Chapter 30 – The Second Class!

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Rest time flew by, and the residual effects from being tortured on the square in the morning hadn’t dispersed when the afternoon classes had already started.

When the 16 members of the Savage Class saw Xue Ying once more, deep fear that came from the soul couldn’t help but gush into their hearts.

“What? All of you seem as if you don’t really want to see me.” As she walked about within the classroom, Xue Ying’s beautiful figure and angelic face were already disregarded, and she merely represented a single word in their eyes.


“Come, Little Bai Bai, tell me, do you want to see me?” Xue Ying’s eyes carried a trace of allure as she stretched out her finger to lift Bai Xiaofei’s chin up.

But, what was different was that Bai Xiaofei wasn’t as brave as if he was yesterday. Because he deeply believed that Xue Ying would surely use her position to get even with him!

“Of course I do. Big Sister Xue is so beautiful, and my dreams are filled with you. Of course, if you don’t make us go to the square, then this fondness will surely grow deeper.” As he went against his conscience, Bai Xiaofei didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flatter her.

Unfortunately, Xue Ying had no intention of taking it….

“Don’t worry, I’ll only organize running around the square once every week, and it has already ended for this week.” As soon as Xue Ying spoke, everyone present couldn’t help but heave long sighs of relief, but Xue Ying’s words turned around right away.

“But, I’ll tell all of you beforehand. There’ll be a time limit next time. So, I hope all of you’ll strengthen yourselves when you’re free. All of you know my rules and pleading for mercy won’t be of any use next time.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the hearts of everyone was filled with anxiety.

“Big Sister Xue, a time limit means….” Xu Chen who was behind Xue Ying asked weakly. She’d already arrived at her limit today, and if the difficulty were to increase once again, then she would probably be no different to Duan Yi’yi and the others….

“It will still be five rounds. But, all of you must complete it 30minutes before the class ends. If you’re unable to do so, then every 10 minutes extra will equal to the addition of another round!” As soon as Xue Ying finished speaking, everyone had the impulse to kill themselves, and it was especially so for Duan Yi’yi, Mo Ka, and the others.

Bai Xiaofei resolved secretly in his heart instead. I must eat a great feast before that!

It would be best if I’m able to extort someone….

“Alright, don’t be worried about this. All of you ought to be worried about the content of this afternoon’s class.” All of them instantly had a bad premonition as they looked at Xue Ying’s smile.

“OK, all of you follow me.” Without giving this group of pitiable children any time to prepare themselves, Xue Ying led the way out of the classroom.

After Xue Ying left, all of them had bitter expressions on their faces as they looked at each other, and then they stood up extremely unwillingly from their seats.

This seat was so warm to them!!!

In Starnet Academy, every classroom had a practice grounds that belonged solely to the classroom outside it. Even though the Savage Class didn’t have much importance placed upon them, it still had this basic allocation, and it was just a little bit smaller….

After she took her position at the center of the practice grounds, a smile that was difficult to fathom hung on Xue Ying’s face as she looked at the students that surrounded over, and then she slowly removed her coat that represented her position as teacher to reveal the black colored tight clothes that put her figure fully on display.

“There’s only a single thing to the class this afternoon, beat me down!” Xue Ying clenched her fists as she spoke words that caused the entire group of people to reveal expressions of disbelief.

But, at the same time, a trace of bewilderment and anticipation gushed into their hearts.

Even though they didn’t know what rank Xue Ying was at, even if she was at the Grandmaster Rank, Lin Li was at the Master Rank and coupled with so many people present here….

The enmity from this morning….

Right when all of them were rubbing their fists together, Xue Ying seemed to have guessed what they were thinking, and she smiled lightly as she spoke once more. “But, besides Origin Energy, all of you can’t utilize any other abilities like puppets. Of course, I’m the same as well. Moreover, I’ll restrain my Origin Energy’s fluctuation to the Mastery Rank.”

As she spoke, the light yellow colored Origin Energy on Xue Ying’s hand had started to surge, and just like she said, this fluctuation was at the middle of the Mastery Rank.

“Now, all of you have five seconds to prepare. After five seconds pass, I’ll make a move!” The new rule instantly struck everyone into a bottomless abyss because if they relied only on their Origin Energy and bodies, then no one besides Wu Chi was capable of being of any threat to Xue Ying….

However, while all of them were conflicted and hesitating, Xue Ying’s countdown hadn’t stopped for a moment.

“One!” As soon as she finished speaking, Xue Ying charged over instantly, and during the moment that the group of people reacted to this, the first person had already been blasted flying by Xue Ying’s fist.

Bai Xiaofei….

The utilization of her position to take revenge that he imagined had arrived….

But, Xue Ying could still be considered to be fair. Even though Bai Xiaofei was the first, he wasn’t the last. Continuing after him was Mo Ka and Shi Kui who quickly followed in his footsteps.

“If all of you don’t fight back, then you’ll really become punching bags!” As she slightly reminded the remaining people, Xue Ying had selected her target once more, and she’d chosen Xu Chen this time!

With Bai Xiaofei and the others as an example, Xu Chen had completely realized the fact that Xue Ying wasn’t joking. Even though it wasn’t very skilled, she still mobilized the Origin Energy in her body and prepared to resist Xue Ying’s attack.

After all, she was already a puppet master at the peak of the Mastery Rank, and she was capable of suppressing Xue Ying in terms of Origin Energy!

But, to her surprise, Xue Ying didn’t have any intention of fighting her head on, and after she got close, Xue Ying’s figure that was charging forward moved sideways lightly and just happened to flash to Xu Chen’s side. With her right leg as the axis, her entire body swiftly turned half a circle, and her left leg that was covered in Origin Energy kicked extremely accurately onto Xu Chen’s slender waist.

In the next second, Xu Chen who’d lost her balance fell heavily onto the ground. Just as before, Xue Ying seemed to be utterly unaware of the concept of being tender towards beauties.

But, Xu Chen falling to the ground had completely jolted everyone back to their senses. If put nicely, it was a class, yet if it was put bluntly, then she’d come to bash them.

Moreover, the only method to avoid being bashed was to beat Xue Ying down!

“Wang Hang, you find an opportunity to make a move when she comes to attack me later!” Wang Hang couldn’t help but be stunned as soon as Fang Ye spoke because it used to be the other way around in the past.

But, even though he was shocked, Wang Hang’s reaction couldn’t be said to be slow. He took a slight step backward before instantly making preparations to ambush Xue Ying.

On the other hand, during this time of a few breaths, Duan Yi’yi and the other female students that took the initiative to resist Xue Ying had fallen to the ground without making the slightest contribution.

Amongst the six female students, only Lin Li was still standing!

Moreover, she just happened to have become Xue Ying’s next target!

Xue Ying played the same old trick, and a dash that looked to be extremely simple yet possessed countless variations was utilized by Xue Ying once again.

But, subsequently, a scene that stunned everyone appeared!

At practically the exact same moment when Xue Ying made Lin Li her target, Lin Li actually made a practically identical move, and the slightly dull expression on her face transformed to carry an extremely sharp sense of seriousness.

In the blink of an eye, both of them had already entered into each other’s range of attack!


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