Chapter 75 – A Business Opportunity That Came Knocking At His Door!

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“But, we don’t have a way to earn money!” Wu Chi was frank and found the crux of the problem as soon as he spoke, and he didn’t try to avoid it in the slightest.

“Methods are thought of by men. If you rely on the help of others as soon as you encounter a problem, then what difference is there between you and trash? Our Savage Class doesn’t produce trash!” Bai Xiaofei’s attitude was exceptionally resolute, even though the method really hadn’t been thought of yet.

“Then are we still continuing with our previous plan?” Duan Yi’yi that practically always sat at the corner spoke out weakly. Even though she wasn’t as shy as she was before, her voice still hadn’t changed at all.

But, she’d successfully pulled back the attention of everyone.

The plan she mentioned was everything that Bai Xiaofei had done this morning, and the nine classes from this morning were merely the first step, whereas, Bai Xiaofei’s true goal was the entire ‘commoners district’!

During the recent conflicts he encountered, Bai Xiaofei had almost always noticed that those people who looked for trouble with him possessed a certain level of popularity as their foundation. In other words, they were able to find group after group of people to deal with him.

Moreover, as far as Bai Xiaofei was concerned, the occurrence of such situations would only increase in frequency. So, for the sake of avoiding being the person that was bashed by a group of people, Bai Xiaofei decided to bash others as a group!

The first step to this was to find lackeys!

But, Bai Xiaofei was only capable of getting new students to be his lackeys, so Bai Xiaofei cooked up an audacious plan.

A plan to subdue all the new students in the ‘commoners district’! It was even to the extent that he wouldn’t let the internally recruited students off if he had the chance!

“Of course it has to continue because this might be able to provide us with some funds!” As Bai Xiaofei spoke, he suddenly recalled something that Mo Ka and the others had complained to him about when they’d just met.

The oppression of the older students!

If Bai Xiaofei was capable of dealing with this, then the protection fee of 8,000 people would form a bucket of gold even if Bai Xiaofei only took half the usual!

Everyone was instantly full of energy when they money was mentioned, and they stood up from their seats.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s start now!!!” Xu Chen was worthy of being an Onslaught Stream puppet master because her fervor when dealing with things was something that none of the others in the Savage Class could compare to.

“There’s no rush. Not to mention we must prove we have sufficient qualifications before that! It’s impossible to achieve this by merely dealing with those from the same intake as us!” Bai Xiaofei’s eyes flashed with a bright light as he spoke.

For the first time, he even started to slightly anticipate the arrival of those ignorant seniors!

It was as if the heavens had heard Bai Xiaofei’s prayers because right when Bai Xiaofei and the others had just passed through the entrance of the Thousand Flavor house, an old acquaintance instantly charged over with excitement.

Bai Ye!

“Brother Fei!!!” For some unknown reason, he’d clearly suffered a loss at Bai Xiaofei’s hands just recently, yet Bai Ye seemed as if he’d seen a family member when he saw Bai Xiaofei, causing Bai Xiaofei to be dazed.

“Oh, all of you are here as well? Have you eaten? It’s my treat if you haven’t!” Bai ye patted his chest as he spoke while a sly expression flashed past his face, whereas, the members of the Savage Class gave him disdainful gazes in unison.

We just came out from a restaurant, so do you think we haven’t eaten?

“If it’s your treat, then I can consider having another meal.” Bai Xiaofei’s face and heartbeat remained as normal while he spoke, whereas, the nearby Huskie barked twice with excitement as well, causing Bai Ye who stood right before them to instantly start sweating.

My god! Who can possibly bear to treat the two of you!?

“Don’t, don’t, just don’t! Eating too much is bad for your body, it’s bad for your body….” Bai Ye wiped the cold sweat on his forehead as he hurriedly dispelled Bai Xiaofei’s thoughts to turn back. Otherwise, his living expenses for the next few months would be gone….

“You wouldn’t come to me if you didn’t have something to ask. Speak, what’s the problem. Mo Ka, record the time.” Bai Xiaofei spoke casually, causing Bai Ye to be slightly stunned.

“Count the time?”

“Yes, every minute of my time you delay costs 10 Starnet Stones, and it’s considered as a minute even if a minute isn’t up.” Bai Xiaofei revealed the smile of an unscrupulous merchant as he grinned.

“10 Starnet Stones for a minute?! Why don’t you just go rob someone!?” Bai Ye was instantly furious and pointed at Bai Xiaofei while seeming to be on the verge of flaring up. But, his rage instantly declined at the instant he noticed Lin Li, and he could only look at Bai Xiaofei with an expression of indignation and hatred.

“You can take it as robbery. 20 seconds have passed already.” Bai Xiaofei cracked his neck while speaking in an unhurried manner, and his expression said. I’ll make a move if you don’t pay up’….

“After she returned from the battle, Lingyan told all the male students that were pestering her that they must pass through you to pursue her, and there was no need to go look for her without your approval because she wouldn’t consider them no matter how outstanding they were.” Bai Ye instantly transformed into a machine gun that spoke a ton of things in a single breath.

But, the members of the Savage Class couldn’t help but frown.

Didn’t she say she wouldn’t look for trouble with us?

What the f*ck is this?

Has she gone back on her word so quickly?!

Everyone was bewildered in their hearts, and only Bai Xiaofei instantly revealed a smile half a second later….

If he carefully analyzed what Qin Lingyan said, then they had to obtain his approval and not teach him a lesson. So in this way, the attitude of the people who came was completely decided by him!

After he instantly understood Qin Lingyan’s plans, not only was Bai Xiaofei not angry, wild joy gushed out from the bottom of his heart instead.

A pillow is there when one is drowsy just like a path to make money appears when one thinks of money!

“Hey? Bai Xiaofei? The time you take to think can’t be counted within the time I use, right?” Bai Ye was anxious to the point of stamping his feet. After all, time was Starnet Stones to him now!!!

“I won’t take a single Starnet Stone from you if you leave right now.” Bai Xiaofei who’d figured everything out looked at the anxious Bai Ye, and his speed of speaking slowed down slightly.

“Alright! Tell me! What do I need to do for you to give your approval!?” Bai Ye gritted his teeth and revealed his determination because 10 Starnet Stones for a minute was much better than treating Bai Xiaofei to a meal!

“It’s rare that Senior Sister Lingyan trusts me so much. So, I have to think about it carefully. Come look for me again tonight, and I’ll give you an exact answer at that time.” Bai Xiaofei spoke unhurriedly and caused Bai Ye to be on the verge of exploding with rage, but he restrained himself in the end.

Motherf*cker! What can I do since I can’t defeat them!?

“Alright! Wait for my arrival!” Bai Ye turned and left as soon as he finished speaking yet Bai Xiaofei’s voice sounded out in a timely manner.

“Two minutes and 20 seconds. 30 Starnet Stones.” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Fang Ye instantly took a step forward and took out his jade token.

“You better not disappoint me!” As he squeezed out some fierce words with great difficulty, Bai Ye handed over the Starnet Stones obediently before leaving this vampire, Bai Xiaofei, as if he was running for his life.

“Big Brother Fei, you’re amazing! You earned 30 Starnet Stones so quickly!” Fang Ye who’d just received the payment smiled happily, and his money crazy attribute was gradually being developed.

“This is only 30, there’ll be even more in the future!” Bai Xiaofei grinned as an enormous plan to earn money had already taken form within his mind!

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