GDK Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: This is called a hang glider

By the time that everyone had surrounded the Medusa, it had already fallen and lay without moving. Trunks leapt onto the body with sword in hand, slicing open its head and taking out the most valuable item from the Medusa with a look of joy.

Trunks dug out the core of the level one magic beast and the blue blood near its core. When Han Shuo had dashed over from the distance, the matters on this side had been completed, and even the corpse of the Medusa had been pushed into the depths of the trap.

The, elf off in the distance, followed closely behind Nia, poking her head out to gaze at the Medusa within the trap, saying softly, “How does this ugly fellow have such a lovely voice?”

“Angelica, you should hurry and go back. We have other things to do!” Nia frowned involuntarily when she saw the young female elf look on with a face full of curiosity.

“No, sister Nia let me stay with you. This is much more fun than being at grandpa’s.” Angelica smiled sweetly at Nia and shook her head, speaking shyly.

After Han Shuo made his way over, Trunks took out the magical core and the precious blood that he’d retrieved and handed it over to Han Shuo. “I’ll keep ten drops of the Medusa’s blue blood. You can split the rest with the others.”

A small bottle filled with the Medusa’s blue blood was stored within a crystalline, white vase. That and the Medusa’s magical core were all shoved into Han Shuo’s hands. Grasping the items that Trunks had handed over, Han Shuo asked, “How much blood does Odysseus need to fully recover?”

“I think five drops of the Medusa’s essence blood should be enough to help Odysseus fully recover. The essence blood has a miraculous effect. Not only can it increase the recovery speed of injuries, but it can reconnect separated limbs. If one’s arms or legs are broken, the essence blood of the Medusa will allow the limbs to reconnect and grow without affecting movement in the future. Therefore, the Medusa’s essence blood is very precious.” Trunks looked at Han Shuo and solemnly explained the preciousness of the Medusa’s essence blood.

Nodding, Han Shuo also took out a medicine flask and poured out half of the Medusa’s essence blood and gave the rest of the bottle along with the level one magical creature core to Aphrodite. He said, “These items belong to you guys. Split it up with them after this is all over.”

Aphrodite looked askance at Han Shuo and opened her mouth to say, “Isn’t it a bit too much to give us all this? I think we should only receive either the Medusa’s essence blood or the magical core. After all, the two of you put forth the most effort in this plan to kill the Medusa, we only served as a sort of distraction and hindrance.”

“Take it for now, we have other things to do. If you’ve further considerations, why not wait until you’ve taken care of Odysseus? Odysseus told you before to temporarily listen to my words, I think you remember that.”

The magical core of the Medusa could be used to create some mysterious instruments that would also have the same mesmerizing effect. If sold, it would absolutely be sold for a premium price. However, the Medusa wasn’t Han Shuo’s goal this time, but rather the Fruit of Dagmar that would be incredibly useful to Han Shuo’s cultivation.

As useful as the things on the Medusa were, they had no direct usefulness for Han Shuo. Therefore, he was extremely generous in portioning out the spoils of battle from the Medusa. Han Shuo did so also because he hoped that when he obtained the Fruit of Dagmar later, he would have a higher chance of taking more of the Fruits. This was what he needed the most at the moment.

“Now that the Medusa had been cleared from the swamp, the only things left within the swamp are the man-eating plants and permeating toxins. It was said that the Fruit of Dagmar grew within the man-eating plans. We can come up with a plan to find the Fruit.” Trunks looked at Han Shuo and opened his mouth to make the suggestion.

Nodding, Han Shuo didn’t say much and walked towards the swamp, deep in thought. When he came to the edge of the swamp, he randomly picked up one of the small stones on the shore and threw it into the distance. When the stone landed, it sank into the swamp within the blink of an eye and vanished without a trace.

Of those present, no one could fly through the air and only Han Shuo’s three original demons could patrol around the swamp. When he arrived, Han Shuo sat down cross legged with a darkened face and focused his complete attention on manipulating the three original demons. They danced through the vast swamp and attempted to locate the Fruit of Dagmar.

When Trunks and the others arrived, they saw Han Shuo sitting cross legged without a sound, with even his eyes closed. Everyone was rather baffled.

“Sister Nia, what’s wrong with that bad man?” The pure elven maiden Angelica looked at Han Shuo in surprise and asked Nia in a sweet voice.

Nia also didn’t know what Han Shuo was doing and shook her head when she heard Angelica ask. She said oddly, “I don’t know either, but Han Shuo is a marvelous person. I think he’s doing some magical things again.”

Trunks understood that some obscure secrets were concealed within Han Shuo’s body. These secrets could cause even him, a fierce and domineering swordsmaster to have extreme misgivings towards Han Shuo. When he saw Han Shuo’s bizarre appearance this time, he immediately thought that Han Shuo was doing something mysterious again. He immediately focused his attentions on observing Han Shuo’s body and any abnormalities around him, attempting to find out the mysteries that shrouded Han Shuo.

Unfortunately, even with Trunks’ extraordinary abilities and uncanny eye for fighting aura and magical power, the original demons had no fighting aura within them and weren’t supported by magic. This made Trunks’ observation come up empty handed as he had absolutely no idea why Han Shuo did what he did.

One of the original demons made its way into the midst of the thickest patch of man-eating plants and suddenly discovered plants that looked humanesque within a claret red mound of sludge.

This plant looked like an ordinary person, replete with hands, feet, waist, and cheeks. It was hidden in the sludge beneath the waist with a thick stalk that was similar to a root, and there were three brains that looked like they had lost their fleshy coverings on the neck that were exposed to the air. The appearance of these three brains were the same as the Fruit of Dagmar that everyone had described.

