Chapter 78 – I’m F*cking Straight!

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“No, no, no! Senior Sister, you’ve misunderstood, we’re looking for Senior Yun to discuss something with him, and it can be considered to be helping him. We absolutely don’t carry any of those intentions you spoke of!” Bai Xiaofei guaranteed with all sincerity and seriousness, and his sincere appearance seemed even more honest than Wu Chi.

“Hmph! You can dream that I’ll believe your nonsense. Take the opportunity when this Young Miss is still in a good mood to quickly get lost! Otherwise, I’ll scream ‘molester’, and do you believe you won’t even have an intact corpse left to be buried!?”

What the f*ck? This is when your mood is good? Then wouldn’t you start eating people when your mood is bad? Bai Xiaofei mumbled in his heart yet naturally didn’t dare speak it out loud.

“Senior Sister, I guarantee what I said is true. I can swear to the heavens that if anything is said is false, then you can deal with me however you like!” Bai Xiaofei held the thought of not giving up until he saw Yun Jingshuang, so he took out his Oscar level acting skills.

“Right, exactly. Deal with us however you want!” The nearby Fang Ye chimed in. His train of thought was already in chaos, and he was exceedingly afraid that Han Qianye would really scream ‘molester’….

He didn’t want to die prematurely!

Woof! Woof!

Huskie who was similarly at the side refused to be outdone, and he barked twice before imitating the movements Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye made when they swore earlier.

No matter how he wracked his brains, Bai Xiaofei had never imagined that Han Qianye who he was on the verge of being unable to deal with would actually have her line of defense shatter instantly upon seeing Huskie!

“WA! What a cute little doggie!!!” As she cried out with pleasant surprise, Han Qianye instantly pounced towards Huskie’s side before grabbing him up and rubbing him on her face without saying a single word.

“Mmm~ What soft fur. How could there be a puppet that’s so nice to play with?” At the instant that she grabbed Huskie into her arms, the eyes of Han Qianye who spoke sternly just a second ago instantly turned soft as she completely disregarded the existence of Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye.

Bai Xiaofei gulped and didn’t know what he should say at this moment, so he and Fang Ye held their hands in the air while staring blankly at her.

“Hmm, since you have such a good doggie as your puppet, then you’re probably not a bad person.” Han Qianye who’d had enough intimacy with Huskie raised her head and spoke words that almost caused Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye to spit blood on the spot.

What the f*ck! What sort of logic is this!?

Forget it, it’s fine so long as we got through…. Both of them looked at each other before looking at Han Qianye at the same time.

“Err…. Senior Sister, do you mean that we can enter now?” Bai Xiaofei asked with a light voice, whereas, Han Qianye revealed a pondering expression instead.

“Hmm…. You can go in, but you have to promise to make your puppet accompany me for a day….  No! Two days!” Han Qianye stretched out a single finger first, but she added another when she felt it wasn’t enough.

As soon as these words were spoken, Huskie who was in her embrace suddenly had a bad premonition, and he shot a pitiful gaze at Bai Xiaofei at the same time.

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei had completely ignored Huskie’s gaze….

“Deal!” Bai Xiaofei agreed at light speed, and he seemed as if he’d done business that earned him a great deal….

Alas, having such a master is fate!!!

As he sighed emotionally about the bad luck in his life, Huskie had resigned himself to his fate, and he tried his best to flatter this new master of his for the next two days….

After he sold Huskie out, Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye achieved their wish to enter the Blossom Pavilion under Han Qianye’s lead, and both of them were stunned once more at the instant they entered it.

If there was a heaven in this world, then the heaven of men was definitely here!

Everywhere that met the eye was top beauties moving up and down within Blossom Pavilion! All sorts of snow whites caused the two of them to be slightly unable to open their eyes, and the pleasant laughter that sounded out frequently caused them to be unable to refrain from having all sorts of fanciful thoughts.

