Chapter 52 – Medicinal Bath and A Traitor….

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In his dazed state, Mo Ka had an extremely comfortable dream. In the dream, a large group of beauties were surrounded around him while their slender fingers pressed every nook and cranny of his body, and the comfortable feeling caused him to be unable to refrain from emitting moan after moan.

“Hey, Mo Ka, stop moaning, all of us brothers can’t take it any longer!” Bai Xiaofei’s playful voice sounded out, and it instantly jolted Mo Ka awake from his deep sleep.

“What’s wrong! Brother Fei! Who has come looking for trouble now?!” At the instant he woke up, Mo Ka instantly exclaimed with shock while standing up because staying in room number 807 for two days had already caused him to have slight neuroticism.

After he stood up, a gust of cold wind assaulted his face, and it instantly blew Mo Ka awake.

As his gaze focused once more, Mo Ka recalled where he was at, and when he looked down, he noticed that he was soaking within a water barrel, whereas, the water barrel was filled with medicinal liquid that emitted a dense medicinal fragrance.

“Mo Ka, this body of yours is really terrible, it would absolutely not be a problem for me to go alone against ten of you.” The person soaking by Mo Ka’s side was precisely Wu Chi, and his straightforward tone carried a trace of ridicule. But, what he said was the truth because 10 Mo Kas’ were really insufficient to be beaten up by him….

“F*ck off! This is called being slim, what the f*ck do you know, martial addict?” As he sat back into the water barrel with a flushed face, Mo Ka successfully made everyone roar with laughter.

“Mo Ka, you’re really formidable! This medicinal liquid is simply a divine medicine. I’ve only soaked in it for a short while, yet I feel my entire body is relaxed….” Xing Nan stretched his body and could be considered to have expressed his gratitude to Mo Ka.

Because he was unable to be an Origin Energy transfer station….

On the other hand, the group of male students instantly chimed in and expressed their agreement because this bath was absolutely the most comfortable thing they’d done in the past two days….

Mo Ka was bewildered instead, and then he looked at the medicinal liquid within the water barrel before instantly revealing an expression of enlightenment.

This is the thing I boiled earlier?

Yes, exactly, it was boiled. In Mo ka’s heart, he didn’t admit that his actions from before were considered as refining medicine….

Subsequently, a trace of happiness crawled up Mo Ka’s heart.

So it turns out that I’m so useful!

For the first time in his life, Mo Ka felt an unprecedented feeling of confidence, and this trace of confidence was given to him by Xue Ying!

“Wang Hang, why don’t you speak a single word? Have you always been so boring?” Bai Xiaofei’s attention descended on Wang Hang who had the lowest sense of existence. During the past two days, Wang Hang was just like when he introduced himself on the first day of class, there was no need to pay attention to him nor was anyone capable of paying attention to him….

On the other hand, when facing Bai Xiaofei’s question, Wang Hang chose silence once again, and this continued until the nearby Fang Ye spoke.

“Wang Hang, you actually can temporarily forget our identities. I’m here seeking for a change, and you actually can change as well. I know your ability the best, and there’s no need to hold yourself back because of me.”

If it was in terms of the greatest change during these past two days, then it would absolutely be this Young Master, Fang Ye.

At the very beginning, one could sense the detestable aura of a rich man’s son from very far away, but since the first time they finished running circles around the square, he seemed as if he’d become a different person, and his disposition took a 180-degree turn.

No one knew why he was like that in the past nor did anyone know why he changed abruptly. But, they could imagine that he’d surely experienced a development of the heart that was matchlessly difficult!

Moreover, only a single person had witnessed this development, Wang Hang!

“Young Master, my life was saved by you, so no matter what, I’ll always be your shadow….” Finally, Wang Hang spoke, but the words he spoke showed that he was impenetrably thickheaded and would never see the light.

“Hey, hey! Are both of you done? Hearing this is making my flesh creep. If both of you want to play from behind, then it’s best that you move your tent farther away. We surely won’t eavesdrop.” Bai Xiaofei interrupted their ‘affectionate interaction’, and then he stood up and started wiping his body.

