Great Demon King Chapter 18

So our old server from this morning ate my two update posts, but around 2K of you saw them. My apologies for the site being down so long, this was all Kidyeon’s hard work and CKTalon of True Martial World in getting them back online. I am a useless bunny in this regard and simply cheered from the side, and mimed stomps at the server. Kidyeon was up until 3 am on New Year’s Day trying to get everything back — and he got everything right too! Just that a little something in the move decided to go on vacation for New Year’s. XD

I hope the extra chapter goes a little way in soothing everyone’s frustrations in not being to access the site. I got all of your reddit posts, messages, Gravity chat box and GDK comments!

At least, I was able to post GDK 18 yesterday on Gravity. 😀