warrior evoke so much fear and respect from them?

Perhaps, in the other dimension, the little skeleton with the seven bone spurs, wielding a bone dagger and boasting of a purple eye, had already grown into his own and become a famous and illustrious character!

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