Great Demon King delayed

Hey all,

Sorry it’s not your usual chapter. This is because I was notified of someone reposting my GDK chapters without my permission (which I call stealing, by the way) on another venue. These guys usually promptly take it down when I contact them so I wasn’t unduly worried. Unfortunately, it looks like some convoluted logic is at play here and we as translators should be “honored” that a full reproduction of our work is trending on another website with no links and no credits. Honestly, if this was about sharing, then only links to the works themselves should be posted.

Remember the line I put in chapter 84 about reading GDK on volaretranslations? The thief had the temerity to reproduce that line too but remove my link. So no, this is just flat out stealing. Me reaching out has gone unacknowledged, so I’ve straight up reported them and am waiting for authorities to take action.

If you’re the thief and reading this, no I’m not honored that you’re sharing my work without my permission. I’m not even vaguely amused. This is a direct result of your actions.

At the same time, these things may take a little while and I don’t wish to delaying GDK indefinitely. I’ll be searching around for ways to make it less easy to steal my work, perhaps in the form making the site unhighlightable or right clickable. Would losing those functionalities terribly sadden/annoy you guys? Please weigh in on the comments!