Chapter 74 – The Second Puppet!

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“I don’t care what all of you think right now, but I hope that all of you remember every single word I’m about to say, because it’s related to whether all of you will be able to obtain the spots you want in the next two months of Collective Classes!” Bai Xiaofei’s voice suddenly turned cold while everyone couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

“If any class doesn’t do as I said, I’ll surely pay them a visit when I’m free. Moreover, I’ll constantly select them as the target for spars during the Collective Classes!”

It was an extremely simple threat, yet it was exceedingly effective!

But, there were still some people that carried a trace of disdain on their faces. Even though they didn’t speak a word now, they’d already made their own plans.

“Oh, right. Perhaps some of you have some sort of relationship with first year or second year seniors, and you’ve already started planning on asking them to teach me a lesson.” Bai Xiaofei spoke with a smile on his face, whereas, those people that revealed an expression of disdain earlier were slightly stunned when they saw this scene.

“Call them over if you can! Remember to ask them to bring more Starnet Stones when they do come, otherwise, if it isn’t sufficient to pay the fee to make me fight, then I’ll look for compensation from all of you!” A shapeless aura of overbearingness instantly spread out as Bai Xiaofei grunted coldly, and then he didn’t say another word before striding to leave this place.

When he passed by one of the classes, all ten plus of them practically instinctively made way, and then the remaining members of the Savage Class slowly converged over.

During the entire process, not even a single person from the other nine classes dared to even breathe loudly!

“There’s no need to come look for me at noon today. Remember to come look for me in my class or dormitory at noon from tomorrow onwards and within 10 minutes after classes end. I don’t have the habit of waiting for too long.” As soon as he finished speaking, all ten plus members of the Savage Class had completely vanished from everyone’s fields of vision, causing the others to heave a sigh of relief in unison before falling into a long period of silence.

No one cursed, no one grumbled, and there was only deathly silence!

Gradually, class after class left, and it wasn’t long before the training grounds were completely empty.

“Holy shit! Big Brother Fei, you were so cool earlier!” After they escaped the region where they had to put on an act, Mo Ka was the first to cry out loudly while covered in excitement and delight while the others were in almost similar states to him. Even the girls were no exception.

“Right! Right! Right! Do you know how that fellow before me was trembling!?” Xing Nan started to imitate that person he spoke of, and he’d completely forgotten the fact that he was still in ‘danger’….

“Yes, it really is alike.” Wu Chi clenched his fists as he spoke, and the others had a trace of a smile within their gazes as they looked at Xing Nan.

Xing Nan gulped, and then he looked at Zhu Si’si who was standing in the group of girls.

“Wifey, you must help….”

“Just don’t break the important parts. I still have to use them after all.” Xing Nan hadn’t finished speaking when Zhu Si’si’s icy cold voice sounded out, and it caused Xing Nan’s heart to go cold.

“Big Brother Fei, even if it wasn’t a meritorious deed, I still did hard work!” Xing Nan placed his last life-saving straw on Bai Xiaofei because he was completely out of options.

“Don’t worry, I remember everything that you’ve done, so….” Bai Xiaofei paused for a moment and patted Xing Nan on the shoulder, but before the smile on Xing Nan’s face could blood completely, the following words Bai Xiaofei spoke caused his face to freeze.

“So, I won’t hit too hard!” In the next second, cries that were tragic beyond compare resounded out, and then Xing Nan fell into a never-ending cycle of ‘the more you cry, the more satisfied I am, and the more energetic I am.”

After they finished enjoying themselves to the fullest, the Savage Class finally arrived at the place they dreamt off for almost a month — the 100 Flavor House!

The 100 Flavor House was indeed expensive, but it was really impossible to forget its taste after eating here. However, the money in the possession of the Savage Class was obtained from plundering, so there weren’t any psychological obstacles for them when spending this little bit….

After they swept through all the food, everyone collapsed in their seats while enjoying this rare moment.

“Big Brother Fei, shouldn’t we save some money in the near future?” After they finished eating their fill, the Finance Minister that had only relaxed comfortably for a short moment spoke out abruptly, and all of them shot their questioning gazes over in unison.

“Didn’t we just obtain a large number of Amethyst Coins? Is it all spent already?” Qi Wei was slightly shocked and spoke the voice in the hearts of everyone.

“Of course not. But, shouldn’t we consider the matter of our second puppets?” Everyone was stunned as soon as Fang Ye finished speaking, and then they went silent.

We do indeed have to consider it!

During the battle with Qin Lingyan and the others, everyone had deeply felt the flaw from their lack of puppets. If all the members of the Savage Class possessed a second puppet, then they would have been able to put up a better fight!

After all, Qin Lingyan and the others were forced to utilize their second and third puppets!

On the other hand, the members of the Savage Class had already attained the Proficient Rank. Even though their control towards a single puppet couldn’t be said to be perfect, they were entirely capable of utilizing a second puppet!

But, when second puppets were mentioned, the problem Fang Ye brought forward was like an enormous mountain that obstructed their paths.

They didn’t have the money!

Regardless of if it was an animate puppet or inanimate puppet, as something that was definitely required by puppet masters, none of these were cheap, whereas, along with the increase in grade, the price of puppets practically surged upwards!

Moreover, no one wanted their second puppet to have a lower grade than the first. So, those without any resources practically strived desperately for a long time before obtaining their second puppets!

The situation in the Savage Class now was that besides Fang Ye and Lin Li, not a single one of them had resources from their clans or families….

“I can ask my father to pay for my and Wang Hang’s puppets, and I can even ask for extra. But, it’s limited, and I can’t help everyone in our class.” Fang Ye’s voice couldn’t help but become softer as if he’d done something wrong.

“I have some as well.” Lin Li who sat by Bai Xiaofei’s side raised her hand. At the same time, she took out an Amethyst Card. For a time, everyone moved their gazes over and gulped down mouthfuls of saliva instinctively.

Needless to say, Lin Li’s money was surely given to her by Lin Nishang, whereas, Lin Nishang was one of the three great legends! So, the money she gave Lin Li would surely not be a small amount!”

“Lin Li, put it away.” Before everyone could be happy for long, Bai Xiaofei’s voice that was slightly low suddenly resounded out, and everyone revealed astounded expressions.

“You too Feng Ye, don’t ask your father for money. I remember you said that you have a few brothers at home. Even though I don’t know what exactly the circumstances in your family are, but constantly asking for money ought to bring an adverse effect to you, right?” As Bai Xiaofei spoke, Fang Ye’s heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up greatly, and his fist that was clenched tightly beneath the table proved how agitated he was.

Half of this agitation was because Bai Xiaofei’s understanding and the other half was because of the situation in his family….

“Then we….” Mo Ka asked weakly, and there was slight hesitation on his face.

“Who said we can’t buy puppets by relying on ourselves?” Bai Xiaofei grinned as confidence that caused everyone to be at ease appeared within his eyes!

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