“Hmph! I knew both of you had ill intent! Wipe up your saliva!!” Han Qianye’s extremely disdainful voice sounded out and instantly jolted Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye awake. If it wasn’t for Huskie still being in Han Qianye’s embrace, the both of them would have surely chased Han Qianye away by now….

“Wait here. You’re not allowed to move about, nor are you allowed to strike up a conversation with anyone! I’ll go look for Big Brother Yun for the two of you!” Han Qianye embraced Huskie while skipping off and vanishing from their fields of vision. At the same time, both of them became the center of attention within Blossom Pavilion….

Let me put it this way, both of them were like Tang Sangzang and his disciples within the Kingdom of Woman….1

“Big Brother Fei, what do I have a chilly feeling?” Fang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva, and his throat was trembling as he spoke.

“I don’t know, it might be an instinctive reaction….” Bai Xiaofei replied, and he wasn’t in a much better state….

At this moment, the both of them had already been completely encircled by a group of beautiful young girls, and basically all those that surrounded them wore much cooler clothes.

“Eh, little Junior Brother, what are you doing here?”

“They look to have soft and tender bodies, and they’re much better than those fellows in our academy that only know how to boast.”

“Little Junior Brother, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Little Junior Brother, what do you think of Big Sister? I’m still single you know!”


“All of you can dream of being listed on the Blossom Rankings with your current appearance.” The voice of a man that sounded slightly delicate sounded out, causing the senior sisters that surrounded Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye to instantly disperse as if they were deeply afraid their appearances would be remembered.

Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye heaved long sighs of relief before looking over towards the source of the voice.

After that, both of them saw a face they would be unable to forget for their entire lifetimes.

White and tender skin, solid features, and long hair that fluttered along with the wind, and the most terrifying of it all was the pink colored long gown that was simply coquettish to the limit.

If they weren’t mentally prepared since a long time ago, both of them would absolutely not think that this creature before them was male!

There was utterly no need to ask, this brother was absolutely the crossdressing senior Han Qianye and Xue Ying mentioned, Yun Jingshuang!

“I ought to have not spoiled things for the two of you, right?” Yun Jingshuang lightly fanned the fan in his hand, and every single move he made was more delicate and feminine than a woman.

“Not at all! Not at all! Senior, you saved us!” As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei wiped off the cold sweat that might have been caused by those senior sisters of Yun Jingshuang, and then he took another deep breath.

“That’s good. This group of people want to seize the opportunity from the graduation of the fourth year students to slip into the Blossom Rankings and use the rankings to find a rich husband. It’s good that both of you didn’t get affiliated with them.” Yun Jingshuang’s tone carried a trace of praise as he spoke.

Even though these young women were slightly ‘unrestrained’, he had to admit that they did indeed possess some good looks. At the very least, it wasn’t a problem for them to charm ordinary men.

“Hello Senior, I’m Bai Xiaofei, and this is my classmate, Fang Ye.” After he adjusted the state of his mind, Bai Xiaofei spoke calmly and had a rare moment of being polite.

“Bai Xiaofei?  Why does this name sound slightly familiar?” Yun Jingshuang revealed a pondering expression as he spoke while a drop of cold sweat flowed down Bai Xiaofei’s forehead instead.

If someone was able to find his name familiar at this moment, then it was absolutely not from any good aspect….

“Senior, you meet so many people every day, so it’s very normal for you to find a name familiar. I’m only a new student, so how could I have possibly entered your attention?” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly changed the topic because he was deeply afraid that Yun Jingshuang would recall his ‘renowned reputation’.

“Qianye said you’re looking for me for something. You can speak about it now.” Yun Jingshuang grinned as he spoke, causing Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye who stood before him to actually be dazed for no reason or rhyme, and it terrified both of them to the point of hastily pinching their thighs.

I’m straight!

I’m straight!!

I’m f*cking straight!!!


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  1. One of the parts in the legend of the Monkey King.