Chapter 80 – Waiting For Someone!

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“Haha! Nice!!!” Bai Xiaofei who’d restrained himself all along the way roared excitedly upon leaving the Blossom Pavilion, and Fang Ye who followed along behind him wasn’t in a much different state because his overjoyed expression was obvious.

Only Huskie had stayed behind in Han Qianye’s hands as a ‘hostage’….

Just moments ago, Yun Jingshuang who’d contemplated about it a few times felt that there was no problem with the method Fang Ye brought forward and had agreed.

He was responsible for dealing with the Blossom Rankings, whereas, Bai Xiaofei and the others only had to take care of the implementation after that.

In other words, so long as Yun Jingshuang’s agreement was secured, then the Savage Class can just wait to earn money! Moreover, this was merely one of Bai Xiaofei’s methods to each money!

Bai Xiaofei’s utilization of those big bosses that coveted the Blossom Rankings wasn’t merely limited to this!

“Let’s go back and rest first. We’ll carry out our plan from tomorrow onwards!” After they returned to the dormitory building, Bai Xiaofei had finally calmed down, and he and Fang Ye returned to their respective dorms.

Mo Ka and the others had been waiting for Bai Xiaofei to the point of being utterly bored, and they surrounded him as soon as he returned.

“Big Brother Fei! You’ve finally returned!” They seemed as if they’d seen a relative and all that was lacking from this scene was them shedding tears. Even though they might be trapped at any moment while following Bai Xiaofei, it was truly too boring without him.

Unknowingly, Bai Xiaofei had already become an existence akin to a drug. They clearly knew there was danger, yet couldn’t refrain from approaching, and they couldn’t give up this addiction….

“Sleep obediently. We have big things to do tomorrow. As for your puppets, don’t worry, I guarantee every single one of you will be satisfied in a month at most!” After he spoke these words, Bai Xiaofei pounced onto his bed, whereas, Mo Ka and the others who still had a bellyful of things to say revealed a long face at the same time.

Once this fellow Bai Xiaofei laid down, it was wishful thinking to try and wake him up….

“Forget it, let’s go to sleep. It’s impossible for you to wake Big Brother Fei up.” Wu Chi patted Mo Ka on the shoulder and couldn’t help but sigh. We waited for nothing tonight….

The rising sun arrived at the appointed time. Mo Ka who hadn’t slept much the entire night jumped up from bed at the first possible moment. Presently, he was the person with the strongest anticipation towards a new day within the Savage Class. Because, once he possessed his second puppet, it would mean that he would transform from someone that supported into someone that contributed actively.

He’d had enough of his days of playing a supportive role!

“Big Brother Fei! Big Brother Fei! It’s time to get up!” Mo Ka woke Bai Xiaofei up with extreme excitement, and what he got in return was a bashing straight to the head.

“Have you slept to the point of going dumb? It’s the weekend today, there are no classes!” This was something that Yun Jingshuang had called to his attention yesterday, otherwise, it would really be impossible for Bai Xiaofei who hadn’t taken many classes in the academy to know.

“Hehe, you’ve already woken. Big Brother Fei, do we have any major activities today!?” His anticipation towards his glorious future caused Mo Ka to forget his pain. Now, so long as Bai Xiaofei didn’t say he wouldn’t buy him a puppet, Mo Ka didn’t care about anything else.

“There isn’t any major activity, and we’ll just be waiting in our dormitory!” Bai Xiaofei who had a displeased expression sat up on his bed, and he rubbed his disheveled head.

“Big Brother Fei, don’t be like this. I’m sorry for what I did, but we have to earn money!” Mo Ka’s voice sounded as if he was on the verge of tears.

“I’m not playing with you. The assignment for today is to wait for someone. But, call Ming One and the others over, and we’ll wait together.” Bai Xiaofei spoke seriously, whereas, Mo Ka was stunned instead.

He was able to discern that Bai Xiaofei wasn’t joking, yet he didn’t understand what Bai Xiaofei wanted to do, and he was unable to endure the torment brought about by his curiosity.

