Chapter 76 – That’s Exactly What I’m Thinking!

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Time went into flowing mode once more, and the members of the Savage Class that were utterly not in the mood to listen to class had practically coped through their classes in commanding. Everyone was thinking about how they should earn money in the future!

“Big Brother Fei! I’ve got it! We can complete the assignments on the Starnet Rankings. Many assignments will become very simple with Yuan’s presence!”

“Right! Exactly! There’s the Bounty Rankings as well. There are surely many strange assignments that we’re able to take and doing it every day is a considerable path to gain wealth!”

Mo Ka and Wu Chi who’d wracked their brains had charged to Bai Xiaofei’s side at the first possible moment after classes ended, and they told him about their ‘brilliant plans’.

But, they never expected that Bai Xiaofei rolled his eyes at them instead.

“Unless you don’t sleep nor rest, and accept every single assignment, can you become wealthy from doing the assignments on those rankings?” Bai Xiaofei instantly sprayed down a bucket of cold water to extinguish their fervor. Sure enough, they weren’t suitable to research on how to make money….

“Fang Ye, have you thought of anything?” In terms of earning money, Fang Ye was absolutely the most formidable. After all, he was a Young Master from a merchant group. Even if he didn’t learn anything all day, what he’d heard and seen in his surroundings wasn’t something an ordinary person could compare to.

“According to what Big Brother Fei spoke of, I’ve indeed thought of some things. But, the precondition is everything you told me can be realized.”

“Don’t worry about that. It will at most take a week, and I’ll absolutely be able to get it done.”

“Then it won’t be a problem.” Both of them spoke one after the other while the others listened with blank expressions from the side.

“Fang Ye, what are the two of you talking about? What did Little Fei Fei tell you!?” Xu Chen came over to Fang Ye’s side at the first possible moment, and her threatening tone instantly caused a wave of exclaims of surprise to resound out.

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Don’t kick up a fuss, what if all of you break the two of them up!?” Bai Xiaofei was absolutely the worst, and as soon as he spoke, Xu Chen whose face was already slightly red directly covered her face and ran out of the class.

During the past month, besides the growth in their strength, some people weren’t sitting about and doing nothing….

Lin Li was Bai Xiaofei’s, so no one dared to touch her, but the remaining girls weren’t much inferior!

“All of you wait here. I’ll go look for Big Sister Xue. If that fellow Bai Ye comes, then tell him I already have a thorough plan, but it can only be carried out one month from now. Fang Ye, come with me.” He kept them guessing once more and left the group of people who were filled with curiosity as he ran out with Fang Ye.

“Mo Ka, take care of the class. I’m going to go buy food.” Xing Nan learned from Bai Xiaofei and ran away swiftly without giving Mo Ka the slightest chance to refuse, and he didn’t forget to bring along Wu Chi and the other boys.

“Ah! Right! I seem to have something to buy. Yi’yi, Si’si, Li’li, why don’t all of you accompany me!?” Qi Wei revealed an expression of obtaining sudden understanding, and she didn’t say anything further before pulling off a group of people.

Thus, in the entire classroom, only Mo Ka and Zhu Nuo remained.

Mo Ka who was grumbling in his heart just moments ago was overjoyed. They really are good brothers and sisters! I’ve wrongly blamed all of you!

“Err…. Errm…. Why don’t we play rock paper scissors?”

These were words that could cause a room of people to collapse….

Sometimes, merely an opportunity wasn’t sufficient, and ability and intelligence were needed.

Obviously, Mo Ka didn’t have these two things.

“I’m leaving if you can’t think of a reason to make me stay.” Zhu Nuo rolled her eyes fiercely at Mo Ka but still gave him a chance in the end, and it was because of this chance that Mo Ka was anxious to the point of scratching his head in embarrassment.

“Why don’t you sing a song for me?”


There was no saving him….

Leaving Mo Ka who couldn’t be saved aside, Bai Xiaofei who was extremely excited dashed madly all along the way with Fang Ye, and he ran directly towards the offices for teacher of the new students. All along the way, Fang Ye spoke of all his thoughts, and it delighted Bai Xiaofei to the point of nodding repeatedly.

Everything was ready and only a last piece was missing!

“Big Sister Xue! Big Sister Xue!” Bai Xiaofei pushed Xue Ying’s door open excitedly, and then he was instantly stunned on the spot.

Don’t misunderstand, there wasn’t anything that required parental guidance, but just two teachers….

“Oh, Xue Ying, you’re really skillful in teaching. Your student doesn’t even have to knock on the door when entering your office!” Amongst the two unfamiliar teachers, the person that spoke was a middle aged woman that seemed to be at least over 40 years of age, whereas, the other was a scholarly man that wore glasses.

Even though he didn’t ask anything, Bai Xiaofei was able to discern from their expressions that they’d come with ill intent.

On the other hand, Xue Ying did indeed flush slightly red from what this middle aged woman said because the facts were out in the open, and she couldn’t make an excuse at all.

“I’m sorry Aunty, we have come to see Big Sister Xue because we have urgent business, so we were discourteous for a moment.” As he bowed slightly, Bai Xiaofei who seemed to be apologizing had intentionally placed emphasis on the method he used to address them, and it caused Xue Ying who sat on the chair to be happy in her heart.

Nice! Continue insulting them!

“Who did you call an aunty!? Who’s your aunty!? I’m the head teacher of class 457, you ought to call me Teacher Chu!!!” There was no woman that didn’t care about her age. Especially when they were before another woman, so Bai Xiaofei’s heavy blow struck fully onto Teacher Chu.

“Sorry! Teacher Chu! I’m this sort of person, and I address people according to their looks. Don’t worry, I’ll absolutely not call you aunty again in the future. How can I call a teacher an aunty! It’s all my fault, Aun…. No, Teacher Chu, please don’t be angry!” Bai Xiaofei’s head tilted lower the more he spoke, and his attitude of acknowledging his mistakes was rather ‘sincere’. But, Teacher Chu was angered to the point her face was livid.

“Cough! Cough! It just happens that you’ve come. Little Fei, tell me exactly what you did during the Collective Class today that Teacher Chu and Teacher Wei came looking for me!” Xue Ying cleared her throat and forcefully suppressed her impulse to laugh as she moved the topic of conversation away. Otherwise, if Bai Xiaofei were to continue, then it was very likely that Teacher Chu would make a move on the spot….

No matter what, she was at the Grandmaster Rank, and it wasn’t so easy to stop her!

With Xue Ying’s reminder, Bai Xiaofei instantly understood why these two people had come here. After all, he’d gotten help from his foster parents in the Gorge of Heroes on many occasions….

“Big Sister Xue, I didn’t do anything. I just followed according to Teacher Feng’s intentions and chose a few people to have a spar with the students from the other classes. Could it be that they struck too heavily? If it’s that, then you can rest at ease because I guarantee that I’ll absolutely not allow them to be so ruthless next time!” As Bai Xiaofei spoke, he revealed an expression that seemed as if he wanted to go back and teach the members of the Savage Class a proper lesson.

“Stinking kid! Don’t think that no one knows what you did! What’s the meaning of stopping everyone in the end!? Could it be that you want to play the tyrant over all the new students?!” Teacher Chu whose mood wasn’t quite good before was completely furious. If she could, she would absolutely make a move at the first possible moment and teach Bai Xiaofei a good lesson.

But, none of the people present had expected that Bai Xiaofei who’d continuously acknowledged his mistakes earlier would suddenly raise his head, and the expression on his face turned cold along with this action. “That’s exactly what I’m thinking! So, what!?”

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