GDK Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: I’ll safeguard it for you

“How can you do this, you can’t do this!” Gilbert’s loud complaints traveled far.

“Alright, alright. Let’s talk about this later. Rest up first.” Han Shuo randomly fobbed Gilbert off with some excuses and silently mused over the mental pulse he’d felt earlier.

When he’d sealed the contract with Gilbert earlier, a marvelous connection formed between the two. According to the power of the contract, Han Shuo was able to locate Gilbert’s position even with his eyes closed. In addition, Han Shuo knew that with the power of master and servant, he could absolutely dictate the life and death of the lewd dragon.

As Gilbert complained and whined, the little skeleton returned to Han Shuo with the bizarre bow in hand. When the small lewd dragon Gilbert saw the little skeleton appear with the bow, it recognized the presence and instinctively dashed behind Han Shuo in a panic.

Since the bow had appeared, that meant the dark elf who’d wielded it was done for. Han Shuo took the bow from the little skeleton and held it in his hand, sensing it. He didn’t discover anything uncommon about it at all. He observed it closely and discovered that the entire bow gave off a dark brown color like ancient tree bark, full of complex, strange, and mysterious patterns.

“Liaison, the matriarch of the dark elves Dana and one third of the dark elves successfully escaped.” The old priest reported what the forest troll chief had to say and stood next to Han Shuo to speak respectfully.

Nodding, Han Shuo first stored the strange bow within his storage ring and said, “The dark elves are very familiar with the underground world. They’re the masters of this place and it’s not strange that they’d be able to use the terrain to escape. In order to prevent the dark elves from coming back and seeking revenge, we should leave the underground world as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we’ll have great trouble once Dana gathers the other dark elf clans to attack us.”

“Master, are you returning to the world above? Oh, that’s wonderful. I’ve never left the underground world. I can finally see what the outside world looks like now.” Gilbert appeared very excited to hear that Han Shuo and the others were returning to the world above and cheered loudly.

Looking at Gilbert strangely, Han Shuo asked with a frown, “Have you always lived underground? Then how did you become enemies with the dark elves?”

“Eh, there’s nothing much to it. I ran away from the Dark Dragon City underground and then got lost. I wanted to go aboveground and ran into the lizard men. They treated me as an honored guest and agreed to take me out of the underground world, and promised to help me find beauties and treasure. So I then helped them destroy the homes of the dark elves in return.”

“But when I came to destroy their village, I discovered that the dark elf girls were very pretty. It was a pity that these girls came running to me actually attacked me instead. I escaped to the swamp when I was hurt and you know the story from there.” Gilbert looked innocently at Han Shuo as he detailed what had happened to him.

Although these words were confusing, out of order, and didn’t explain many vital details, Han Shuo more or less understood what Gilbert meant. He was too lazy to inquire further and so nodded and asked, “Are your injuries serious?”

“Very serious!” The little lewd dragon scratched his head and said dispiritedly. He paused and then said, “But I’ll be able to slowly recover after some time. It was mostly that weird arrow that made me feel pain. I really don’t know why such a weak and fragile lifeform could shoot such a powerful arrow!”

Han Shuo slapped Gilbert’s black head and said, “Idiot, didn’t you see the dark elf immediately die after shooting that arrow? That was an evil arrow that consumed life in its wake. Of course it’d be strong. Don’t think you’re really something just because you have a large body.”

Gilbert cried out in pain and rubbed the head that Han Shuo had just slapped, muttering, “I’m already injured. Even though you’re my master, you still can’t bully me!”

Thinking for a bit, Han Shuo took out the Medusa’s essence blood and gave it to the little lewd dragon. “This is the essence blood of the Medusa, it has a miraculous effect on injuries and will definitely be good for your injuries. Take it and use it sparingly, don’t waste it.”

“Oh, wondrous master, I salute you.” Gilbert temporarily couldn’t see anything because his eyes had been injured, but when he heard that there was Medusa’s essence blood that could heal his injuries, he waved his hands as he kissed up to Han Shuo, finally laying his claws on the small flask with the Medusa blood.”

