Great Demon King Chapter 187

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all had a great week! I know we’ve been a bit behind on our chapters, but here is your second regular chapter of the week! Hope you all enjoy!

PS: There’s a little surprise somewhere if you want to look for it hehe

EDIT: For those of you who didn’t find the surprise, this was the little surprise that I mentioned, the teaser for chapter 188, which I’m posting here for any of you who may want to read it



Chapter 188: Kerlan Grand Canyon

As Han Shuo smiled, he rotated his magical yuan even faster, his speed quicking increasing.  Belinda and Lawrence, who had just barely been trailing behind, became flabbergasted once. They started to slow down as they suddenly seemed to realize that they had no hopes of catching Han Shuo.  Emily, who was not far behind, broke out into a smile.

Just as this short exchange had ended, a loud, piercing gryphon’s cry could be heard.  Turning around, Han Shuo and his comrades saw Bob Ascher, whose silver spear glistened in his hand.  During those few seconds of distractions, the soldiers of the Gryphon Legion had managed to shorten the gap between themselves and Gilbert, who was unable to keep up due to his injuries.

As they were just about in range, the battle weathered soldiers drew their bows and aimed for Gilbert and the people on his back.  Before Han Shuo could react, Bob Ascher also pulled back his arm, his silver spear glowing with fighting aura.  As he launched the ferocious spear, he yelled out, “Anyone who dares to keep the readers waiting will pay the price with their lives! Get back to work and stop slacking! We don’t even have a proper teaser for chapter 188!”

Sorry guys we be slackin 🙁  Also, just a heads up if you didn’t realize by now, I made all of this up and this isn’t an actual teaser