GDK Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: The little skeleton immune to dark magic

Upon seeing that the little skeleton had walked out from the carriage, the old priest heaved a sigh of relief and called out excitedly, “Datara, Datara!”

Under the old priest’s excited yells, the forest trolls, that had turned somewhat cowardly, all regained their fighting spirit and followed behind the little skeleton, once again charging towards the female dark archmage.

The bone dagger wielding little skeleton had a eye patch on its smooth and shiny skull plate as it dashed nimbly towards that fey, female archmage.

“Oh, heh heh. It’s only a comical skeletal warrior!” The female archmage had thought some strong reinforcements were coming her way when she saw the forest trolls regain their courage. When she saw that what was dashing towards her was just a low level dark creature, the skeletal warrior, she immediately started chuckling in mockery.

When the little skeleton arrived in front of her, she spoke to a journeyman swordsman next to her, “Kill that ridiculous skeletal warrior!”

“Understood, Lady Emily!” The swordsman responded respectfully in a low voice and strode forward, grasping his broadsword, towards the little skeleton, smirking coldly.

It was a pity that before the journeyman swordsman had approached, the little skeleton, that’d been approaching with normal speed before, suddenly sprang off both calf bones and hugged the ground in magical flight. The increase in speed was more than ten times as the little bone dagger in his hand abruptly, aimed directly for the journeyman swordsman who was attempting to block his way.

The little bone dagger drew a round arc after leaving his hand, and had already made its way to the journeyman swordsman’s neck in the midst of his shock and surprise. Frightened senseless, the journeyman swordsman’s body abruptly came to a halt, drawing his sword in a no holds barred attempt to defend against the bone dagger attack.

Clang rang out softly as the bone dagger crashed into the broadsword held in the journeyman swordsman’s hand, causing his stopped body to involuntarily take a step backwards. Although the journeyman swordsman was surprised that he’d had to take a step backwards in defending against the bone dagger, he still breathed out a sigh of relief as he felt that he’d already gotten past the danger.

However, a sudden change in fortune occurred, one that he would never understand, even in his moment of death. The bone dagger that had fallen to the ground once again shot towards his chest just as he was about to charge forward. It completely upended his knowledge of the world as it opened a bloody hole in his chest and caused him to lose his life where he stood.

The swiftly moving little skeleton didn’t pause for a single moment here as the withered bones of his left hand extended, and the little bone dagger that had just pierced through the journeyman swordsman returned marvelously to its his hand. The remaining empty eye socket in the little skeleton’s head once again fixed its gaze on the astonished female dark magus Emily.

“Oh my gosh, that little skeleton killed a journeyman swordsman.” Although Trunks was busy fending off enemies in the distance, he still paid heed to the little skeleton’s movements. When he noticed that the little skeleton had murdered one of the journeyman swordsman, he immediately gave an involuntary cry of shock.

“Stop him, stop him!” Emily had also witnessed the little skeleton’s miraculous performance. The jeering smile that had been at the corners of her mouth had long since vanished as her heart was in frantic disarray.

She quickly recited several journeyman and adept dark magics, with them landing directly on the little skeleton’s body. However, the little skeleton was made entirely from bone and had been repeatedly refined by Han Shuo’s magical yuan, and had no reaction whatsoever. He stood there and rather looked at Emily in confusion, as if wondering why Emily’s attacks were so feeble.

“The great Datara has demonstrated his courage and power, what are you standing there dumbly for?” Concealed in the distance, Han Shuo suddenly called out coldly at this moment and once again gave the little skeleton the order to attack archmage Emily.

Yells of gobbledegook suddenly roared out from the old priest and forest troll chief’s mouths. When the forest troll warriors, who were following behind the little skeleton, saw that the previously frightening Emily couldn’t do anything to the little skeleton, they cried out “Datara” with excitement and once again charged forward with no fear of death

The forest troll hunters in the distance shot out a dense wave of javelins and long spears as ranks of attacks shot towards the McGrady Guild’s guards. Add to that the arrows from the archers as well as magic attacks from several priests, numerous guards were pierced full of bloody holes after this wave of javelins and spears had shot past. Bloody froth bubbled from their mouths as they lay on the ground, unmoving.

“Stop that damned skeletal warrior!” Emily saw that the little skeleton was chasing her in hot pursuit and became a bit frantic. When several dark magics had no effect on the little skeleton, Emily finally realized that this bizarre little skeleton had an extremely high defense against dark magics.

Emily gathered up the folds of her magic robe in one hand and bedraggedly fled towards the back as she hollered. Her well rounded buttocks swayed continuously as she had no further time to cast destructive and harrowing dark magics.

Because of Emily’s retreat, the pressure on the forest troll warriors decreased greatly. Add to that the little skeleton’s presence strongly boosted morale, this caused these faithful followers to completely ignore their injuries and casualties and charge towards the McGrady Guild guards like the tidewaters.

At this moment, the forest troll warriors that had been unable to draw near the McGrady Guild train finally crashed into the guards after paying the price of several dozen forest troll warriors.

The low roars of the earth dragons, the stomping sounds of the lizard beasts, the frantic calls of the merchants, and the sounds of combat between the forest troll warriors and the guards permeated the scene. The advantage in numbers quickly became apparently. Although their personal strength didn’t measure up to the forest trolls, they were much more disciplined than the randomly scattered guards. They were not in the slightest bit disorganized after rushing over, and each was more unafraid of death than the other.

In only the span of a moment, the forest troll contingent, made of young warriors and boasting of numbers more than fives times that of the McGrady Guards, had already taken the high ground. Han Shuo stayed in the back, commanding the little skeleton to pursue the archmage Emily and directing the forest troll hunters to attack as well.

