Great Demon King Chapter 77 – real links refreshed

So April Fool’s shenanigans aside, I hope you guys had fun during the one day that translators and editors go varying degrees of silly. Translating hundreds and hundreds of chapters on end – with each taking two or three hours (editing another hour or two?) – gets a bit old sometimes when we’re subjected to a constant diet of them every, single, day. Being able to take a break and giggle over April Fool’s is a welcome distraction. 🙂 The real link is here, and the April Fool’s bit on chapter 30 has been deleted.

Many of you joined in the general revelry and your comments were equally hilarious. And some of you actually found that it was too easy O_O. You are creme de la creme, I’m not sure your brethren would say the same lol.

I’d like to give a shout out to TNC reader Rainblade, who “came for some martial arts badassery, left with a profound sadness for little virgins.” I (and many over at Gravity) died with laughter at this comment. Hats off to you for fabulously rolling with the flow, there will be bonus chapter of GDK this weekend in honor of you, and truly everyone whose thoughtful, funny, or kind comments on April Fool’s and any regular basis that keep us going. Most of us start translating because we love the story so much and want to bring it to more people, and I’m quite glad that many people like it as well. Comments keep us going!


And hey, I guarantee that my editors liked their April Fool’s joke even less. “Happy April Fool’s! You’re not getting any pay for March! HEHEHEHE. Happy happy!”

“…wait. etvo. That’s a joke right? I mean, right?”


Or when Kidyeon and I got trolled by Ren yesterday. Kidyeon had just spent four hours translating SOTR into numbers and hit post, when it coincided with the redirects that WW went through before WW’s April Fool’s joke came up. ..we legit thought we broke the site somehow and were hardcore reflecting over what we had just done and started a massive group convo on how we might’ve broken the site. *facewalls*


Sneaky Kidyeon: Thanks for reading and enjoying the April Fools people!  And my reaction to the not getting paid was a bit more of an April Fools on etvolare haha.

“That’s fine, not like I’ll accept the pay anyway.”