GDK Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: The swift and fierce silver spear

Ten Gryphon Legion soldiers and Bob Ascher, as well as the swordmaster Gabriel, — little dark dragon Gilbert would be courting death if he attempted to face this enormous amount of strength head on.

Beneath Han Shuo’s urging, Gilbert realized the magnitude of the situation they were in and didn’t waste time with cheeky remarks. He charged over from the now obliterated wall, while the archers and spear throwers on Gabriel’s side found their footing once more in a newly formed formation. They suddenly shot out in unison and filled the blotted out the skies with arrows and spears, targeting Gilbert.

Han Shuo and the others had long since made preparations. Emily shot out a dark magical spell and formed a grey, semi-circle protective barrier in the air. Han Shuo also chanted the incantation for Dark Mist, covering the entire area in darkness. Candice, Phoebe, and Caspian also used a variety of methods to smash the arrows and spears that came their way.

Han Shuo had already been injured when he had crossed blades with Gabriel earlier. It was a good thing that he could call upon his necromancy magic without his magical yuan. When Han Shuo chanted out a magical spell, several zombie and hate warriors suddenly appeared on the ground, in addition to dozens of skeletal warriors, forming a blockade in the gap in the wall that had been made by Gilbert.

The summoned dark creatures played the roles of meat shields, filling up the gap so that the attacks fell only on them.

Add to this Emily’s magic shield and Han Shuo’s Dark Mist, as well as Phoebe and Candice’s efforts, Gilbert didn’t suffer any injuries in the end.

The dark creatures that Han Shuo had summoned were shot full of arrows and spears, and he once again began chanting, but this time it was the “Corpse Explosion” spell that he’d just mastered when the soldiers of the Gryphon Legion drew near, making two hate warriors explode, sending flesh and blood flying through the sky. The ten soldiers were caught off guard and were all sent crashing backwards.

“Take to the sky and get us out of here!” Han Shuo yelled out as he made use of this chance in which the dark creatures were blocking all the arrows and spears.

Gilbert didn’t hesitate when he heard Han Shuo’s order and swung his enormous body around, crushing two houses by his side. Boulders hurtled through the air as trees snapped. Gilbert roared as his body, previously hovering close to the ground, suddenly shot towards the dark sky.

“Halt right there!” Bob Ascher suddenly shot over magically at this moment, the silver spear in his hand suddenly shooting out like a silver comet. A splendid tail followed behind it as it aimed for Gilbert.

As a sky rider, Bob Ascher had weathered many battles over the years and had seen all sorts of situations. Not only was he himself quite fierce, but his breadth of battle experience was even more rich. He understood that it would be difficult to catch up to Gilbert with the gryphon’s speed, so the only way was to injure Gilbert first. Otherwise, even though he had a large amount of troops following close behind him, it would be impossible to keep Han Shuo’s group behind.

Bob Ascher’s abundant fighting aura was concentrated into the spear as it drew a magnificent, almost piercing, arc in the dark night sky. It embodied a severe presence within it, giving Han Shuo and the others immense pressure. The spear flew towards them, as if hunting prey, whistling through the night and seeming to be making use of the wind as well.

Han Shuo hastily chanted another bone spear spell, and two bone spears suddenly materialized in front of the silver spear according to Han Shuo’s will. They broke apart as soon as they touched the spear, and the spear continued, unabated, on its path.

As Han Shuo was reeling in shock, Emily chanted out a dark magic spell as a Grim Reaper’s blade once again formed in the night sky. As the magic staff in Emily’s hands drew an arc downwards, the Grim Reaper’s blade shot swiftly towards the oncoming silver spear.

Another exploding sound rang out as Emily suddenly stumbled on Gilbert’s back. She couldn’t help but take a few steps backwards as the blade formed out of her mental strength dissipated in the blink of an eye.

However, because of her attack, the fighting aura coalesced on the tip of the silver spear had decreased noticeably. Whether it was the flare of its silver light, or its speed, both had been suddenly decreased.

Although Han Shuo’s heart went out to Emily at this time, he didn’t have the time to comfort her. He stared unblinkingly at the spear, prepared to summon the Demonslayer Edge and meet it in combat.

Two crossbow bolts suddenly flew out from Phoebe and Candice’s hands. Candice’s bolt missed, but Phoebe’s bolt solidly smashed into the slowing silver spar.

Because of this bolt, the spear’s speed decreased once more. Gilbert had increased his speed at this time and was making for the horizon. He increased the gap between the group and Bob Ascher’s gryphon, and continued to pull ahead.

“Convey my orders! The entire city is under martial law. Only entrance is allowed, exit is not. All transportation matrixes traveling to other cities are to be closed! No one can activate them without my order. All trespassers will be killed without exception!” Bob Ascher’s fierce yell could be heard in the distance, with even Han Shuo and the others hearing him clearly.

“Are you alright?” Han Shuo relaxed when he saw that they were temporarily out of danger, but his expression tightened as he hurriedly rushed to Emily’s side and held her up.

Emily took off her mask and displayed a face drained of color, but when she saw that Han Shuo was asking after her so urgently, sweetness flooded her heart as she gave a weak laugh, “No worries, this is what happens after I exhaust my magic. Don’t worry about me, how are you?”

“I’ll be fine after a few days of rest as well!” Han Shuo also comforted Emily with a smile.

Phoebe was now wearing a stiff expression when she saw how intimate Han Shuo and Emily were, but Emily was wounded and had gotten her injuries just now from protecting them all. She wasn’t in a position to say anything about Han Shuo’s concern for her.

Coughing lightly, she braved the chilly wind to walk up to Han Shuo, worry also appearing on her stunning face. She reached out a slender, jade hand to wipe the blood from Emily’s lips, admonishing her, “You spit out blood, so how can you say that you’re alright?!”

Phoebe’s light cough and her motions immediately made Emily realize something. She pushed away Han Shuo’s support with a nonchalant smile and maintained a distance of two arm lengths from him, only saying then, “What do we do now?”

“I’m beginning to worry about the safety of the others now that Valen City is on lockdown.” Han Shuo’s face darkened as she looked at Emily.

Nodding, Emily said, “That’s right, he was incredibly enraged just now and won’t be easily pacified. Valen City has never closed its transportation matrixes to other cities before. In doing so, he’s cut off all chances of of communication with the outside world. Whether it was the Empire or news from any other places, Valen City will be unable to receive any of it. Bob Ascher must have hardened his heart and won’t give up that easily since he’s taken this step.”

“The target I’d come to fight this time was water magus Howard by Bob Ascher’s side. I had originally been confident of handling him, but he found someone to help him who doesn’t play by the rules to capture me. He wanted something from our druid order after he captured me, but I didn’t give it to him even when threatened with death. Before you came tonight, he said he was going to capture little Angelica to threaten me with, so I’m concerned for her safety.” Caspian finally came clean with everything at this time.

“Honored master, where are we flying to? If you don’t make a decision soon, we’ll be leaving Valen City!” Gilbert’s voice suddenly rang out in the frosty winter air.

Valen City was a mess at the moment and so the best and wisest course of action was to leave. However, if they left now, those still in Valen City would likely be in great danger. Hesitation showed on Han Shuo’s face as he looked uncertainly at those assembled in front of him.

“My cousin is very good to me and I cannot leave him in danger!” Phoebe resolutely expressed her stance when she saw Han Shuo look at her.

“I can’t give up on my battle comrades!” Candice also spoke up.

When Han Shuo looked at Emily, Emily smiled charmingly, “I’ll go with whatever you decide!”

“Gilbert, return to the hotel!” Han Shuo stomped down on the back of the dark dragon after thinking for a while.

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