The rows of javelins and spears landed on the earth dragons and lizard beasts afterwards, causing the deaths of all the merchants. When the two main pack animals were injured, they began to run wildly in their madness. When their enormous hooves trampling down, they caused the deaths of many guards.

Finally, the merchants of the McGrady Guild saw that they would be unable to obtain victory and they decisively decided to make a break for it in their timidness. Some personal guards protecting them, these merchants yelled and hollered, saying that they were giving up the goods and split into several directions to break through.

The situation was already under control and Han Shuo didn’t continue to further conceal his movements. He walked out from the midst of the forest troll warriors and set his sights on the earth mage Leon who had personally attacked him.

The dark archmage Emily was completely frightened with fear beneath the little skeleton’s pursuit. She’d tried to fly through the air, but became the target of many under Han Shuo’s order as she immediately took the brunt of several dozen javelin and long spear attacks.

Even though she’d erected a dark magic shield in the nick of time, she didn’t have an easy time of it as a walking human target. The magic shield blocked this round of attacks, but also greatly depleted her mental strength, even causing her to spit out a mouthful of blood.

With the warning of previous experience, Emily didn’t dare fly through the air again in such a short distance. She could only hide amongst the McGrady Guild’s Guards to the best of her abilities and continuously cry for help, asking for someone to help defend her from the little skeleton, but it was a pity that the scene was a chaotic mess at this moment. Under circumstances in which one’s own personal safety was tough to guarantee, no one else would pay heed to someone else’s survival. This caused her to flee haphazardly, in great panic.

“Eh, how did you know it was me?” Han Shuo looked askance at Trunks after he’d revealed himself and asked.

“I didn’t fully recognize you, but it could!” Trunks smiled and shrugged his shoulders, pointing at the manticore beneath him.

Nodding, Han Shuo said, “So this was the case!”

“It’s you guys! What do you want?” Leon immediately recognized the memorable Han Shuo when the latter revealed himself, and he asked timidly.

“Your life of course! An eye for an eye. Shouldn’t you pay up for the injuries you’ve caused me?” Han Shuo looked coldly at Leon and dashed towards him after saying this noncommittally.

“Han, leave this person to me. You haven’t fully recovered from your injuries yet, best not to make a move that easily.” Trunks saw that Han Shuo was about to make a move and suddenly spoke up to stop him, then spurring the manticore forward to Leon before Han Shuo had responded.

The earth adept mage Leon immediately chanted an incantation when he saw that Trunks was spurring the manticore forward to him. The ground before Trunks suddenly roiled and an earth wall quickly formed, forming an obstacle in the direction that Trunks was charging from.

Having released the earth wall magic, Leon understood that Trunks wanted his life and that there was a Han Shuo of unknown strength hovering around the edges. He didn’t dare linger at all and immediately fled without another thought as soon as the earth wall had appeared.

“Don’t worry, I’ll kill him!” Trunks smiled from the back of the manticore at Han Shuo and charged the wall together after these words. Beneath the manticore’s impetus and the efforts of the longsword in his hand, the wall of earth that had just formed suddenly collapsed. Leaping across the wall, Trunks leisurely pursued the escaping Leon and he seemed quite at ease.

The originals demons were spread out in three directions, and Han Shuo retained a complete picture of the entire situation through their observations. He discovered that the forest trolls, with their strength in numbers, had completely grasped the situation with the cowardly merchants leading the way in fleeing. The Guild’s guards were retreating beneath their attacks. No one was laying down their lives to protect the goods and they did everything in their power to break through to the outside.

The little skeleton pursued the dark archmage relentlessly under Han Shuo’s orders. A group of forest trolls were following tightly behind the great Datara and handling the female archmage along with the little skeleton. The female dark magus couldn’t use her dark magus due to the little skeleton’s continual harassment, and the forest was blocked off on all sides. They finally forced the archmage Emily into a trap, capturing her with a large net woven out of branches.

“I have what you need, you can’t kill me, you can’t!” Emily abruptly called out when javelins and spears were aimed at the archmage and about to descend.

A thought struck Han Shuo as he immediately gave the little skeleton an order. When the little skeleton received the order, he waved his empty left hand, giving the forest trolls next to him a gesture to halt. The little skeleton walked towards Emily with bone dagger in hand, her frightened gaze fixed upon him. The little skeleton tore the shirt off a random corpse of a guard next to him and shoved the rag into Emily’s mouth, using ropes to tie up her arms and legs at the same time.

When the female dark archmage’s gaudy red lips had been stoppered up, she continuously emitted sounds from her throat, but no one paid attention to her. The little skeleton wielded the bone dagger and took up the responsibility to looking over her. Han Shuo leveraged his observations through the original demons to continuously give commands to the forest trolls and point out where people were escaping, maximizing their spoils of battle to the greatest degree possible.

After half an hour, the scattered sounds of fighting from all sides had all stopped, and when Trunks approached from the distance on the back of his manticore, the forest trolls also tried to kill, but stayed their hands beneath Han Shuo’s orders.

When Trunks spurred the manticore on to Han Shuo’s side, he saw the forest trolls on the side look at Han Shuo with respectful and humble expressions. He seemed to understand something in that moment.

“I’ll explain in detail to you later. Trunks, you must believe me.” Han Shuo also noticed the oddities in Trunks’ gaze and opened his mouth to express his apologies.

Trunks smiled and nodded, saying, “I have time to listen to your explanations.”

Looking at Trunks with gratitude, Han Shuo walked to the side of the dark archmage and roughly tore the cloth out of her mouth. He lowered his body and stared at Emily, saying coldly and cruelly, “Give me a reason not to kill you!”

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