GDK Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: The fate of the original demons

“Eh, I have a buttload of things to do right now. I’m afraid I don’t have time to spend with you.” Han Shuo thought for a moment and then responded to Lisa.

With regards to Lisa, Han Shuo had rather disliked her in the beginning, but with his later interactions with her, he realized that Lisa wasn’t a vile person. She was just a bit too naive. Particularly towards the end of their interactions, Lisa had protected him in many ways. This made it difficult for Han Shuo to maintain his heart of revenge towards her like he had before.

However, as much as he didn’t dislike Lisa, he still didn’t have any feelings from her. Therefore, when Lisa made her suggestion, Han Shuo could only fob her off with a careless excuse.

When Han Shuo spoke thus, Lisa remained silent for a bit and then nodded. “Alright, I’ll return home tomorrow. I hope you’ll be stronger the next time we meet.”

Lisa was noticeably distracted when she said this, and she smiled after her words concluded. She walked back to the girls’ dormitory alone, her back shaking slightly as she did so.

Shaking his head and sighing lightly, Han Shuo only returned to his room when he saw Lisa disappear into the distance.

When he arrived in front of the dorm, Han Shuo had just pushed open the door when a longsword came stabbing towards his chest. His face changed drastically, and he tried to back out of the doorway without even thinking about it.

However, the sword’s movement was like lightning, as it’d already arrived at Han Shuo’s chest after the cold light had flashed. Han Shuo’s rapidly retreating body tilted sideways as he quickly fell to the side.

Pfft, the longsword stabbed deeply into Han Shuo’s body through the ribs, injuring him in that instant. The ambusher then quickly retracted the longsword with ease.

Although pain wracked his body, Han Shuo didn’t make a sound as the Demonslayer Edge flew out from his right sleeve. It pierced through the door and stabbed directly towards his attacker.

Dark green fighting aura suddenly exploded as the door turned into splinters. A figure, with its face covered, suddenly appeared in front of Han Shuo with the accompaniment of metallic clashes.

With Han Shuo’s current powers of vision, all concealment would basically be useless as long as he’d gotten a glimpse of a certain person once. Han Shuo hadn’t thought that Clark would be so scarily dogged. He’d retreated with all due haste when he hadn’t discovered anything last night, but he’d laid in wait tonight to make a move against Han Shuo.

Because he’d felt a bit apologetic towards Lisa, Han Shuo hadn’t been on guard this late at night and thus he’d been less cautious. He hadn’t thought that Clark would actually ambush him and so had been injured when the ambush started.

As an earth rider, Clark’s fighting aura should’ve been milky white. However, it looked like he finally understood that Han Shuo wasn’t an easy target after last night’s failure and was being much more careful this time.

These thoughts flashed through Han Shuo’s mind like lightning. Before the only partially hidden Clark sent another stroke his way, Han Shuo looked at Clark as his legs suddenly exerted power and he madly retreated outside, crying out loudly, “Assassin!”

Bam! Han Shuo’s back suddenly ran into a sturdy and chilly wall. When he turned back for a look, he discovered that there was only air behind him. His heart immediately tightened as he understood that Clark had come prepared this time.

Han Shuo had concentrated all his attention after Clark had appeared and could sense that there was no one else around. As an earth rider, for Clark to have set up the water magic in the surroundings that was this sturdy ice wall meant that he must’ve used a costly magic scroll that didn’t need magic as a catalyst. This was why he could release the sturdy ice wall in the surroundings, completely blocking off Han Shuo’s escape path and all sound from traveling.

Indeed, the sturdy ice wall didn’t break when his back hit it. Han Shuo patently saw a jeering look flash through Clark’s eyes, his entire face so muffled that only his eyes showed. Another ball of dark green fighting aura then flared out, forming the appearance of rolling waves and churned towards Han Shuo.

His mind racing, the Demonslayer Edge, that’d just returned to his hand, suddenly howled as magical yuan infused it. It danced with exceedingly hot flames to counter Clark’s wave of fighting aura attack.

It was a pity that Clark felt a strange power suddenly appear when he sensed the magical yuan infused Demonslayer Edge, halfway through his attack. His eyes flashed and Han Shuo discovered that the roiling fighting aura attack was dark green in the front, yet milky white in the back.

He didn’t even need to think that Clarke was afraid of failing when he sensed the unknown power. He finally exposed his hidden strength and fully displayed the ferocity of an earth rider.

Although his magical yuan was limitless in power, Han Shuo had only been training it for a few months. He knew that it would be difficult for him to defend against this all out attack. He weighed his options with extreme speed in his mind, and the three original demons circling Clark instantly melded into Clark’s body and ate away at his essence with reckless abandon.