“Wait for someone? Who?”

“Just call the others over. Our assignment for today is to wait in our dormitory and not go anywhere else.” Bai Xiaofei started to wash his face and rinse his mouth in an unhurried manner after he finished speaking, whereas, Wu Chi and Shi Kui didn’t reveal much interest.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to know, but they knew that if Bai Xiaofei wanted to keep them guessing, then no one would be able to find out the answer.

Err…. Perhaps it might be slightly possible for Lin Li….

But, they were surely unable to get an answer!

“Mo Ka, he asked you to go so go! The Emperor isn’t anxious, so why should a eunuch like you be anxious?” Shi Kui was finally unable to continue watching, and he directly interrupted Mo Ka who wanted to get to the bottom of it.

“F*ck! You’re the eunuch! Just you f*cking wait for me to get my second puppet and see how I’ll f*cking bash you up!” Mo Ka who originally intended to make a move to vent his anger measured his strength with Shi Kui before choosing to speak fiercely.

But, Shi Kui didn’t have any intention of stooping down to the same level as Mo Ka. In the end, Mo Ka could only walk away embarrassedly to go call the others over because no matter what, he had to do as Bai Xiaofei said….

In next to no time, the other male students of the Savage Class had all been called over, and because Fang Ye had gone to take care of his own assignment, Wang Hang took over the ‘heavy responsibility’ of buying breakfast….

“Big Brother Fei, who exactly are we waiting for?” The person that asked this time was Xing Nan, and Bai Xiaofei had already heard the same question no less than a few tens of time this morning.

“Listen, they’ve arrived!” Before Bai Xiaofei could answer his question, a wave of footsteps sounded out abruptly from outside, and besides Bai Xiaofei who had a grin on his face, everyone else had expressions of wonder.

Who exactly is Bai Xiaofei waiting for?!


The door to room 807 had become a pitiable sacrifice once again, and the expressions of all of them who were waiting impatiently instantly turned serious.

If the door to their dormitory room was kicked open in the past, their first reactions would surely be fear, but they were different now, and their common reaction was fury!

What the f*ck!

You actually dared to kick down our door?! Are you tired of living!?

As they thought like this, they moved with the intention of dealing with these fellows but were restrained by Bai Xiaofei.

It was during this period that the person who kicked the door entered, and there were three of them who wore second year uniform from the Sword of Assault.

“Hello, Juniors!” The senior in the lead had hair that was only an inch thick, and his smirking expression caused him to look really like a gangster. Moreover, his expression allowed one to know from a single glance that he’d come looking for trouble.

At this moment, Mo Ka finally understood what Bai Xiaofei was waiting for!

Presently, it was the first weekend of the month. According to what those seniors had said when they just arrived, today was the day to hand over their protection fees!

When he thought up to here, Mo Ka couldn’t help but beam with joy.

So it turns out that Big Brother Fei never forgot about earning money!

“Hello, Seniors. What brought all of you over to a shitty place like this?” Bai Xiaofei grinned, causing the seniors that came in to be stunned instead.

They weren’t stunned because of the unusual expressions of Bai Xiaofei and the others, and it was instead because there were truly too many people in this room! Besides Fang Ye who wasn’t present, there were an entire nine more male students in the Savage Class!

But, the seniors were only stunned for half a second because as the saying goes — No matter how many ants there are, they’re ants in the end!

As far as the seniors were concerned, without any exception, all these juniors were at most ‘trash’ at the Proficient Rank, so all of them were ants! Ants that they could trample on at will!

“Stop f*cking feigning ignorance. If memory serves me correctly, some people in your room didn’t pay their protection fees last month. Coupled with interest, all of you must hand over protection fees for seven people this month!” The senior’s tone was extremely overbearing, but the reaction he received was completely opposite of what he expected.

There was no terror or sorrow.

There was only wild joy!

Motherf*cker, I was f*cking waiting for you to say that!

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