Chapter 55 – Recognizing Their Leader!

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Roar Boars could be said to be very difficult to deal with yet could also be said to be extremely easy to deal with, so long as one didn’t allow them to charge.

Just like what had occurred now, this area that was filled with chopped trees caused the 10 plus Roar Boars to seem as if they were locked between barriers, and they were incapable of doing anything besides roaring wildly. Coupled with the fact that their leader had been killed, the group of boars that lacked a leader had no other choice besides to await the arrival of death….

During this finishing up process, Fang Ye was the one who had the most fun….

Because he could practice his shooting technique….

“Come on, Brother Fang, can’t you be a bit more accurate?”

“Right, right. These boars are so huge and have such a small area to move. You’ve already taken three shots, and that boar will probably be terrified to death soon!” As they played the role of spectators at the side, Mo Ka and Wu Chi spoke once after the other and caused Fang Ye’s white and tender face to flush red.

“Calm your heart. You’re the person on the battlefield with the best output environment, and no one is able to disturb you before you take your shot. Clear out all those unnecessary thoughts of yours, stabilize your breathing, and take the shot after you’re sure you’ve aimed accurately.” Seeming to be unable to continue watching any longer, Xing Nan ran over to Fang Ye’s side and started to personally guide him.

It was rare that Fang Ye’s attitude when learning was very good, and he practically did everything Xing Nan said. After that, along with him pulling the trigger, an energy bullet shot out from the barrel, and it directly struck onto the head of the last Roar Boar and announced the end of this hunt.

“F*ck! I hit it!!! I hit it outside a distance of 200m!!!” As he looked at the Roar Boar that was shot to death, Fang Ye was excited to the point he was like a child that had obtained candy, and he hugged the nearby Xing Nan and almost shook Xing Nan into pieces….

“Alright, let’s call it a day!” Bai Xiaofei who was extremely satisfied with his achievements stood up. Even though he didn’t participate in the battle much, if this hunt were to be carried out without him, then it would be absolutely impossible for it to be completed under the conditions of having zero injuries.

However, the group didn’t act on Bai Xiaofei’s words at the first possible moment this time, and they surrounded over towards him with extreme tacit understanding before looking at Bai Xiaofei with a strange expression.

“F*ck, why the f*ck are all of you looking at me like this for?! I don’t play from behind!” The nine of them still made no reaction when facing Bai Xiaofei’s joke, and they still silently stared fixedly at Bai Xiaofei.

“Big Brother Fei!” After a short moment, the group that had discussed it amongst themselves earlier lowered their heads before Bai Xiaofei at the same time, and they called out to him as ‘Big Brother Fei’ in an exceedingly orderly manner, causing Bai Xiaofei to feel flurried from it.

What the f*ck!?

What’s the meaning of this?

Sticking on to me?

I don’t f*cking take care of food!!

Just a single Huskie is on the verge of making me poor!!!

No one knew what Bai Xiaofei thought in his heart, otherwise, it would be impossible to escape a round of bashing….

“Err…. What are all of you….”

“It’s nothing. We just want to express our respect that’s like a surging river towards you, and we’ll be following you in the future! In Starnet Academy, if you ask us to go east, then we’ll go east, and we’ll rob anyone you ask us to rob!” Mo Ka spoke as the representative, but the content of his words was slightly….

“No, not just Starnet Academy. Even if we graduate, so long as Big Brother Fei says the word, we’ll absolutely be there at the first possible moment!” The person that spoke was Fang Ye, and he spoke extremely seriously.

At the same time, these words obtained the approving gazes of everyone because the battle from before had allowed them to see too many things clearly.

Even if Bai Xiaofei stopped at being a Proficient Rank puppet master for his entire lifetime, his future was limitless.

On the other hand, if a person wanted to grow, then besides becoming strong by one’s self, following a suitable person was one of the shortcuts of growing as well. No matter how strong the members of the Savage Class were, there was a limit, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been distributed here. So, Bai Xiaofei was a chance to them!

“According to what all of you said, all of you are willing to listen to anything I say?” Bai Xiaofei frowned slightly, and he seemed to be merely testing them, but in fact, a large trap had already been dug out….

“Of course, we don’t look like we’re joking, right?” Xing Nan represented everyone to make their position clear, and Bai Xiaofei instantly revealed a smile that caused them to feel it was too late for regret.

“Alright, then all of you carry these 16 Roar Boars back, I’ll go report to Big Sister Xue.” Bai Xiaofei’s words hadn’t finished resounding out when he’d already vanished without a trace, and his speed was absolutely not inferior to Fang Ye and the others when they were chased after by the Roar Boars.

The remaining nine of them were stunned for a short moment, and after they looked at the Roar Boars that covered the ground, all of them revealed an expression of wanting to cry but having no tears at the same time.

A single Roar Boar had a weight of 250kgs, and there were a total of 16 to be carried by nine people. Moreover, they couldn’t utilize spatial tools….

Motherf*cker! We’ve taken the wrong leader!!!

When the nine of them moved all 16 Roar Boars back to the campsite, the moon was already high above in the sky, and an enormous campfire illuminated this cozy campsite. At the same time, racks that aroused their appetite were already set up at the site of the campfire.

Six female students were busy moving about the racks. The male students hunted while the female students roasted the meat, and the male students that had finished their work suddenly had a feeling of being fortunate and happy.

“All of you killed 16 Roar Boars?” As she looked at the Roar Boar meat that was piled into a small mountain, a trace of disbelief appeared on Xue Ying’s face. But, the facts were laid bare right in front of her, and she had no choice but to believe it.

“F*ck, you actually really didn’t follow us?!” Bai Xiaofei replied with a question while filled with shock when facing Xue Ying’s question.

He’d always thought that Xue Ying would be watching from somewhere to guarantee their safety, and it wasn’t just Bai Xiaofei who had this sort of thought.

So, when Xue Ying asked this question, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but feel fear for what had occurred.

What the f*ck! What if an accident really occurred….

“Why would I follow all of you? If all of you are stupid to the point of forcefully going against a Magical Beast you’re unable to defeat, then keeping you alive would only be a waste of resources. Wouldn’t it be better to benefit those Magical Beasts?” Xue Ying’s reason caused all of them to be speechless. But, when they thought about it, she didn’t seem to have said anything wrong, and even Bai Xiaofei didn’t know how to refute it….

“But, all of you being able to kill so many Roar Boars has really exceeded my expectations. Come, tell me how all of you did it?” Xue Ying was instantly interested, whereas, Mo Ka and the others looked at Bai Xiaofei in unison at the first possible moment.

If it was speaking about the process, then Bai Xiaofei absolutely had the greatest authority.

“I asked Wu Chi to strip naked and run around in a circle, and then all the Roar Boars were disgusted to the point of vomiting. After that, we killed all of them who didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.” As he talked nonsense with a serious face, all the boys except Wu Chi himself instantly exploded with laughter.

Right when Xue Ying intended to flare up, the fragrance of roast meat drifted over along with the six female students approaching them, and the rising and falling sounds of stomachs rumbling destroyed all other thoughts.

“Come, try our cooking. Si’si was already unable to refrain from sneaking off a lot to eat herself!” Xu Chen teased Zu Si’si and caused her face to flush red.

“I didn’t sneak off some to eat, I was testing the food!!!” Zhu Si’si stomped her feet while trying her best to refute Xu Chen.

“Yes, right, you didn’t try much, and it was only almost half a boar leg!” Qi Wei came over as well and fiercely took another stab, and it was repaid with the roaring laughter of everyone.

Sometimes, happiness really wasn’t so difficult….

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