Taking a deep breath in, Han Shuo opened his eyes as an excited light sparkled and danced within his eyes. He said, “The Fruit of Dagmar is within that patch of man-eating plants. It has a humanesque stalk, but three fruit shaped like a human brain have blossomed on it.”

“The Fruit of Dagmar is indeed within the swamp, but how should we reach it?” Aphrodite was first overjoyed at hearing this news, but then immediately reacted with a woebegone expression.

“Yes, none amongst us are at the archmage level and have no way of flying above the swamp.” Gordon frowned and said equally weakly.

Trunks looked at Han Shuo who was deep in thought, thought for a moment himself, and said, “Han, all sorts of poisonous insects fill the swamp and there are slow acting toxins within the air. If you fall into the swamp accidentally, it would be very unrealistic to want to leave alive. I’ve thought for a moment and the only way is to make use of a few of the towering trees on the side of the swamp. If we make use of the trees’ slender branches and swing out fiercely, we’ll be able to briefly fly over the center of the swamp.”

“However, I can’t promise that the oscillation force of the branches will be able to send someone directly to the other side. In addition, you’d only swing through the center of the swamp for a brief moment. I think it’s impossible to just so happen to swing by the Fruit of Dagmar and obtain it whilst under attack from the man-eating plants in such a short amount of time.”

Han Shuo’s brow remained creased in thought after Trunks said his piece, with a smile breaking out on his face all of a sudden. He stared at the female elf Angelica, all smiles, and spoke to her as gently as a big grey wolf talking to a white rabbit, “Beautiful, cute elf, did you cast wind blades on me just now, a magic that belongs to the wind family of magic?”

Pulling the slightly panicked Angelica behind her, Nia looked a bit oddly at Han Shuo, like she was a mother hen protecting a small chick. “Han, are you still begrudging what’s just happened and planning on taking revenge against Angelica? Angelica has a noble status amongst us elves so I suggest that you don’t make trouble for her. In addition, I won’t allow you to do anything to her.”

“Anyone with smiles on his face is no one good, that’s what grandpa told me. I feel very perturbed by his smile, he must not be anything good.” Angelica, behind Nia, glared at Han Shuo and proclaimed.

Shaking his head with a rueful smile, Han Shuo said to Nia, “Just what are you thinking about? I need Angelica to help me with a small favor, if she’s a wind mage.”

Nia let out a sigh of relief after hearing Han Shuo’s words, turned around to look at Angelica peacefully and said with a smile, “He’s not a bad guy. You were casting wind magic just now, what level wind mage are you?”

“I’m only a journeyman mage, so I can’t fly. Don’t tell me to get that fruit, I’ll fall!” Angelica squealed as her slender calves wobbled, her body floating into the air.

She was holding her breath and her tender, small face turned red from effort. She seemed to gather all her strength and took two ferocious steps upwards into the air, then fell down to the ground with a clatter. She spread her hands at those assembled and displayed a powerless expression. Her performance just now had been to tell everyone that she truly couldn’t, and that she would fall down like this.

“Eh, I just need you to cast the journeyman magic ‘Grim Wind’ in a moment. Was there really a need for you to prove your ineptness?” Han Shuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at this bizarre little elf.

Sitting up abruptly from the ground, Angelica dusted off herself and stuck out her small chest, saying proudly, “So it’s just the Grim Wind spell? I, Angelica, promise to help you. What do you need me to do?”

Trunks and everyone else gathered around Han Shuo at this moment with looks of curiosity, waiting for Han Shuo to respond.

Han Shuo’s face was solemn as he stared deeply at Angelica, saying lowly, “In a moment, as soon as I leap off from a branch, you must cast the Grim Wind spell at me immediately. Remember that you must cast it when I push off, and be sure to grasp the best timing.”

“Han, are you really planning on doing this? The force from the branch’s velocity won’t be enough to support you to the other side of the swamp. Even with the aid of the Grim Wind spell, it’s still quite unrealistic. In addition, the Grim Wind Spell will only increase your speed in flying away, further decreasing your chances of grabbing the Fruit of Dagmar. I highly recommend finding another way!” Trunks frowned as he looked at Han Shuo, attempting to convince him.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo’s expression was resolute as he said to Trunks, “No need, I wouldn’t do so if I wasn’t fully assured of success. All of you be at ease, I have other methods as well.”

After saying these words, Han Shuo took out a tent amidst everyone’s surprise and slashed several times with the Demonslayer Edge in his hand. The tent ripped apart, Han Shuo then moved steadily and took out some durable rope to wrap around the tent.

After a while, Han Shuo stopped his movements and said with a smile, “I’ve created a simple tool. With the aid of this tool and the help of the Grim Wind spell, I am confident that I can pass through this patch of swamp, and under the conditions of slow speed!”

“Han, what kind of strange device is this? You say it can help you cross through the swamp? I really don’t believe it!” Aphrodite looked in confusion at the item within Han Shuo’s hand and said in disbelief.

“This is called a hang glider and it can do it.” Han Shuo picked up the simplistic hang glider that he’d modified from a tent and slowly crawled up to the tallest and most thickly grown tree on the side of the swamp beneath everyone’s disbelieving eyes

“Have you really decided?” Although Trunks still didn’t quite believe it, he was unable to penetrate all of the miraculousness of Han Shuo, and thus he didn’t continue to try to convince him. He only asked for one last time after seeing Han Shuo crawl up the highest part of the tree and grasp the tensile, pliable branch.

“I’m ready, are you ready Angelica?” Han Shuo nodded and asked the beautiful elven maiden, Angelica, in the distance.

Angelica nodded proudly and said with great confidence, “No problem, you can start!”

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