“Bring my litter over and carry this blind dark dragon. We need to leave the underground world as soon as possible. Otherwise, we’ll have incredible trouble when Dana gathers the other clans of dark elves.”

The old priest also understood the danger they were in with their current situation. He gave instructions to the forest troll chief in the distance and two litters were carried over. The comfortable, spacious one held the little skeleton and the somewhat crude one held the little lewd dragon Gilbert. Han Shuo walked in front, leading the way.

It was a good thing that Han Shuo had silently taken note of the path on the way here. With Han Shuo’s current memory and brain, he was able to fully recall the complicated and winding roads in his mind. They didn’t run into any difficulties on the way back out under Han Shuo’s guidance. When they reached the entrance passage once again and started walking into the spacious and interwoven caverns, the old priest was incredibly surprised.

“Liaison, we’ve only walked through this area once, yet you’ve remembered the entire path already?” The old priest couldn’t help but ask with curiosity after holding his questions in for a while.

“Oh, this is all conducted under the guidance of the mighty Datara and has nothing to do with me.” Han Shuo responded carelessly.

He gave an order and the little skeleton poked a head out of the litter, waving his little hand at the old priest and saluting Han Shuo. The old priest was baffled as he didn’t know the significance of the little skeleton’s saluting motion, and so gave the little skeleton a round of compliments again.

Halfway through, many scattered and random footsteps rang out in Han Shuo’s ears. His heart seized as he urged the forest trolls onwards, wanting them to leave the underground world as quickly as possible.

His sharp eyes saw some strange creatures with the body of a man and head of a lizard at the end of the cavern. He remembered the conversation between Gilbert and the dark elves, immediately understood that these creatures were likely the lizardmen below ground. However, what he didn’t understand was why the lizardmen were here.

“Some lizardmen are here, do you know what’s going on?” Han Shuo snapped his fingers and some forest troll warriors brought the litter holding Gilbert over to Han Shuo, allowing him to ask his question.

“Oh, it really is the lizardmen. I hadn’t thought that they’d keep their word. They promised me that they’d take me out of the underground world, but I ran into the dark elf trap later and retreated back into the swamp. To think that they were still waiting for me!” Gilbert cheered and surged out of the litter.

Perhaps it was because of the effects of the Medusa’s blood, but Gilbert’s eyes, the ones that previously had blood gushing out of them, were now back to normal. Although he was still covered in injuries, the blood had stopped flowing from his wounds.

The little lewd dragon suddenly roared out lowly with a resonant voice, “Lowly lifeforms, are you here to offer tribute to me?”

The lizardmen at the end of the cavern suddenly cheered when they heard Gilbert’s voice. Dozens of lizard men appeared from either side of the cavern, with a few of them lifting a chest, respectfully placing it beneath Gilbert’s feet. An elderly lizardmen hobbled forward on a cane, “Mighty, noble dark dragon, we’ve heard of you punishing the evil dark elves for us. This chest of treasure is what we’ve promised you, please accept it.”

Gilbert walked over and lifted the lid to see that it was filled with all sorts of radiant and sparkling crystals. He was immediately very excited as he then asked, “What about the beauties you promised me?”

The old lizardman snapped his fingers and three curvaceous female lizards walked in front of Gilbert. One of them used unpracticed common tongue to say shyly, “Honored noble dark dragon, us three sisters will serve you well, please take us with you.”

“Ah hahaha.” Han Shuo laughed loudly as he watched the little lewd dragon’s smile freeze on his face. He couldn’t help but laugh a bit mockingly.

“Forget it, I’ll accept the crystals, but you take the three lady lizards away. I don’t need them.” Gilbert picked up the chest of crystals and avoided the three lizard beauties’ attentions. He immediately spoke to Han Shou and wanted to leave immediately.

When Gilbert drew near, Han Shuo snaked out a hand like lightning and grabbed Gilbert’s box of beautiful crystals and threw it into his space ring, ignoring Gilbert’s complaints. “Yours is mine, I’ll safeguard it for you. Heh heh.”

The forest troll entourage then walked towards the world aboveground thanks to Han Shuo’s amazing memory.

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