“Agh!” The silent Clark immediately screamed hoarsely in agony when the original demons started eating away at him. The milky white fighting aura, that he’d just released, was partially pulled back into his body in an attempt to destroy the three rampaging original demons.

Bam! sounded out as Han Shuo’s magical yuan and Clark’s fighting aura finally clashed. Han Shuo staggered backwards, his mind a bit woozy.

Suddenly, three pricks of pain reflected in Han Shuo’s nerves, and his somewhat foggy mind instantly cleared. He understood that this meant that the three original demons had already been destroyed in Clark’s body. He focused his concentration and looked at Clark, noticing that Clark was looking at his body with panic as a strand of blood slowly seeped out from the corners of his mouth.

Because of the three original demons eating away at his essence, Clark’s body was surely injured as well now. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be looking at himself with such horrified eyes. After all, to the people of this world, having an unknown entity enter their body and devour their essence would be something that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

The Demonslayer Edge, newly infused with magical yuan, carried with it a burning, flaming momentum as it struck into the back of the sturdy ice wall with a howl. A sharp ping sounded as Han Shuo charged towards the hallway with a look of joy.

Just as Han Shuo threw back his head and was about to cry for help, Clark suddenly jumped out Han Shuo’s window and quickly made his escape, as he’d felt the boundary collapse. He looked a bit bedraggled. It looked like he knew that with the collapse of the boundary, the plan to kill Han Shuo this time had failed and thus he immediately decided to retreat.

Opening his mouth, Han Shuo didn’t call out. Given that Clark had left, there was no point in him calling for help.

Because of the sound isolation effect, although there’d been an extremely harrowing fight in Han Shuo’s dorm and the hallway, it hadn’t wakened any of the other students. Han Shuo’s heart still pounded in fright as he looked at the shattered door and walked in silently.

The three painstakingly refined original demons had been destroyed by the fighting aura within Clark’s body due to the need to contain him. However, it’d been because of the effect of the three original demons that saved Han Shuo’s life. Although the three had been destroyed, Clark’s body had also been injured because his essence had been eaten away by the original demons. He’d have to rest for the immediate future and it’d be tough to prepare a second attack.

“It’s alright, the new will replace the old. It looks like I can begin refining an even higher level of the yin demons. When I make it to the true demon stage and bring forth the elite wood zombie and yin demons, it’ll be your death sentence then Clark.” Han Shuo murmured to himself.

The next day, morning.

Lawrence came looking for Han Shuo according to their agreement, and the two sat down in Han Shuo’s room.

“Clark came by last night, I was almost unable to see you again.” The door was still shattered and there were noticeable traces of a fight around it. Han Shuo didn’t hide anything and spoke frankly to Lawrence.

Giving a start of shock, Lawrence was astonished, “So soon?”

Nodding, Han Shuo said again. “Yes, I didn’t think that would happen either. However, Clark’s body has also been injured and I don’t think he’ll make another attempt any time soon. You don’t need to worry about anything.”

“You, you harmed Clark?” Lawrence looked at Han Shuo with disbelief as he asked in shock.

“Yes, but if you think that means my strength is greater than Clark’s, you’d be dead wrong. I harmed him through a fluke, and if it wasn’t for me evading in time, I would’ve definitely been killed by him. This person is really difficult to shake off.” Han Shuo’s face was grave as he spoke lowly.

Even without Han Shuo’s reminder, Lawrence knew of how thorny Clark was, given his greater familiarity with the latter. Although Han Shuo didn’t speak of how the battle unfolded last night, Lawrence could tell from his expressions that it must’ve been very heated indeed. No matter what methods he’d used, that Han Shuo could injure Clark meant that Han Shuo wasn’t a simple man either. Thus, when he heard Han Shuo’s words, Lawrence’s opinion of Han Shuo raised another few notches.

“With my understanding of Clark, it will be difficult for us to find him now that he’s injured. He must’ve returned to a safe place to rest and recover. Our plan to kill him can only be delayed.” Lawrence thought briefly and spoke slowly.

“Alright, I happen to have to take care of some matters as well. Let’s end matters here for today and I’ll come find you after another ten days. We’ll chat then.”

Lawrence also nodded in agreement after Han Shuo spoke, then looked at him deeply before taking his leave. Han Shuo also proceeded cautiously to the mountains in the back, planning on starting the earth elite zombie first in the cemetery of death and then finishing the matter with the forest trolls.

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