“What’s so good about playing from behind? There are so many beauties just next door. Aren’t all of you interested?” Bai Xiaofei laughed slyly as he instantly aroused the interest of everyone. For a time, the eyes of all 10 male students lit up at the same time.

“Class Monitor, you should watch what you say. My sexual preference is very normal!” Fang Ye hastily stood up and intended to wear his clothes because he’d already seen the glow of being about to do a ‘great thing’ from Bai Xiaofei’s eyes.

“We just want to….” The excited Wu Chi even forgot to control his voice. Fortunately, he wasn’t the only one present here, and he’d only spoke halfway when he was stopped by the icy cold gazes of everyone.

“Err, can I sit out? After all, my….” Even though Xing Nan was interested as well, Bai Xiaofei and the others would only be beaten up by Xue Ying if they were caught, whereas, he might face the danger of falling back into singlehood once more.

“Are you sure you can rest at ease when so many perverts crowd around and look at your wife?” Bai Xiaofei laughed slyly, causing Xing Nan to instantly stand up from within the water barrel.

“I’ll go as well!” The resolution to do battle was settled with this, and even Chen Hui who seemed to be the most decent amongst them had stood up silently.

“Big Brother Hui, I never expected you to be a normal man!” Mo Ka who’d finished wearing his clothes moved closer to Chen Hui, and he patted Chen Hui’s shoulder without the best intentions.

“Cough, cough. I just want to supervise all of you because what if all of you are unable to refrain yourselves and something happens, I would still be able to rescue all of you.” Chen Hui spoke with a poker-face, and everyone else suddenly realized something.

So this fellow is one that’s cold on the outside and hot on the inside!

So, fellow students were said to be the most terrifying creatures in this world because no matter what sort of outward appearance one had before them, one would be real as if one was naked before them, and it would be utterly impossible for one to hide!

The group wore their clothes with haste before silently sneaking towards the side of the female students, and the dim glow of sunset had become a natural cover for them.

But, the group of little perverts that carried ‘curiosity’ in their heart had never imagined that they were actually sold out by one of their own!

Right when all of them hadn’t even passed the border, a wave of familiar barking resounded out rapidly. After a short moment, Xue Ying who had an icy cold expression descended from the sky before capturing all 10 of these sneaky fellows red-handed.

“Looks like all of you are full of energy.” Xue Ying’s icy cold voice resounded out as Huskie who carried an expression of seeking credit ran over from behind, and he rubbed his head intimately on Xue Ying’s leg.

Huskie, you motherf*cker! You treacherous dog!

Bai Xiaofei glared fiercely at Huskie yet didn’t dare say a single word, and he hurriedly put on a smiling expression as he faced Xue Ying’s question.

“Of course, we’re the pillars of this group. We have to guarantee the safety of the female students at all times, so we came over to see if any Magical Beasts had come close.” Bai Xiaofei once again took out his great technique of lying that he’d trained to the acme of perfection, and the group of people hurriedly agreed with him.

“Oh? Since all of you are so conscientious, then deal with dinner as well. Huskie, you bring them along to look for Magical Beasts. If anyone bullies you, then tell me when you return, and I’ll make him bear the consequences!” The final sentence Xue Ying spoke was obviously directed at Bai Xiaofei, whereas, Huskie barked twice with excitement before running to Bai Xiaofei’s side while leaping with joy.

Huskie barked at Bai Xiaofei before flashing towards a certain direction.

Bai Xiaofei whose face was already livid from anger smiled as he bid his farewell to Xue Ying, and then turned around and chased after Huskie, whereas, the remaining others didn’t dare stay for long and hurriedly followed up.

“All of you don’t have to come back if you can’t deal with dinner!” Xue Ying’s voice resounded out once more from behind them, and it caused their entire group to suddenly arouse a feeling of regret.

Sure enough, nothing good comes from following Bai Xiaofei….

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